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Soon after, I managed to get another exclusive interview, this time with Miss Emma "Pyromanche" Peele, Leader of Elite Operations, the neutral organization which formed the contract with the Mercenaries. We met at the Fair Trade shop in Borealis. We spoke of controversial issues regarding neutrals and their rights to mining notum among other subjects. The interview lasted 55 minutes.

14:26: Noticiero taps his microphone
14:27: Noticiero: Can I assume you agree to an interview?
14:27: Pyromanche: Absolutely.
14:27: Noticiero: Thank you.
14:27: Pyromanche: No problem.
14:28: Pyromanche: What would you like to know?
14:29: Noticiero: I believe that a few months back Mr. Sumokan was the leader of your organization, correct?
14:29: Pyromanche: Yes he was, I assumed leadership on March 3rd.
14:30: Noticiero: During his leadership, your organization, Elite Operations contracted the current mercenaries who are now in Newland, correct?
14:30: Pyromanche: That is correct.
14:30: Noticiero: Back then you were not the leader, but under the leadership of Mr. Sumokan, did you agree with his decision?
14:31: Pyromanche: I felt that the threat to Newland was valid and we needed to protect it.
14:32: Noticiero: Why did Mr. Sumokan step down to Advisor?
14:33: Pyromanche: The bylaws of Elite Operations state that the Presidential term is 3 months, he chose not to run again for office.
14:33: Pyromanche: Wwhen I was elected President, I made him an advisor.
14:34: Noticiero: Hmm ...rumor was that due to the reactions from other neutral organization he was forced to step down, could this have been the real reason behind it?
14:34: Pyromanche: Not at all.
14:35: Pyromanche: He wanted to be able to enjoy his time here on Rubi-Ka and not be so involved with the day to day running of the guild.
14:35: Noticiero: How are the relations between EO and other neutral organizations who did not approve of the placement of mercenaries in Newland?
14:36: Pyromanche: I believe that we have done well in the last few months as far as inter-guild relations with all the other neutral guilds.
14:36: Pyromanche: Wether they agreed with that decision or not.
14:37: Pyromanche: I respect the ideology of all the other guilds and their leaders.
14:38: Noticiero: Do you believe neutral organizations have any right to place Notum Bases outside Newland and Newland Desert into clan territory?
14:39: Pyromanche: Why would they not? Clan have placed their bases all over neutral territories.. as a matter of fact, they have all the higher base types in neutral territories.
14:40: Pyromanche: ICC has not been very neutral friendly about this matter.
14:40: Noticiero: Which territories would those be?
14:40: Pyromanche: Newland Desert, Mort, SWB.
14:41: Pyromanche: Right outside Hope there are high level clan bases, in neutral territory.
14:41: Noticiero: The only territory considered neutral from clans and Omni-Tek itself is Newland and Newland Desert. Mort is deep north, clearly inside clan territory, as well as Perpetual Wastelands and other northern territories.
14:42: Pyromanche: I see, perhaps I am mistaken about the land control areas then.
14:42: Pyromanche: Still, why would we be restricted and no one else?
14:43: Noticiero: The City of Home is clan, and there is an Omni outpost there as well, the area appear to be in clan control at this time however.
14:43: Pyromanche: Why is Hope a Clan city when even the guards are neutral?
14:44: Pyromanche: To my knowledge, I always thought of Hope as a Neutral city.
14:44: Noticiero: Do you believe neutrals should purchase Notum land from clans, therefore making it legal for neutrals to have such property in clan territory? there are rumors that EG and AP, established clan alliances, are considering this.
14:45: Pyromanche: I am not aware of such deals or alliances.
14:46: Pyromanche: And since the opening of notum mining, I have not heard of anyone "purchasing" land at all.
14:46: Noticiero: So you believe neutral organizations can place Notum Bases in clan territory if they want?
14:46: Pyromanche: Elite Operations has been forcibly removed from bases in clan and neutral territory.
14:46: Pyromanche: We are neutral, we are not the enemy.
14:47: Pyromanche: Can I ask, who are you interviewing me for?
14:47: Noticiero: I'm a freelancer.
14:48: Pyromanche: Is this interview already sold?
14:48: Noticiero: Looks like clan leaders and you have something in common, they all asked me that question.
14:48: Noticiero grins
14:48: Pyromanche: With good reason.
14:48: Pyromanche: I think in the end, we all want what is best for our people, regardless of affiliations.
14:49: Noticiero: What are your feelings toward Omni-Tek and their departments?
14:50: Pyromanche: I have had few troubles with Omni-tek, a few renegades perhaps, but not an issue as a whole.
