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This afternoon while on my way to having a few drinks at 'The Cup' in West Athen I saw Mr. Elric "Archelan" Kane, Leader of Ancarim Iron Legion Clan. He was kind enough to grant me an interview. We spoke about his clan's operation in Perpetual Wastelands last year, their acquired supply of an explosive chemical known as Napalm, their assault on the Notum Cannons that same year and the clarification of some rumors I had heard. He shared his personal opinion on the disappearance of the Council of Truth, the Sentinels Clan in Tir and his consideration to rejoin the EndGame alliance, which currently is the strongest coalition of clans on the planet.

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The interview lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.

13:39: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Archelan.
13:39: Noticiero: Indeed.
13:40: Archelan: They should get some bigger chairs in this place.
13:40: Noticiero: Let us start with some history.
13:41: Noticiero: AIL at some point acquired certain barrels of a chemical from the Cyborg Base in Perpetual Wastelands, correct?
13:41: Archelan: That is correct
13:43: Noticiero: Those barrels were to be used as a weapon against all factions in the Cyborgs plan to 'assimilate' all humanoid life forms. Were there any remaining at their base, or did your clan destroyed all those remaining in their possession?
13:44: Archelan: I don't know if we destroyed them all, but we did destroy those we could not take ourselves.
13:45: Archelan: And this is a very long time ago, if we did destroy it all they've had a long time to create new supplies.
13:45: Noticiero: I see, what happened to the barrels you acquired?
13:46: Archelan: They were stored in a secure location until we later used them in an assault on the Omni-Tek Notum Cannons in Clondyke
13:48: Noticiero: So you attempted to destroy the Notum Cannons, they remain still, so your attack was unsuccessful. What was Omni-Tek's reply to your offensive?
13:50: Archelan: The remain, this is true. But they were leveled with the ground as a result of our assault.
13:50: Archelan: They were rebuilt quickly, don't ask me how.
13:50: Archelan: Later I learned that other clans have destroyed those cannons as well...
13:51: Archelan: Our assault was successful, but the result was not what we had hoped.
13:51: Archelan: As for a response - our president at the time, Phelsior, went M.I.A. during the assault. We learned that Omni-Tek had captured him in Clondyke.
13:52: Noticiero: Hmm, Omni-Tek technology is advanced, they have repair bots for everything.
13:52: Archelan: We later freed him, of course.
13:53: Noticiero: What has AIL done lately in the struggle against the corporation?
13:54: Archelan: We have done our share of battles against Omni-Tek notum-mining facilities, and we continue to do so.
13:55: Archelan: We do not claim responsibility nor credit for any major operation in the past year though.
13:56: Noticiero: Your is one of the few which remaining clans from 29475 if I'm not mistaken. How has your clan managed to survive with so many clans disbanding over time?
13:57: Archelan: We are strong.
13:58: Archelan: Our clan has a sense of fellowship within that I do not know if other clans have - though I would be arrogant to assume we are that unique.
13:59: Archelan: We take good care of our own, and have always done so, newcomer and veteran alike. I think that is one of the key elements in our continued existence and growth.
14:00: Noticiero: Since the disbandment of Mercury Dragons Clan, a few clans have asked Commander Windguaerd to join them as an officer. I'm curious, are you among those organizations?
14:01: Archelan: Not to my knowledge.
14:02: Noticiero: Is there any truth to rumors hinting that there is a rivalry between AIL and Synergy Factor Clan?
14:03: Archelan: I've not heard of this rumor. Could you elaborate?
14:05: Noticiero: Rumors afloat that there was a confrontation a few weeks back, a friendly fire situation between members in a base at 5% gas suppression.
14:05: Archelan: This is news to me.
14:06: Archelan: As far as AIL is concerned, there is no rivalry. We have cooperated with Synergy Factor on many occasions in the past, and I assume we will continue to do so in the future.
14:07: Noticiero: What is your personal opinion on what happened lat year, with the Council of Truth disappearing from Tir, and Sentinels Clan taking over the clan capital afterwards.
14:08: Archelan: Just to make it clear, my personal opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of other members of AIL.
14:08: Noticiero: Understood.
14:09: Archelan: That the Council of Truth pigtailed was no surprise. We've seen no action on their part for a very long time, even before their disappearance.
14:09: Archelan: Simon Silverstone is described as a madman by many, but I personally agree with many of his and the Sentinels' stands.
14:10: Archelan: At the time, I was happy to see someone strong and determined to take over in Tir, but lately I have questioned whether there really was any change at all.
