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After hearing some rumors a few nights previous to the interview, I decided to try and get one of the Atlantean Pact alliance leaders to verify or deny the rumors concerning AP and the clans Storm and Tempest. Mr. Hans "Bigboa" Rhees, leader of 'Constrictor *AP*' was willing to answer publicly in their APbot channel. The interview was edited to remove APbot's automatic commands in the channel, and requests from AP members for team/trade/loot. The interview lasted 25 minutes.

18:34: [Apbot] Bigboa: Yeah, got nothing to hide here.
18:35: [Apbot] Bigboa: Just to set you straight a second, *AP* is not a alliance as such, and no one clan leads it.
18:35: [Apbot] Bigboa: Just doc makes a lot of decisions.
18:35: [Apbot] Noticiero: Is it true the Clan Storm, has been using illegal tactics to remove clan owners of Notum Bases from their hands, and that some AP Clans fell to this tactic?
18:36: [Apbot] Bigboa: Quite possible dude.
18:36: [Apbot] Noticiero: And that upon this discovery you confronted Storm, and in turn they have provided you firepower to help AP regain Notum Bases from omni to save face?
18:37: [Apbot] Bigboa: Not that I'm aware of.
18:37: [Apbot] Bigboa: I was in talks with Storm recently but we never discussed lending hands or saving face.
18:38: [Apbot] Noticiero: Storm Clan's leader, Wolfe ...hasn't he been on the last few attacks with AP, with members of Storm Clan, and their sister clan Tempest?
18:38: [Apbot] Bigboa: He was taking part on a attack on friday, but don't know if that was boredom or good will.
18:38: [Apbot] Bigboa: But they helped never the less.
18:39: [Apbot] Bigboa: Whether we needed them or not I'm unsure, but they did a fine job.
18:39: [Apbot] Noticiero: Such support was not there, actually Storm members despised and...had unpleasant words to say about AP and it's members, until recently, which rumor say was under order of Mr. Wolfe to make no further comments about AP.
18:40: [Apbot] Noticiero: Is Storm now an informal ally of AP?
18:41: [Apbot] Noticiero: Do you approve of the tactics Storm and Tempest used to acquire Notum Bases which used to be owned legally by other clans?
18:41: [Apbot] Highorbit: who do you work for?
18:42: [Apbot] Noticiero: I'm a freelancer, usually clan publishers buy my work, omni publishers do not like my point of view.
18:42: [Apbot] Bigboa: I don't agree with the tactics of many who get bases, Storm and Tempest are on dodgy footings but so are many other guilds who are involved in these things.
18:43: [Apbot] Noticiero: Is Storm now an informal ally of AP?
18:43: [Apbot] Bigboa: We haven't entered any talk with Storm.
18:43: [Apbot] Noticiero: Will there be a merger of EG and AP in the future?
18:44: [Apbot] Bigboa: If EG meet our criteria maybe so, but nothing has been talked of much so far
18:46: [Apbot] Noticiero: There is a rumor that you and Miss Vixentrox from Whisper's Edge, are to be married, is this true?
18:46: [Apbot] Bigboa: What about me and Miss Vixentrox? We ain't getting it on, if you mean that, I'm atrox.
18:46: [Apbot] Bigboa: Nah, I barely know her.
18:46: [Apbot] Noticiero: Mixed marriages in Rubi-Ka are not rare.
18:47: [Apbot] Bigboa: Ahh I'm a atrox kinda lump.
18:47: [Apbot] Noticiero: Noted, I'm just going through the information I got at The Cup a few nights ago.
18:47: [Apbot] Bigboa: Although Telefast is quite hot I must confess.
18:47: [Apbot] Noticiero: Are you engaged to Telefast?
18:48: [Apbot] Bigboa: Nah he doesn't know anything, and has gone kinda silent so I guess he's embarrassed
18:48: [Apbot] Noticiero: I believe Telefast to be a Female Nanomage, Fixer.
18:48: [Apbot] Noticiero: Unless clan records are mistaken.
18:48: [Apbot] Bigboa: Don't know, I'm not too bothered about sexuality past atrox.
18:48: [Apbot] Noticiero: Understood.
18:49: [Apbot] Noticiero: What role has Commander Redruum taken within AP? is he the leader of AP?
18:49: [Apbot] Highorbit: Red is in AP?
18:49: [Apbot] Bigboa: Red is yet to fully bloom with in *AP*.
18:50: [Apbot] Noticiero: Mr. Redruum is the leader of CAS if I'm not mistaken, and CAS is a part of AP.
18:51: [Apbot] Noticiero: So there are no ill feelings between Storm/Tempest and AP overall Mr. Bigboa?
18:51: [Apbot] Bigboa: I believe Toadman is the leader of CAS still now until Red gets back on his feet from his sleep in the cryochambers.
18:51: [Apbot] Bigboa: I can not comment on your last question.
18:51: [Apbot] Noticiero: Redruum, cryochamber...Toadman, noted.
18:52: [Apbot] Noticiero: No comment, ah ...alright then...let me rephrase.
18:52: [Apbot] Noticiero: Do some AP members dislike Storm or Tempest because of the recent tactics, which I described before.
18:52: [Apbot] Bigboa: No comment.
18:52: [Apbot] Noticiero: You are a sneaky fellow Mr. Bigboa.
18:53: [Apbot] Bigboa: Not sneaky, just wise.
18:53: [Apbot] Bigboa: And very modest.
18:53: [Apbot] Noticiero: Who represents AP officially at this time?
18:53: [Apbot] Bigboa: Nobody.
18:53: [Apbot] Bigboa: And everyone.
18:54: [Apbot] Noticiero: Who leads AP then?
18:54: [Apbot] Bigboa: We all do.
18:54: [Apbot] Bigboa: You get out of it what you put in.
18:55: [Apbot] Noticiero: A good policy, you think AP will last? many clan alliances have fallen apart in short periods of time.
18:55: [Apbot] Bigboa: Who knows.
18:56: [Apbot] Noticiero: Anything you wish to say to any clans which may consider joining AP?
18:56: [Apbot] Bigboa: All i can say to round this up is once clans learn to work together for the good of each other then there will be no need for the Atlantean Pact anymore.
18:57: [Apbot] Noticiero: Thank you for your time, I appreciate this interview and I understand for security reasons you could not meet me in person.
18:58: [Apbot] Bigboa: No worries, just send your bank details to this address #7 Reet Street, Tir, and I will deduct the amount necessary for the interview
18:58: [Apbot] Bigboa: And that is not my address by the way , I'ts Telefast's.
18:58: [Apbot] Bigboa: Tele is my financial advisor.
18:59: [Apbot] Noticiero: Sure ...payment is in the the omnis say.
18:59: [Apbot] Telefast: It's why 'Boa is broke all the time.

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Article written by Noticiero
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