14:51: Noticiero: Do you think Omni-Pol and Division 9 have any jurisdiction within neutral territory?
14:52: Pyromanche: That is an interesting question.
14:52: Pyromanche: One which I am not sure I can answer at this time.
14:52: Pyromanche: I will put it to you this way perhaps.
14:52: Noticiero: No comment then?
14:52: Noticiero leans forward
14:53: Pyromanche: Neutral territory should be under the jurisdiction of Neutrals, not Omni-Pol, Division 9 or anyone else for that matter.
14:54: Noticiero: What about Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka CEO Phillip Ross? he has stated that neutrals are OT employees, and are under the jurisdiction of OT Departments and OT Laws.
14:56: Pyromanche: I am not an OT employee, I have not received anything from them to indicate that would be so.
14:57: Noticiero: If both sides entered through military force, and I mean full force, into neutral territory and both asked to either join their side or be caught in the middle, which side would you choose?
14:58: Pyromanche: I would remain neutral and to me that is not caught in the middle.
14:58: Noticiero: So you would rather face death than make a choice?
14:59: Pyromanche: Yes.
14:59: Noticiero: If Omni-Tek wins the war, and regains full control of the planet, what will you do then?
15:00: Pyromanche: Does it mean my entire life will change?
15:00: Pyromanche: Will someone hold a gun to my head and make me sign an application.
15:01: Noticiero: Well, if the corporation does regain control, I doubt they will allow neutrals to remain so, extradition from the planet would be the next step after winning the war.
15:02: Pyromanche: And what of the clans? they will be disposed of too?
15:02: Pyromanche: Or is it just neutrals?
15:03: Pyromanche: Neutrals really in the end are the minority on this planet, why would they bother?
15:03: Noticiero: Anyone who is not with the corporation, would face extradition, as OT would not risk another uprising. That is how the clans came to exist.
15:04: Pyromanche: I am aware of the history, but those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
15:04: Noticiero: You're avoiding answering the question.
15:04: Pyromanche: No I am not avoiding anything really.
15:05: Pyromanche: You have asked me a hypothetical question for which I do not have a direct answer.
15:05: Noticiero: If Omni-Tek wins the war, and regains full control of the planet, and states that only OT employees are allowed to remain on the planet, what would you do?
15:06: Pyromanche: The only answer I have is, I don't know, maybe extradition would be the only answer.
15:07: Pyromanche: I do not believe anyone could answer you any better and be totally honest about it
15:07: Noticiero: Is your organization military in nature?
15:08: Pyromanche: No, we are a Republic.
15:09: Noticiero: Do you believe Rubi-Ka should have an independent government?
15:09: Pyromanche: If it is to be sovereign, I would think it should.
15:10: Noticiero: The Clans are fighting for such ends, and Omni-Tek is claiming to be the local government until the expiration of their lease, any comment on this?
15:11: Pyromanche: This reminds me of why wars were fought back on earth, and the colonists successfully winning those wars.
15:12: Pyromanche: I believe that neither is really 100% right to be honest.
15:13: Pyromanche: I do not in either see them as inherently good or evil.
15:13: Pyromanche: Or should I say right and wrong.
15:14: Noticiero: Do you still make any trades with clan and omni citizens, and if so, does it affect the current neutral market?
15:15: Pyromanche: Elite Operations does not make may trades with those outside the neutral community.
15:15: Pyromanche: I know other guilds do.
15:15: Noticiero: Does EO have any political or military goals?
15:16: Pyromanche: We may not be as rich as Clan and Omni, but we are not rats scratching for scraps either.
15:16: Pyromanche: It is hard to say at the moment, we are about to elect a new President, so the goals may change depending upon who that is.
15:17: Noticiero: Do you have anything to say to any neutral who may be considering joining your organization?
15:17: Pyromanche: My goals were specific to me.. and the road may curve next time.
15:18: Pyromanche: I would tell them that we foster team work, we do not have taxes, we do not force anyone to do anything that they are not comfortable with.
15:18: Pyromanche: We like our members to be their best, and part of the neutral community as a whole.
15:19: Pyromanche: We do accept mercenary contracts, and do not attack just anyone.
15:19: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Pyromanche.
15:20: Pyromanche: Your most welcome
15:20: Noticiero taps his microphone

I tried to interview Chosen "Patk9" One today, however he was unavailable to meet me, or conduct the interview through a secure COMM channel, but I will get my exclusive! that's a promise!

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