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While relaxing at the fire room inside the well known establishment 'Reet's Retreat' my COMM lit up with a name, it was Lyrice "Lyricia" Fuchs, the Leader of the First Light Clan, who was on my list. The engineer agreed to meet me after her clan's meeting was over, which was taking place when I contacted her. About half an hour later, she traveled to my location for an interview. During the interview she confirmed her clan's original name had to be changed due to a request by another clan, their involvement with the EndGame alliance and her hopes for a diplomatic solution to the current conflict between the clans and the corporation.

The interview lasted 1 hour.

17:57: Lyricia: Hello.
17:58: Lyricia: Good evening.
17:58: Noticiero: Hello Miss Lyricia.
17:58: Noticiero: Take a seat please.
17:58: Noticiero: I'm glad you found the time to meet me.
17:58: Lyricia: I'm sorry about the interruption earlier.
17:59: Noticiero: Oh it is fine, clan leaders usually have their hands busy.
17:59: Lyricia: I definitely would have made time if I had known you wanted to meet.
18:00: Noticiero: I try to interview personalities without warning, after all, too much preparation and sometimes...people display a different person than who they are, sometimes.
18:00: Lyricia: Well knowing people that sounds very true.
18:00: Noticiero: First Light is one of the oldest clans around, previously know as New Dawn correct?
18:01: Lyricia: Yes, most people don't know that. I guess you did your research.
18:01: Noticiero: Well, I tried to interview Ruth Montezuma, the leader of the original New Dawn, I got no comment from their side. They did however confirm another clan had mistakenly used their name, and then change it to First Light.
18:02: Lyricia: Yes we were asked a long time to do so, to avoid any confusion.
18:02: Lyricia: We complied but did feel a bit disappointed at having to lose our chosen name.
18:03: Noticiero: Your founder Miss Ailish, she is your sister I believe.
18:03: Lyricia giggles
18:03: Lyricia: I know her like a sister but we aren't related.
18:03: Lyricia: I know she has an interesting background but she keeps very quiet about it.
18:03: Noticiero: Ah, well, clarification is good. Not all the information I acquire is accurate.
18:05: Noticiero: I'm aware that the former clan leader Caid returned, and joined your ranks?
18:05: Lyricia: Yes, now there is an interesting story.....
18:05: Lyricia: ....Caid when I first met him was a nanomage.
18:06: Lyricia: He helped to form the alliance we are part of...EndGame.
18:06: Lyricia: But one day he disappeared.....
18:06: Lyricia: ....and when we next saw him he was an Omni-Tek employee......
18:06: Noticiero: During 29475 and 29476 he was rumored to be a Council of Truth operative, and if my data is correct, founder of the EndGame alliance?
18:06: Lyricia: .....apparently he was blackmailed into working for them but I never found out more
18:07: Lyricia: Yes he helped found EndGame but I never knew he worked for the CoT.
18:07: Noticiero: I see, he was blackmailed into joining the corporation.
18:07: Lyricia: Yes, I will find out someday what was behind all that.
18:07: Lyricia grins
18:07: Noticiero: Well from the looks of it he became free of their grasp.
18:08: Lyricia: Yes he did and in doing so he became a Solitus.
18:08: Noticiero: He was genetically altered?
18:08: Lyricia: Caid lived a mysterious double life a few years ago.
18:08: Lyricia: Yes, you should see him now. The glowing eyes and pale skin are gone.
18:09: Noticiero: Isn't that a risky procedure, considered quite illegal by the corporation without their approval?
18:09: Lyricia: But he is very secretive about what happened. I'm not sure what he was involved in but it was all very hush hush.
18:09: Lyricia: Yes it is very dangerous.
18:10: Lyricia: But he must have had something he wanted to escape to take on such a dangerous procedure.
18:11: Lyricia: It appears many people are interested in Caid's past.
18:12: Lyricia: I wonder what exactly he was involved in.
18:12: Noticiero: Perhaps I can interview him sometimes, and find out.
18:12: Lyricia smiles
18:12: Lyricia: Yes I bet a lot of inquiring minds want to know what happened.
18:13: Noticiero: First Light has been considered the main organization within the EG alliance, due to the leadership skills of their veterans and members.
18:13: Noticiero: Has this caused any friction within EG?
18:14: Lyricia: Not at all. I don't want EG to be thought of as exclusive but we have a group of Clans that work well together and are for the most part very mature.
18:15: Lyricia: I thank you for the kind words about FL's members.
18:15: Lyricia smiles warmly
18:16: Noticiero: There is a rumor than since the fall of the Atlantean Pact alliance, that the former organization from it are not too welcome into EG, is there any truth to this?
18:17: Lyricia: Not at all. AP was never considered a rival. In fact Mercury Dragons (a former AP member) is applying for membership in EG. We'll see next week if they are admitted after we vote
18:19: Noticiero: My records show Mercury Dragons was among the founding clans of EG, but shortly after it was formed, it withdrew with no public explanation. Do you know the details of why it was so?
