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Tonight I had the luck to interview Mr. Benjamin "Fixerben" Davidson, Leader of Arion Clan. A former political figure, he was considered to have been one of the most prominent and outspoken men among the clans. We spoke about the origin of his organization, the reasons the founders of the clan had all been former members of Clan Anarchist Syndicate that had been at odds with Commander Redruum and the reputation of their former clan.

He shares his version of what had happened within the Council of Ares, and reveals the hunger for power which had lead to the fall of the CoA. His dislike for the Sentinels Clan and their leader Simon Silverstone is clearly expressed during our chat, as well as the dissapointment that the clan capital is under their control. He worries for the consequences of notum mining, and seeks scientific answers to clarify the many theories on notum and it's dependability. We also spoke about the unlikely possibility for another amnesty, and peace between Omni-Tek and the Clans.

The interview lasted 1 hour and 14 minutes.

03:32: Fixerben: Hello Mr. Rivera.
03:32: Noticiero: Greetings Mr. Fixerben.
03:32: Noticiero: Thank you for coming.
03:32: Fixerben: Hehe, Stop calling me that.
03:33: Noticiero: Formal interviews require formalities, at least from my part.
03:33: Fixerben: Alright then.
03:34: Fixerben: So, Where shall we start?
03:34: Noticiero: In my latest interview with Miss Vixentrox, she shared her clan's history related to Clan Anarchist Syndicate.
03:34: Fixerben nods.
03:34: Noticiero: She also mentioned Arion, your clan.
03:34: Fixerben: Yes, Arion was formed from CAS.
03:35: Fixerben: I was originally in CAS as well.
03:35: Noticiero: Would you care to share why did the Arion founders removed themselves from CAS?
03:36: Fixerben: There were some very experienced members of CAS. ICC ranking above level 150.
03:36: Fixerben: They wanted to get out and do things.
03:36: Fixerben: And being in CAS kept them held back by the guild's reputation.
03:37: Fixerben: So the higher level members departed, and formed Arion.
03:38: Noticiero: In short, CAS developed a negative image, which lead to the formation of your organization?
03:39: Fixerben: Yes, that's it in a nutshell.
03:39: Noticiero: How did Commander Redruum reacted to it?
03:39: Fixerben: Well, After his most trusted Advisors and many of his members had left he wasn't around as much.
03:39: Fixerben: I kept in touch with him, him and I have a special bond.
03:40: Fixerben: He is my adopted father.
03:40: Fixerben: I still keep in touch with him since he's been off planet, but he's much happier having moved on.
03:41: Noticiero: I see. Arion and Whisper's Edge are practical opposites. WE being more focused on politics and unification, and Arion is known to be much less involved with political issues and more on notum mining and combat training.
03:42: Noticiero: Is there any relation between Arion and WE in any way?
03:42: Fixerben: You could say that as a general statement. I however was very involved in politics.
03:43: Fixerben: I have been rather busy with my guild as of late, and the lack of motion on the political scene has put me off.
03:43: Fixerben: I still have strong political opinions.
03:43: Fixerben: Just not much opportunity to voice them.
03:44: Noticiero: If I'm not mistaken, Miss Nursebetti was the founder of Arion, however she has not been seen recently. You are the current leader of your clan, what happened to the founder?
03:44: Fixerben: She has also moved on, tiring of this endless conflict.
03:44: Fixerben: And there was a small connection between WE and Arion for a time.
03:44: Fixerben: When I was dating Vixentrox.
03:45: Fixerben: But since that was ended we have just been friends.
03:45: Fixerben: No political affiliations except for the fact that Vix and I have similar views and are Clan aligned.
03:45: Fixerben: I often seek her for advice on political matters.
03:46: Fixerben: And sometimes we don't agree, but in general we see eye to eye.
03:46: Noticiero: I am aware of your past and your political involvement. Do you think that the Council of Ares was what tainted the CAS name? or was it even before that Arion founders considered CAS to have a bad reputation?
03:46: Fixerben: Well, When I joined CAS and took over the CoA I began to reform its image.
03:46: Fixerben: I instated a constitution.
03:47: Fixerben: And I began to bring into a more democratic state.
03:47: Fixerben: But...
03:47: Fixerben: Redruum and Windguaerd got a little power hungry, took over the leadership, and that was when it feel apart.
03:48: Fixerben: They amended the constitution to give power to the guild leaders.
03:48: Fixerben: Instead of a democratically elected council as I had planned.
03:48: Fixerben: This was not my idea of democracy.
03:48: Fixerben: So from this I would say that the reputation was tainted before hand.
03:49: Fixerben: Mainly because of Redruum's relations with Simon Silverstone.
03:49: Fixerben: The incident at Sabulum.
03:49: Fixerben shakes his head...
03:49: Fixerben: For a time I thought I could repair the power hungry reputation, but it took over again in the end.
