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Earlier Wednesday morning, I interviewed Commander Windguaerd, Leader of Mercury Dragons Clan. Like in our previous interview the man was focused on security, and I had to go through 2 checkpoints this time into an undisclosed location with a small security attachment to speak with him. He was very serious and quite direct, revealing to me an EXCLUSIVE, the true reasons why his clan was disbanded. He also shared with me his opinion on former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman, who he feels is best to replace him in a new council, the Council of Ares, the EndGame alliance and more.

This interview lasted 1 hour and 36 minutes.

07:18: Noticiero: Hello Mr. Wagner
07:18: Windguaerd: Greetings Mr. Rivera, I see you've finally come to your senses and joined our side.
07:20: Noticiero: I'm a clanner now, but I must remain impartial, you understand I hope.
07:22: Windguaerd: Everyone has to make their own choice, be free and live a harder life, or be a sheep and live your life as you're told by the corporation.
07:22: Noticiero: You forget the neutrals.
07:23: Windguaerd: No, they are of no consequence. They won't fight us or the omnis, they only get involved when their financial interests are at risk, including notum bases which are in clan territory.
07:23: Noticiero: So you disapprove of neutrals having notum bases?
07:25: Windguaerd: I can see neutrals in their own territory mining notum, not in ours. If they want to set a base on clan soil, then they should join our side and help us defend the entire area like all the clans do.
07:25: Noticiero: Not all the clans have that mentality, some would ignore a call to arms if they're too busy with personal gain.
07:26: Windguaerd: Not everyone is perfect.
07:26: Noticiero: Mr. Wagner, I must ask, where is your father?
07:26: Windguaerd winces
07:28: Windguaerd: I believe we agreed on what I would answer, and family was not part of it.
07:28: Noticiero: You didn't state that you wouldn't answer.
07:29: Noticiero: Omni-Pol records I acquired show that your father is now an Omni-Tek employee, and shortly after he was registered with the corporation you disbanded your clan. Did you father switch sides?
07:29: Windguaerd: Never!
07:30: Noticiero: Then would you be so kind to explain why he is no longer a clan citizen?
07:30: Windguaerd: He's dead.
07:30: Noticiero: Not according to the records I have.
07:31: Noticiero: Why aren't you saying anything Mr. Wagner?
07:31: Noticiero: Are you alright?
07:32: Windguaerd: Yes, I'm fine.
07:32: Windguaerd looks serious
07:32: Windguaerd: I'll answer your damn question, but let me tell you there will be a price for it.
07:33: Noticiero: I'm sorry but without notice I can't pay you.
07:33: Windguaerd: I don't mean in credits.
07:33: Noticiero: Then how?
07:35: Windguaerd: A favor.
07:35: Noticiero: What kind of a favor?
07:36: Windguaerd: One which fits your profession. I guarantee there won't be a risk to you, and you'll end up with news you can publish.
07:36: Windguaerd: Agreed Mr. Rivera?
07:36: Noticiero thinks a moment
07:36: Noticiero: And you will explain everything regarding your father?
07:36: Windguaerd nods
07:36: Noticiero: Then we have an agreement.
07:37: Windguaerd: Good.
07:38: Windguaerd: I read your so called investigative report with the title 'Change of Heart or Brainwash?'...
07:38: Noticiero: I was just just doing my job, it was not personal.
07:39: Windguaerd: I know, if it had been you'd be six feet under.
07:39: Noticiero gulps
07:39: Noticiero: You're still as charming as ever Commander.
07:40: Windguaerd: I'm a cautious man, and I did not appreciate you leaving the fifty messages on my COMM trying to get a comment from me.
07:40: Noticiero: As I said before, just doing my job.
07:44: Windguaerd: Well, one of those messages you left had the question that if I had been blackmailed into disbanding my clan.
07:44: Noticiero: That's correct, were you?
07:44: Windguaerd: Yes.
07:44: Noticiero: By whom?
07:45: Windguaerd: I don't know, but everything points to someone in Omni-Tek, someone in power, probably a Director of one of their Departments or Detachments.
07:46: Noticiero: So your father was captured?
07:47: Windguaerd: He was kidnapped, not sure where, after he retired he kept a low profile, I didn't know where he was half of the time.
07:47: Noticiero: So he was taken, then what happened?
07:48: Windguaerd: They....he contacted me while I was coming back to Athen after an assignment.
07:48: Noticiero: What assignment?
07:48: Windguaerd: That's classified and has nothing to do with what we're talking about.
07:49: Noticiero: I understand, please continue.