14:11: Archelan: So at this time, I feel much as I did before the Council of Truth disappeared. Nothing happens.
14:11: Archelan: Does that answer your question?
14:12: Noticiero: I believe so.
14:14: Noticiero: How do you see the current conflict regarding notum bases? are the clans or Omni-Tek in a stronger position?
14:15: Archelan: Right now it seems fairly balanced... I wouldn't say anyone has the upper hand at the moment.
14:16: Noticiero: With the rumors of Jobe opening it's doors, will that be an advantage or disadvantage to the clans?
14:17: Archelan: Who knows? It may prove to be both, and yet again it may very well prove to be neither. If Jobe opens it's doors equally to the clans and Omni-Tek I doubt anyone will gain any advantage nor suffer any disadvantage because of it.
14:18: Archelan: Or, both clans and Omni-Tek will gain advantages, which will of course cancel each other out. I assume that is what will happen, but again, who knows?
14:21: Noticiero: Do you believe the clans will be victorious at the end?
14:21: Archelan: Yes.
14:21: Archelan grins
14:22: Noticiero: What will happen to the remaining neutrals and maybe Omni-Tek employees who remain after the clans win? exile? death? or something else?
14:23: Archelan: I can not see the future, so I do not know. I don't even know if I'll be around to witness that day.
14:24: Archelan: In other words, that bridge will be crossed when we get there.
14:25: Noticiero: What are the plans you organization has for the near future?
14:27: Archelan: We will continue to grow and flourish, and make use of any opportunities that present themselves in the battle against Omni-Tek. Maybe we'll create some opportunities ourselves as well, but that is for us to know and others to experience if or when it happens.
14:27: Archelan smiles
14:29: Noticiero: What would you tell a young clanner looking for an organization to join?
14:32: Archelan: That's a tough one, and precisely the reason why I have excellent officers that handles our recruitment issues... but I think one advice I can give is, make sure you can live with the actions of the clan you join, and make sure the clan you join can live with your actions. A clan member always represents the clan. I fear too many people forget this too easily.
14:37: Noticiero: I agree on that part, a few people are quite....rude and violent, without thinking they are in an organization.
14:38: Archelan nods
14:40: Noticiero: Is there any truth that your clan has an agreement with the citizens of Sabulum, to protect the town?
14:42: Archelan: Not to my knowledge... where does this come from?
14:45: Noticiero: I hear rumors in many places, contacts also 'provide' information to me through grid messages, mostly anonymous.
14:45: Noticiero: I do try to verify rumors directly, as you can see.
14:46: Archelan: Well, it's possible such an agreement was made a long long time ago - way before I took over the presidency, maybe even before I first joined AIL. But it is not anything I have heard of, so I doubt there is any truth to it. However, should the citizens of Sabulum approach me with an offer to (re)create such an agreement, I would listen.
14:47: Noticiero: Has AIL considered joining the well established EndGame alliance, which many consider to be the strongest coalition in years?
14:48: Archelan: If that was the case it would be a question of re-joining. AIL was a member of EndGame a long time ago.
14:48: Archelan: I have been thinking about it myself, but it is not something AIL as a clan has considered yet.
14:51: Noticiero: Do you or your officers have any political aspirations?
14:54: Archelan: Could you elaborate?
14:55: Noticiero: If things were to settle between the factions or the clans win at the end and you are alive, would you consider taking a leadership position to help lead the clans overall or a new rubikan government?
14:58: Archelan: Ah. Well, I can't speak for any of my officers. Myself, I will go where I have to go, just like I always have. If that means taking a position of leadership in a government, then so be it. But I have no ambitions of doing so as such.
14:58: Noticiero: I see, in closing, is there anything you wish to say to fellow rubikans?
14:59: Archelan: Remember who you are.
14:59: Archelan smiles
15:01: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Archelan.
15:01: Archelan: My pleasure
15:01: Noticiero: The interview will be published at Vault Network.
15:02: Archelan: Ok, I will make sure to read it... I hope you'll not twist my words. People like me are... easily angered.
15:02: Noticiero: Yeah, got one of those lovely warning from Commander Windguaerd. The interview will be shown as it was done.
15:03: Archelan: Oh, it's not a warning, but not all reporters are as serious in their line of work as others.
15:03: Archelan: Though I have no reason to doubt you, so I'm sorry if I have overstepped my boundary.
15:03: Noticiero: I'm quite serious at what I do.
15:03: Noticiero: Be well Mr. Archelan.
15:04: Archelan: You too. Safe travels.

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