03:50: Noticiero: You mean the incident in which Redruum was rumored to have attacked an Omni-AF officers while clan representatives where in peaceful talks with Omni-AF officers?
03:51: Noticiero: During the Sabulum occupation, I believe it was sometime last year. Is that what you're referring to?
03:51: Fixerben: Yes, that's it.
03:51: Fixerben: I still visit that place from time to time, but it void of life now.
03:52: Noticiero: It was never proven he attacked the guard, but then all those who saw the attacker went send to reclaim and had no memory of it.
03:52: Noticiero: Do you know for a fact that he did it?
03:54: Fixerben: I don't know for a fact that he had killed anyone, but I do know he was present that day, and aligned himself with Silverstone.
03:54: Fixerben: There was a lot going on that day, and that was a bit far North for Omni-Tek forces.
03:57: Noticiero: My information reflects that you did try to convert the CoA into a democratic movement, however without the resources to keep track of thousands of votes and with the problems which the Council of Ares was facing, the CoA leaders had decided to remove you to avoid a possible internal problem within CoA.
03:58: Noticiero: Isn't it true that Commanders Windguaerd and Redruum were the founders of CoA and had plans for a senate which allowed even non CoA clans to participate?
03:59: Fixerben: They founded the CoA before I took it over, and their CoA did not include those plans.
03:59: Fixerben: If I had been given time to gather resources and help I believe that it could have worked.
03:59: Fixerben: I had many people helping me to organize everything.
04:00: Fixerben: It was going slow I admit.
04:00: Noticiero: All evidence, including a speech by Redruum in front of the CoT building in Tir leads to that conclusion, since he publicly stated the idea of a senate.
04:00: Fixerben: Yes he stated the idea of a Senate.
04:00: Noticiero: Was it at your suggestion?
04:01: Fixerben: No, that was at the suggestion of the same people that were aiding me when I took over the CoA. These people are no longer on the planet however.
04:01: Fixerben: Redruum wanted a Senate.
04:02: Fixerben: But...according to others he wanted to lead this Senate.
04:02: Fixerben: I don't know for myself if this was true.
04:02: Fixerben: But I felt that whoever led the Senate should also be an elected official.
04:02: Fixerben: Redruum had given up on the CoA and I asked him if I could get it rolling again.
04:02: Fixerben: I had formed a CoA peacekeeper corps
04:03: Fixerben: They were patrolling Tir regularly
04:03: Fixerben: Then I was beginning to form the structured government
04:03: Fixerben: That was when the constitution was changed without any kind of vote to give power to the leaders.
04:03: Fixerben: Then Silverstone invaded Tir destroying the CoA's months of work patrolling Tir.
04:05: Noticiero: You suspect that perhaps... Commander Redruum made a deal with Silverstone to sabotage CoA, thus allow the Sentinels to take control of Tir without challenge?
04:05: Fixerben: No, He wouldn't sabotage us like that. He was equally upset as I was.
04:06: Fixerben: Silverstone doesn't really care who he offends however.
04:08: Noticiero: But as an ally to Silverstone, wasn't your former leader even warned about the Sentinels plans to enter Tir?
04:09: Fixerben: Nope, No one was warned.
04:09: Fixerben: Wish we had been.
04:09: Fixerben: Like I said, Silverstone didn't care who he offended.
04:09: Fixerben: He trampled on us like we didn't even exist.
04:09: Fixerben: Our months of work went to the dogs.
04:13: Noticiero: A shame, in the time when a new Council of Truth was needed, the Sentinels move was the end of the Tir Accord.
04:13: Fixerben: Yeah, I read through that document hundreds of times trying to find some clause to fight back with.
04:13: Fixerben: Nothing though...
04:14: Noticiero: Arion is one of the youngest, but also among the strongest of it's size among the clans, yet you seem to be more isolated than most clans, with no public allies. Is this done on purpose to avoid possible political complications?
04:15: Fixerben: No, That is totally a fault of my own.
04:15: Fixerben: Let me explain..
04:15: Fixerben: Arion was formed to be a strong guild, a guild of high level players.
04:16: Fixerben: Once Nursebetti left, I was elected President.
04:16: Fixerben: And...
04:16: Fixerben: I went on a bit of a power trip, and ended up tearing my guild apart.
04:16: Fixerben: I lost half my members.
04:16: Fixerben: Lost all my allies.
04:16: Fixerben: Due to my own incompetence.
04:17: Fixerben: After a smack in the face from some friends I got my stuff back together.
04:17: Fixerben: And Arion has grown from 110 members to almost 200 member in less than a month.
04:17: Fixerben: We have been growing, and doing some "raids" for higher levels.
04:18: Fixerben: And also begun to ally with new guilds.
04:18: Fixerben: One such would be Adrenaline Rush, I am good friends with their leader. They are a totally non-political guild however.
04:18: Fixerben: And also the guild RELOADED, also totally non-political.