07:51: Windguaerd: Flying back on my stiletto I got a call, there was no visual, just a voice which seemed to be masked and professional rerouted through several relays to prevent me from finding the source of the transmission.
07:53: Windguaerd: The voice told me to disband my clan and to disappear from public view... of course I laughed, until he said that he had my father.
07:54: Windguaerd: It's took me the rest of the day but I confirmed that father was not in clan territory, and due to his physical condition he would not leave our lands without telling me.
07:54: Noticiero: What did you do then?
07:55: Windguaerd: I did as I was told. I also had to lie to friends about information I had made public regarding the Unicorn Company.
07:58: Noticiero: I do remember you mentioning them in our interview in June.
07:58: Windguaerd: What I said then was true, unfortunately because my father's life was at risk I had to lie and retract what I had said.
07:59: Noticiero: You still believe the Unicorn Company will come to Rubi-Ka?
07:59: Windguaerd: Yes, but with the publicity...I think it won't be as soon as I had stated previously.
08:00: Windguaerd: The people who took my father specifically told me to retract myself, I think that it is because I spoke out that I was targeted.
08:00: Noticiero: I see. They capture your father, then call with demands which I assume you met?
08:04: Windguaerd: Yes, I did exactly as I was told. They had given me two days, but two weeks had passed without a word after I had followed the instructions.
08:04: Noticiero: And then?
08:05: Windguaerd: I took matters into my own hands. I figured he was being kept in the most secure place the omnis had, Omni-1.
08:06: Windguaerd: I snuck in and hacked through their databases and records, but couldn't find any records of him.
08:06: Noticiero: So you assumed he was dead?
08:07: Windguaerd: No.
08:07: Windguaerd: I was spotted by someone and a city wide alarm went off, probably because I'm wanted by Omni-Pol on several bogus charges.
08:08: Noticiero: Those charges was made as part of you being targeted?
08:08: Windguaerd: Oh no, those were made up last year after my clan infiltrated and attacked guards in Omni-Ent in retaliation for an attack on West Athen by omnis.
08:10: Windguaerd: I escaped the city and lost my pursuers in Omni was night time...and...
08:10: Noticiero: And?
08:10: Windguaerd: My father stepped out from the shadows...
08:10: Noticiero: So he was alive.
08:10: Windguaerd: No.
08:11: Noticiero: No?
08:11: Windguaerd: I don't want to go into details, but the man who my father was ceased to exist probably not long after he was captured.
08:12: Noticiero: Could you explain how you came to this conclusion?
08:13: Windguaerd: The kidnapper's voice...he said that my old man's memories had been erased and that he was a loyal InternOps employee...
08:13: Noticiero: Erased? you mean brainwashed.
08:15: Windguaerd: No, brainwashing someone means altering their memories, chemical rebalance to make a person more susceptible to suggestions and orders. His memories were completely erased and replaced with that of an employee.
08:15: Noticiero: How did you verified this?
08:15: Windguaerd: Well, the first clue was that my father would never had shot at me.
08:15: Noticiero: He attacked you?
08:15: Windguaerd: Yes, and he wasn't as good a shot as I knew he was.
08:16: Noticiero: But didn't he retire because he couldn't fight?
08:17: Windguaerd: Not quite. He retired because of he was not able to heal up due to his physical weakness as a result of an illness last year.
08:17: Noticiero: The poisoning?
08:17: Windguaerd: Yes. I managed to scan him to see if he was really my father. I had used a process that checked his DNA and brainwaves in comparison to his medical records. The DNA matched, but the brainwaves didn't.
08:18: Windguaerd: The body was his, but the mind wasn't my father's. The mind was of a InternOps officer, he called himself Lieutenant Mendoza. He was set on killing me. I outsmarted him and disarmed him...
08:18: Noticiero: Did you kill him?
08:19: Windguaerd: I could have...but let's say that he ended up at reclaim with a rifle at his feet.
08:19: Noticiero: So the man is alive?
08:19: Windguaerd: I have no doubt that he was insured.
08:20: Noticiero: What will you do if you see him again?
08:21: Windguaerd: It won't be an easy thing, but I know what I must do. I'll kill him if he is a threat to myself or another clanner in any way. I won't hesitate on taking action. This is as far as this part of the interview will go, change the subject Mr. Rivera.
08:21: Noticiero: Of course.
08:22: Noticiero: From your ID I see that you once again leading Mercury Dragons Clan.
08:23: Windguaerd: Yes, there was no reason for me to remain hidden or keep me from my duties. A former officer of mine, Drill Instructor "Saduj" Eromon reformed the clan and asked me to return to take command, I accepted.
08:24: Noticiero: What are your plans for your clan now?
