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Friday night, I decided to relax a bit, so I returned to the 'Reet's Retreat' to do so. This time it was not quiet as my previous visits. Loud music was coming from within the place, and curious and wanting to mingle, I began my search for the source. It didn't take me long to find the wonderful two-level dance room, a large place with bartenders and interesting people.

Of course, the first thing that caught my eye, where the table dancers and other ladies who appeared to be entertaining. I noticed they were all from the Xtronica Entertainment, an Omni-Tek organization. As I had interviewed clan, omni and neutral leaders based on the current conflict, I decided to change the pace and interview an organization whose goal is social and entertainment and not related to combat or politics.

I was in luck, since Miss Natasha "Sensuality" Eskew, the Director of Xtronica Entertainment was there, and she was kind enough to agree to an interview. And to make things even more, fun...she got one of her dancers to table dance while the interview was taking place, now that is what I call 'customer service'!

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons.

This interview lasted 50 minutes.

02:58: Noticiero: I will begin by thanking you for granting me this interview, you appear to have a busy social life.
02:59: Sensuality: It has been a roller coaster ride, I tell ya.
03:00: Sensuality removes her sunglasses
03:00: Noticiero: How long has Xtronica Entertainment been in business?
03:00: Sensuality: But, you caught me just as I was going to bed....
03:00: Sensuality: We have been in business for about 3 months now I guess....
03:01: Sensuality: We have over 60 members now also.
03:01: Sensuality: Which is mind boggling, heh.
03:02: Noticiero: How have you been received in the entertainment community?
03:02: Sensuality: Well, at first we were being backed up by the Kaviera Family Mafia..
03:02: Sensuality: Unfortunately, we had to branch off and go independent, because of politics and backstabbing.
03:03: Noticiero: I heard competition is tough, and some even use underhanded tactics to steal customers, has this happened to you yet?
03:03: Sensuality: Good thing we did, because the KFM went down, and fast
03:03: Sensuality: I have had to deal with such a degree of lying, cheating, spying and malicious acts, its ridiculous
03:04: Sensuality: People sent spies into my organization to try to undermine me
03:04: Sensuality: People started rumors about us ....rumors that still exist, and that are untrue.
03:04: Noticiero: Was it from omni entertainment organizations, or clan as well?
03:04: Sensuality: I deal with jealousy and maliciousness everyday.
03:04: Sensuality: Omni.. purely omni.
03:05: Noticiero: Have you filed any complaints with Omni-Admin about this?
03:05: Sensuality: I've had people banned for harassment and basically stalking me.
03:05: Sensuality: Oh numerous times, yes.
03:05: Sensuality laughs
03:06: Noticiero: And what has Omni-Admin done in response to your filed complaints?
03:07: Sensuality: first nothing ..........I had to find the higher officers to get any real assistance.
03:07: Sensuality: Now, they know me by name and it helps, because I deal with a huge amount of harassment because of my position.
03:08: Noticiero: How unfortunate. What services does Xtronica Entertainment offer, and are they exclusive for Omni-Tek employees?
03:09: Sensuality: We have a full grid page, with events, hierarchy and a Q/A page for newcomers and anyone with questions about us. Basically we provide entertainment for parties and events here on Rubi ka.....Omni territory only......
03:09: Sensuality: We provide Dancers .....Bartenders, and Bouncer/Bodyguards, we even have DJ's!
03:10: Noticiero: So you do not tender your services in neutral or clan territory?
03:11: Sensuality: Yes, we do.
03:11: Noticiero: But do you accept clan customers if their event is held, in Reet's Retreat?
03:11: Sensuality: We only WORK in Omni territory, for obvious reasons.
03:11: Noticiero: I see.
03:11: Sensuality: I correct myself, we do work in neutral territory as well.