18:20: Lyricia: Mercury Dragons has yet to be a part of EG. I can't think of how they had their name associated with us
18:22: Noticiero: So they were never part of EG at all?
18:22: Lyricia: That is correct
18:22: Lyricia: They were part of the CoA last year though.
18:23: Noticiero: I believe EG stood politically against the CoA during that time, correct?
18:25: Lyricia: Well sort of........we were against any forceful removal of the CoT and that the CoA's press releases leaned toward a forceful removal of the CoT. We were never openly opposed but I'm sure if tensions worsened we might have.
18:27: Noticiero: What is your position on the current situation in Tir?
18:28: Lyricia: My position? Well I must say this is my own opinion on the matter and I don't speak on EG's behalf.....
18:28: Lyricia: .....I personally think we should have different leadership besides the Sentinels
18:29: Lyricia: Its made nothing but bad press for the Clans as a whole
18:29: Lyricia: I'm sure the OT board of directors uses the Sentinels at all their press briefings as an example just sway public opinion about the Clans.
18:30: Noticiero: That they do.
18:31: Noticiero: However what I mean was the situation in Tir regarding the criminal element, mainly a gang named Str8 Ballerz that has been terrorizing business owners in the clan capital.
18:32: Lyricia: You know I haven't heard about them until just now. I wasn't aware that a criminal element like that could survive under the Sentinel's iron grip of Tir.
18:33: Noticiero: Well, apparently a deal was struck between them and the Sentinels.
18:33: Lyricia: That can't be good.
18:34: Noticiero: The gang will support the Sentinels if Omni-Tek attacks the capital, making the town very hard to exchange, they are free to...continue their activities.
18:34: Noticiero: I published a report on it recently with all the details I managed to uncover.
18:35: Lyricia: I don't support that at all. I'm surprised that the Sentinels didn't bother to get support from more reputable Clan sources for defense of Tir. We may not see eye to eye with the Sentinels but we wouldn't stand by and watch Omni-Tek take over Tir either.
18:36: Noticiero: I think that after my public report, they may reconsider the deal, it makes Simon Silverstone look quite bad, even they can't afford too much negative publicity from their side.
18:37: Lyricia: I hope they do reconsider.
18:39: Lyricia: The only thing that keeps the galaxy at large from supporting Omni-Tek in a war to destroy the Clans is good public image of us. If people think humanity is better off without the Clans then they will over look any human rights abuses Omni-Tek commits on us.
18:39: Noticiero: Has EG had problems during the Notum Wars?
18:40: Lyricia: Yes we have had attacks from and counterattacks against a few more bloodthirsty Omni-Tek elements.
18:40: Lyricia: We've done well though and have a good record of keeping land. And on a few occasions even counterattacking to send a message.
18:42: Lyricia: We don't believe in sitting idly by while rogue elements of Omni-Tek attack our lands. I'm sure the ones we've counterattacked got the message. Their attacks have stopped.
18:43: Noticiero: In the last few weeks corporate departments have turned the tide, and have been on the offensive, was EG prepared for it?
18:45: Lyricia: We were prepared for our own defense. However we don't have the strong ties with other Clans that do within EG. Because of that we don't coordinate as well with the Clans outside of EG as well as we should. We will get there though. The Clans have only each other to count on for help so we can't let down brothers and sisters.
18:48: Noticiero: Do you believe the clan will be able to be victorious at the end of the wars?
18:49: Lyricia: I don't think there is anyway for someone to win this 'war'. The Clans cant take on a Hyper Corporation militarily and win...and Omni-Tek can't commit genocide. There will have to be another solution.
18:50: Lyricia: Diplomatic most likely.
18:52: Noticiero: The last diplomatic attempt they accepted was from the Council of Truth, which is no more. What coalition could step forward with enough power and influence to get the corporation to compromise again?
18:53: Lyricia: I wish EG could be that coalition. But its tough to get both the Clans and Omni-Tek to recognize us as a 'Voice of the Clans'.
18:54: Lyricia: If the larger more recognized Clans like New Dawn or the Knights would step forward we would stand behind them in support of peace though.
18:55: Noticiero: In closing, what would you say to a clanner who is looking for an organization to join?
18:57: Lyricia: I would tell a young Clanner searching for a Clan to choose one is made of good moral people. People that care more about the good of others than of themselves. Those are the kind of Clans that will lead us to a free future. Not one of instant gratification or into a hopeless war.
18:59: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Lyricia.
18:59: Lyricia: Thank you for meeting with me. It has been a pleasure.
18:59: Lyricia: Have a great evening.
18:59: Noticiero: The pleasure was all mine, good day to you.

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