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An informal interview with new Clan Leader Hercules "Anikitos" Warr, who just formed the new clan organization Avatars upon his withdrawal from Lost Chapter Clan currently lead by Clan Leader Chosen "Patk9" One. I had just arrived at 'The Cup' and after listening to some 'Avatars' members, I realized news was in the air, the following was my interview with him and a few clanners who were present. It has edited to chat from patrons which was unrelated to the interview.

17:58: Noticiero: What's going on here?
17:58: Noticiero: I'm Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, anything going on right now?
17:58: Anithlos: Just some talking Noticiero.
17:59: Noticiero: That's how news start.
17:59: Noticiero: What are you talking about?
17:59: Sniki: We plan on taking over Rubi-Ka but psssssssssssssst don't tell anybody.
17:59: Anithlos: well really.
17:59: Zorgin: But that is our goal.
18:00: Sniki: He he.
18:00: Ariekel: Hey boss, how ya doin'? Mmm, thanks.
18:00: Noticiero: Wait a it true Lost Chapter has split...and that a new clan has emerge from such split.
18:01: Garferi: No comment.
18:01: Garferi: I don't talk to the press.
18:01: Anithlos: Hahaha.
18:01: Noticiero: And that you Mr. Anikitos lead such new clan?
18:01: Predatorox: noticiero..even though you're a reporter.. it's none of your business.
18:02: Glennswe: Hahaha.
18:02: Anithlos: Hehehe.
18:02: Zorgin coughs
18:02: Noticiero: Mr. Predatorox, if it's news, it's my business.
18:02: Anithlos: I got ya back prez.
18:02: Talanthus: I have to go.. just wanted to send you good wishes.
18:03: Noticiero: Apparently CAS is not the only clan where unity is not what it appears ...turning into clans such as Arion and Whisper's Edge.
18:04: Noticiero: Anything you wish to say as a new clan leader Mr. Anikitos?
18:04: Noticiero taps his microphone
18:04: Anikitos: Well, not much atm..heh.
18:05: Noticiero: How is your current relation to Patk9, since the split?
18:05: Zorgin: Don't mind Anik.. he's a Trox.
18:05: Anithlos: Ooh.
18:06: Glennswe: Pat is a nice guy
18:06: Zorgin: Yeap.
18:06: Glennswe: We have nothing bad to say about Patk9.
18:06: Anithlos: And I think we will all remain good friends.
18:06: Noticiero: I take it by your silence the split was friendly terms Mr. Anikitos.
18:07: Predatorox: Oh my god!! can someone kill the fattie?
18:07: Noticiero: I hope you are not speaking about me, I lost 5 pounds since I arrived.
18:07: Anikitos: Yep.
18:08: Noticiero: Ah, so you do admit the split from LC was not in good terms.
18:08: Noticiero: Note to self, speak with Patk9 of LC.
18:08: Zorgin yawns
18:08: Noticiero: What are your immediate plans for your Avatars Mr. Anikitos?
18:09: Noticiero: Will you join the Council of Clan Leaders? or go your own way?
18:09: Anikitos: The split was in good terms.
18:09: Anikitos: As much as those things can be anyway.
18:10: Noticiero: Noted, any plans for your new clan Mr. Anikitos?
18:10: Anikitos: Well, several.
18:11: Noticiero: Would those be military, political or social plans?
18:11: Anikitos: Time will show.
18:12: Noticiero: Will you offense ...emulating the well know Clan Storm and their ....policies, which many clan consider treacherous...but many new clans seem to emulate these days.
18:12: Noticiero listens carefully
18:12: Anikitos: This is not storm.
18:13: Anithlos: Considering all that has happened today.
18:13: Noticiero: Then I assume you will not be dealing with omnis to acquire bases which other clans already own, as Storm and other clans have been doing for the past few months?
18:13: Anikitos: Our ways are straight.
18:14: Noticiero: Thank you for the clarification, anything you wish to say, perhaps to those who may be interested in joining your new clan?
18:14: Anikitos: Think first, act later.
18:15: Anikitos: Don't haste.
18:15: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Anikitos.
18:15: Noticiero: Hello Mr. Hemicrusher.
18:16: Noticiero: If I recall, you were a former member of the military organization Mercury Dragons, and current member of Lost Chapter.
18:16: Hemicrusher: Yes I was in MD and still have very close ties with them.
18:16: Noticiero: What do you feel about the latest split within LC, and it's ..consequence, Avatars.
18:16: Zorgin: Noticiero who do you work for?
18:16: Zorgin: What magazine.
18:17: Anikitos: Noticiero, give the man a break for now.
18:17: Noticiero: I'm a freelancer, usually clan side publishers buy my work ...omnis do not like my point of view of things.
18:17: Hemicrusher: Well I believe that Lost Chapter has had its day and must stand down
18:18: Noticiero: So, are you considering joining Avatars Mr. Hemicrusher?
18:18: Hemicrusher: well I was thinking of starting my own guild...Beer Crazed Leet.
18:19: Anithlos grins
18:19: Noticiero grins
18:19: Noticiero: Good to know clanners still have a sense of humor in this situation.
18:19: Zorgin: 100% seriousness Noticiero.
18:19: Noticiero: Omnis aren't as ....humorous...actually..quite violent.
18:19: Zorgin: Clan can too.
18:20: Hemicrusher: Yeah ...I have no hard feeling towards anyone ......these people are all my friends ......I just need to think this out, even though LC has no place for me at this time
18:20: Zorgin unlocks his safety mechanism on his Manex
18:20: Hemicrusher: I just wish someone gave me a hint earlier.
18:20: Zorgin's pet, Metaphysical Demon: My powers are at your disposal, master!
18:20: Zorgin: And my pet wouldn't mind a snack either.
18:20: Noticiero moves sideways as he notices the weapon on Zorgin's hands.
18:20: Zorgin's pet, Belamorte: I'm ready to serve you...
18:21: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Hemicrusher.
18:21: Anithlos starts cleaning his weapon
18:21: Hemicrusher: Welcome.
18:21: Anithlos: Mmmm nice and smooth.
18:21: Zorgin's pet, killah: Master. where is my snack?
18:21: Noticiero: Oh I do not like those ...demon creatures.
18:21: Noticiero: Hello Miss Vixentrox.
18:21: Zorgin: Oh. He is over there killah. The fat reporter.
18:21: Noticiero: How are you today?
18:21: Vixentrox: The same as usual.
18:21: Anithlos grins wildly
18:21: Noticiero checks the gas suppression level.
18:22: Sniki smiles
18:22: Noticiero sighs
18:22: Noticiero: Phew.
18:22: Anithlos: Dinner is ready! Incoming!
18:22: Zorgin: He want you!
18:22: Zorgin: Hahaha.
18:22: Garferi goes in the back to hack the Gas Supplier.
18:22: Anithlos: Noticiero.
18:22: Zorgin's pet, killah: Fresh meat
18:22: Noticiero: I wish I could speak more with you....but I think that demon is hungry.
18:22: Noticiero: Good day Miss Vixentrox!

I had to leave 'The Cup' fearing 'Garferi' may have meant to hack the gas supplier in the bar, and allow his demon to tear me and my microphone to pieces. I will try to interview the following people as soon as time allows:

Chosen "Patk9" One
Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers
Commander "Redruum" Bacarella
Mitzie "Nursebetti" Flowers
Isobel "Ailish" Nottoris
Tashia "Moons" Timmer

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