03:12: Noticiero: Have you worked with neutral or clan entertainment organizations, like Gridstream Productions or others?
03:13: Sensuality: We work alongside GSP quite often.......We have their site linked on our page as well.....
03:13: Sensuality: they are in charge of entertainment in Rubi-ka, basically, we could only Hope to be as successful as them.
03:13: Noticiero: Would you be so kind to give me your grid site URL?
03:14: Sensuality: Of course.
03:14: Sensuality:
03:14: Noticiero: What are your plans for the near future? growth? business expansion?
03:15: Sensuality: Well .....unfortunately as of late, we have had a lack of female dancers show up for work.
03:15: Sensuality: I have been recruiting like mad.
03:16: Sensuality: But unfortunately we are lacking ....I only have a few dependable ladies to rely on.....and some reliable guys too.......but this industry has a HIGH turn over.
03:17: Noticiero: So, then is your company in financial trouble due to the dancers now showing at their shift?
03:17: Sensuality: No, we are not in financial trouble......we are a rather poor organization in comparison to other older more established ones.....
03:18: Sensuality: We are scheduled to work a party on June 7th for the head of Omni Pol.
03:18: Noticiero: Other entertainment organizations have been caught in the middle of combat in the past, have you had to deal with such situation?
03:19: Sensuality: He's getting married and hired us because of our reputation.....It will be very profitable...but unfortunately, we do not collect dues....we only ask that the members donate to the organization bank account.
03:19: Sensuality: Well......not yet....but I don't doubt anything can happen.......
03:19: Sensuality: We had some conflict when we tried to use the TRA tag..
03:19: Noticiero: Omni-Pol? Mr. Meister?
03:19: Sensuality: Gencop.
03:20: Sensuality: He's getting married....and we're hosting his engagement party.
03:20: Noticiero: Ah.
03:20: Sensuality: June 7th 8PM GMT.
03:20: Sensuality plugs the party
03:20: Noticiero: Do you have any personal opinion on the current conflict?
03:21: Sensuality: Which conflict did you mean, please?
03:21: Noticiero: Omni-Tek and the Clans.
03:22: Sensuality: He he, of course...silly me......
03:22: Sensuality giggles impishly
03:22: Sensuality: I deal with so many other conflicts, that i tend to forget sometimes.
03:22: Sensuality shouts: Polmara.......Come.......
03:23: Sensuality: Dance for us while we chat, dear.....
03:23: Sensuality: The conflict......
03:23: Noticiero admires Polmara's table dancing.
03:23: Sensuality sighs
03:24: Noticiero listens
03:24: Sensuality: I tend to back away from conflict in any shape or form.......
03:24: Sensuality: So, my opinions in these matters will be brief.
03:24: Noticiero nods
03:24: Sensuality thinks momentarily
03:24: Sensuality: You should know, I was born a clanner.....
03:25: Noticiero nods
03:25: Sensuality: I used to belong to Vitae Covente.........
03:25: Noticiero: I interviewed the leader of VC not long ago.
03:26: Sensuality: I went to Omni, because I needed some discipline in my life.........The people I met in omni were some of the best people I know.
03:26: Sensuality: Lizor.......
03:26: Sensuality: Don't get me started on her..hehe.
03:26: Sensuality: She's one hard ass .
03:26: Sensuality smiles
03:27: Noticiero: So, you left Vitae Covente in bad terms?
03:27: Sensuality slides a 1000 credits into Polmara's panties
03:27: Sensuality: Well, I was put on probation.....for defending myself.
03:28: Sensuality: Then, I had an alt in the org as well, and she was a mischief maker, and got herself in trouble, so they demoted her.
03:28: Noticiero: An alt? would that be someone from your family?
03:28: Sensuality: It happened the night we were at a St. Patty's day party, and I had arranged it and was on the events committee, I was humiliated after all my hard work. So I left the organization, and she kicked all my alts who were members.
03:29: Noticiero nods
03:29: Sensuality: clanner sister..was the one who was demoted, and Lizor thought it wise to kick me as well.