08:25: Windguaerd: My primary goal is to build our numbers first, then military training, social events, raiding and patrolling.
08:25: Noticiero: Will you reform the Council of Ares as well?
08:27: Windguaerd: I doubt it. The first time I created the CoA was as a way to pressure the Council of Truth into action, Radiman asked Redruum and myself to disband the coalition to avoid a civil war, and we did. The second time Redruum reformed the CoA, and I joined him with the idea of forming a senate in which all clan leaders would hold an equal place. Unfortunately the senate idea did not go well with some people, who either misunderstood the concept or did not like having to be in equal status with smaller clans. I don't see CoA reforming a third time, there would be too many political adversaries from the past.
08:27: Noticiero: You have the reputation of being a warmonger, any comments on that?
08:28: Windguaerd: Radiman has a warrant for his arrest by Omni-Pol for working with the Dust Brigade, Thedeacon is rumored to have real omni feet hanging in his bedroom and I have a reputation of being a warmonger...they're all on the same level.
08:29: Noticiero: You've known to be overtly cautious, to the point of paranoia, why is that?
08:30: Windguaerd: As you say, I'm overtly cautious, and as a military man, and clan leader I think it is in the best interest of my clan not to be taken off guard.
08:31: Noticiero: There are rumors that a few months ago you had left the Atlantean Pact alliance in bad terms, is it true?
08:32: Windguaerd: I left AP because the founder had removed himself from the alliance due to internal conflict, in the end it cost him his clan. I did not want to follow that path.
08:32: Noticiero: Now that your clan is reformed, will you rejoin AP?
08:33: Windguaerd: I don't think so, not while I lead the clan. However I've got plans for us to apply to join the EndGame alliance.
08:33: Noticiero: In the past your criticized the EG alliance for their attempts at peaceful dealings with omni departments, now you wish to join them?
08:34: Windguaerd: That was before the notum wars, things were different then. Now they've adapted to the war and fight back when attacked, and they plan and target the enemy. For a short time after I had disbanded my clan, I was welcomed into Cerberus Clan, a member of the alliance. As an EG member I saw the camaraderie and friendly attitude which I rarely saw in AP. I believe EG is the way to go for my clan.
08:35: Noticiero: What is your current relationship with Commander Redruum? do you remain friends?
08:35: Windguaerd: After the CoA disbanded the second time he stopped speaking to me. I had no problem with him, still don't.
08:36: Noticiero: Your clan had built a reputation in 29475 and 29476, it's the end of '77 and very little was heard from your clan this year, why?
08:36: Windguaerd: There was internal problems, reorganization, some people left Rubi-Ka, other joined clans that had different goals and in the was disbanded for the reasons I mentioned earlier.
08:36: Noticiero: Do you think you can rebuild your clan successfully?
08:37: Windguaerd: With the right people, yes. It doesn't depend on me alone, it's in the hands of the members of the clan.
08:37: Noticiero: What will be your targets if your clan gets on it's feet?
08:37: Windguaerd: Omni-Tek, Cyborgs, Mutants and any threat to the clans and their freedom.
08:38: Noticiero: You're one of the few clan leaders who has spoken with former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman in several occasions, what do you think of him? trustworthy or not?
08:38: Windguaerd: I know the man tried his best to keep the CoT together, he's gone through some rough times. I trust him to be honest, but right now he is no position to be a representative of the clans in the public eye. He has experience, and can certainly offer guidance, but I doubt most of the clans would follow his lead. However he did say last time we spoke that a new Council should be formed, and I think that is a good idea.
08:39: Noticiero: Would you nominate yourself to lead such Council?
08:39: Windguaerd: No, but I know who I would nominate.
08:40: Noticiero: Who?
08:40: Windguaerd: Cogs.
08:40: Noticiero: Mr. Mcduff, the leader of Cerberus?
08:40: Windguaerd: Yeah.
08:41: Noticiero: Why? because he's a friend?
08:42: Windguaerd: No. The reason is that he's a respected leader, one of the oldest among us and he's got vision. If all the leaders listened to him speak without interruption I think he could gather enough support to lead a new council into a new era of progress for all clans.
08:42: Noticiero: So you would follow him if there was a new council?
08:42: Windguaerd: I believe I would.
08:42: Noticiero: Do you have a romantic relationship with anyone at this time?
08:43: Windguaerd: No. Your time is up Mr. Rivera.
08:43: Noticiero: I have more questions.
08:43: Windguaerd: I'm sure you do. Good day, you'll be gridded out. Be well.
08:43: Noticiero nod
08:44: Noticiero: Thank you and good day to you as well Commander.

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