04:19: Fixerben: So it really had nothing to do with any plans I had, just my own stupidity.
04:21: Noticiero: Any plans now to seek membership within the EndGame alliance, which is recognized by the majority of the clans to be the strongest coalition since the days of the Alus Alliance in 29275.
04:23: Fixerben: No, Arion will remain independent of any organizations. I have some gripes with members of EG.
04:24: Fixerben: Lets just say, No, For personal reasons.
04:24: Noticiero: I see, have you given up on a political career?
04:24: Fixerben: No, Whenever I see the opportunity to raise my voice I do so.
04:24: Fixerben: But my guild does keep me very busy.
04:25: Fixerben: Did you ever see my song I wrote "God Bless the Clans today"?
04:26: Fixerben: I like to write songs. Some about myself, and some about the Clans, and some about comical situations on Rubi-Ka.
04:27: Noticiero: The Notum Wars had strengthen the clans at the beginning of the conflict for notum bases, but in the past six months many clans, even old and respected clans have disbanded or their members just left the planet to move to a galaxy far, far away. Now it seems Omni-Tek Departments have rallied and regained lost ground, reaching a balance against the number of notum bases the clans hold.
04:28: Noticiero: Do you think with the City of Jobe opening it's doors soon, and with the introduction of the so called 'shadowlands' the clans will regain the upper hand?
04:29: Fixerben chuckles.
04:29: Fixerben: I cant comment on that, I'm sorry.
04:31: Noticiero: Does you clan have any plans to expand into the new dimension?
04:32: Fixerben: Of course, but not really anything I can share at the moment since we don't really have any information about the new place.
04:35: Noticiero: What is your personal view on the current situation on Rubi-Ka?
04:35: Fixerben: Boy that's a big question.
04:35: Fixerben: I'll break this down into pieces.
04:35: Fixerben: First about Notum mining.
04:36: Fixerben: We need to research the implications and consequences of the increased mining.
04:36: Fixerben: I have heard many tales about how the Notum is not a dependable resource, and then stories about how we only have 1000 years left of it.
04:37: Fixerben: So in that area we need some real scientific answers.
04:37: Fixerben: The conflict between Clan and Omni.
04:37: Fixerben: Well...
04:37: Fixerben: War is bad.
04:37: Fixerben: Simple as that.
04:37: Fixerben: I don't like war.
04:38: Fixerben: Its a sad thing that this has gone on as long as it had.
04:38: Fixerben: And its sad that the miners so many years ago had to resort to force.
04:38: Fixerben: I think that with a little more regulation this could have been avoided.
04:38: Fixerben: However, now its too late.
04:39: Fixerben: I wish there was some way to make peace.
04:39: Fixerben: I tried many times, and was ignored by Omni-Tek officials.
04:39: Fixerben: Except Mr. Houston.
04:39: Fixerben: He was a nice fellow.
04:39: Fixerben: The clans as a whole don't really have one stance on the conflict.
04:40: Fixerben: Some want Omni-Tek all gone, and some are willing to make peace.
04:40: Fixerben: I just want them out of the North.
04:40: Fixerben: If I could get a majority of the Clans to back me then maybe I could make some kind of Amnesty once again.
04:40: Fixerben: But that's a very far fetched prospect.
04:41: Noticiero: Mr. Houston? you mean Mr. Kithrak the President of Red Tape of Omni-Admin?
04:41: Fixerben: Yes, that's him.
04:41: Noticiero nods
04:41: Fixerben: I call him Mr. Houston, We only have had formal business dealings.
04:41: Fixerben: Never gotten too personal.
04:42: Fixerben: I'm sure there are some Omni who would like to make peace.
04:42: Fixerben: And then there are those who want to eradicate all Clans.
04:42: Fixerben: So an Amnesty is far-fetched from either side of the fence at this point.
04:42: Fixerben: The tension is too high.
04:42: Fixerben: Especially with all the Notum mining going on.
04:43: Fixerben: I think that's all I have to say about that.
04:43: Noticiero: A bad situation, which had gone on for centuries until the Tir Accord brought some peace to the planet,
04:44: Fixerben: Yes, and then got fubared again.
04:44: Noticiero: Unfortunately, it is no longer valid.
04:44: Fixerben: Right.
04:44: Noticiero: In closing, what would you tell a young clanner seeking an organization to join?
04:45: Fixerben: Look for a guild that is friendly, and try to find a group that will treat you like family.
04:47: Noticiero: I thank you for your time Mr. Fixerben.
04:47: Fixerben: Anytime sir.
04:47: Fixerben smiles.
04:47: Noticiero: Perhaps your dream of peace will come true in your lifetime.
04:48: Noticiero: Good day to you sir.
04:48: Fixerben: Be well Mr. Rivera.
04:48: Fixerben disappears into a cloud of Red Nano-bots...

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Article written by Noticiero
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