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Just as I was going to retire for the night after the interview I was doing at the time, Commander "Caid" Nottoris contacted me, asking to speak with me. I asked him to wait until I was finished, he kindly agreed. After I had concluded my previous interview he came to the fire room in 'Reet's Retreat', but due to the number of patrons he asked to speak in a private channel. I usually do interviews in the open, but I understood his need for privacy. During the interview he admitted to be a former Council of Truth operative, and shared an interesting story on how he had helped to stop a deadly virus.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons.

The interview lasted 40 minutes.

20:23: [Noticiero] Noticiero: I will make an exception in your case.
20:23: [Noticiero] Caid: Thank you.
20:23: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Usually I do things in public, need to show I'm un bias, you understand.
20:23: [Noticiero] Caid: Of course.
20:24: [Noticiero] Noticiero: I have a few questions stored.
20:24: [Noticiero] Caid: But this information I am about to give you, needs to be... well, let me put it this way,
20:24: [Noticiero] Noticiero: I need a clarification on EG and the time it was formed.
20:25: [Noticiero] Caid: EG was formed just over a year ago. By myself, and Ailish.
20:25: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Wasn't it Mercury Dragons a part of the process when EG came into existence, and then withdrew from the alliance with little explanation?
20:25: [Noticiero] Caid: No, we confronted them about EndGame when we were in the process of creating it, but they never accepted to join.
20:26: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Apparently there are two version of what happened...making my work more difficult.
20:26: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Now, you went through a genetic alteration, from nanomage to solitus.
20:26: [Noticiero] Caid: Well, if you give me some time, I believe I can round up my old speech that I had spoken at the first public meeting.
20:27: [Noticiero] Caid: Yes... I did.
20:27: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Is it true the corporation blackmailed you and you had to switch sides for a time?
20:27: [Noticiero] Caid: No, that is untrue. What happened is a long story, but I will attempt to make it short,
20:28: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Well, it is what I got from Miss Lyricia, that you were blackmailed.
20:28: [Noticiero] Caid: I switched to Omni-Tek to help General Telion destroy a virus that was being created by a new incarnation of Red Freedom at the time. Basically, the virus was going to kill any Omni it came in contact with, even those innocent. I couldn't let that happen.
20:29: [Noticiero] Caid: A common misconception
20:30: [Noticiero] Noticiero: General Telion at that time was under the command of the Council of Truth, thus you became a CoT operative?
20:30: [Noticiero] Caid: Telion was a General in Omni-Tek...
20:31: [Noticiero] Caid: I was working under the guidance of Gelsa at the time, and helped Telion with Red Freedom.
20:32: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Ah, I see. My data was inaccurate on Telion then.
20:32: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Gelsa was working for the Council of Truth?
20:32: [Noticiero] Caid: Not a problem.
20:32: [Noticiero] Caid: Gelsa was, at a time, but when I started working under her guidance, she had become a Knight
20:34: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Under the command of Lord Galahad then?
20:35: [Noticiero] Noticiero: So the virus problem was resolved?
20:36: [Noticiero] Caid: It took a lot for me to get Telion to trust me, but once he started to believe me, it was resolved rather quickly.
20:38: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Then if it wasn't blackmail, why did you go through a genetic operation which is considered dangerous and quite illegal?
20:40: [Noticiero] Caid: If I told you, I am sure I would get contacted by the authorities, but as much as I don't want to remember that day, it did involve another Omni-Tek division, separate of Telion's command. I pretty much, caused it myself, by helping out Omni-Tek with the virus.
20:44: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Explain please.
20:46: [Noticiero] Caid: By switching sides, as I needed to do, with Telion, I basically handed over my whole DNA and past history database. This division of Omni-Tek knew I was a Commander in Red Freedom for a while, knew I was linked to the Council of Truth, and more. They tried to extract all the data from my mind, but were unsuccessful. That in itself, left me a former shell of what I once was. Basically, brain dead.
20:46: [Noticiero] Caid: They put my mind into a new body, and attempted to reform me for Omni-Pol.
20:47: [Noticiero] Caid: But seeing the face of my loved ones, helped me gain back what was lost in my mind.
20:48: [Noticiero] Noticiero: So you have returned with a new body, to your wife Ailish if I'm not mistaken?
20:49: [Noticiero] Caid: Yes, and after I returned, my Clan disbanded, and I became a part of my wife's clan, First Light
20:51: [Noticiero] Noticiero: How did she react to your new....body. She married a nanomage...and you return as a solitus.
20:52: [Noticiero] Caid: She was uneasy a bit, at first, but that soon changed. We intended to get re-married, but haven't had a chance. Since she has left, that chance is gone.
20:53: [Noticiero] Noticiero: She has left? I thought Miss Ailish was still on Rubi-Ka?
20:53: [Noticiero] Caid: No, she had to go off world a while ago...
20:54: [Noticiero] Caid: I hope she will return, though, sometime in the future.
20:55: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Were you at anytime a CoT operative?
20:55: [Noticiero] Caid: Yes.
20:56: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Can you give me any details about it?
20:58: [Noticiero] Caid: I was under the command of Commander Pendion, and lead many missions for them, including the assault on the Cyborg bases in Perpetual Wastelands and Avalon.
20:59: [Noticiero] Caid: As well as the Tir Militia training in Tir, right before the Amnesty ended.
21:01: [Noticiero] Noticiero: My editor wants to speak with me, so I'm short in time.
21:02: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Anything you wish to add at this time?
21:03: [Noticiero] Caid: I believe that is good, thank you, Mister Rivera.
21:03: [Noticiero] Noticiero: Thank you for coming forward Mr. Caid.
21:03: [Noticiero] Caid: Was my pleasure.
21:03: [Noticiero] Caid: Be well.

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