03:30: Sensuality: I left the organization.........and now she doesn't speak to me.
03:30: Noticiero: So mistreatment at clan hands, made you seek the corporation, for stability?
03:30: Sensuality: But its fine with me, we never got along.....
03:31: Sensuality: Somewhat, yes.
03:31: Sensuality: I wanted to join an organization with spunk and happy people and no rules and boring meetings.
03:31: Sensuality: I asked around, and heard about KFM.
03:31: Sensuality: I heard a lot of controversy and thought I'd apply.....
03:32: Sensuality: I saw their entertainment organization's leader, as a bad example of a leader and went to KFM's leader, Xeroscope, to ask him if he wanted a real leader for his entertainment organization.
03:32: Noticiero: Yes, there were a criminal organization, correct?
03:32: Sensuality: Yes, they were Mafioso.
03:33: Sensuality: I joined with that knowledge.
03:33: Sensuality: I thought it was edgy and exciting.
03:33: Sensuality: So, I became Director of Xtronica.
03:33: Sensuality: I started making it into what it is today.
03:34: Sensuality: Unfortunately, everyone I know and everywhere I went, all i heard was BAD about KFM.
03:34: Sensuality: I was losing jobs because of my association with them.
03:35: Sensuality: People were going behind my back and doing my job, and I didn't want to stand for it....
03:35: Noticiero: So you decided to do a corporate takeover and remove your liaison with KFM?
03:35: Sensuality: Exactly.
03:35: Sensuality: I took my devoted members with me....
03:35: Sensuality: Weeded out the bad seeds, so to speak.
03:36: Sensuality puts on her reading glasses
03:36: Noticiero: Corporate life is not as pleasant as propaganda implies I see.
03:36: Sensuality: Xeroscope basically waged war on me
03:36: Sensuality: No, its very unpleasant.
03:36: Sensuality: I went thru hell..
03:37: Sensuality: And to THIS DAY, I am still getting slack from people.
03:37: Sensuality: Even though all I did was take an organization on the verge of death and save it.
03:38: Sensuality: I devote my days and nights to this organization.......I cherish my members and they all know it. It's why they are devoted to me.
03:38: Sensuality: Ask Polmara, what she thinks?
03:38: Sensuality smiles up at Polmara
03:38: Noticiero: If the clans were to win the war, do you think they would allow omni organizations such as yours to remain on Rubi-Ka?
03:38: Polmara: Sen does a fantastic job.
03:39: Sensuality: I think that because of my good standing with clanners and omni alike, that we just might survive a clanner takeover. If that COULD ever happen that is.
03:39: Sensuality: I have affiliations with Clan and Omni, equally......
03:39: Noticiero: Is there anything you wish to say to anyone looking to join the entertainment business?
03:39: Sensuality: I would like to think we would be alright....
03:39: Sensuality: I want to say one very important thing.
03:40: Sensuality: And leave it at that.
03:40: Sensuality takes a deep breath
03:42: Sensuality: There are a lot of rumors going around right now about this organization. Some people are being led to believe that we are prostituting ourselves. We have had many enemies, who to this day have it in their minds to avenge themselves against me. They have begun these rumors of prostitution and I want to DISPELL them, RIGHT NOW. It is COMPLETELY untrue...We provide entertainment, in many forms......But our dancers have a choice, they are free agents ..........I have been accused of being a whore, and I am saying right now, right here, that i have never and will never whore myself out. I'm not that type of lady!
03:43: Noticiero nods
03:43: Sensuality: I have gone thru hell for this organization, and we only want to make people happy and provide a little bit of fun here on Rubi-ka.
03:44: Sensuality: Hopefully we can get the word out that we are not what we seem, if people just take the time to check us out.
03:44: Sensuality: We provide friendship and a temporary family to those that seek it.
03:44: Sensuality: We are all about FUN!!!!
03:44: Sensuality smiles
03:45: Polmara loves table dancing
03:45: Sensuality looks up at her proudly
03:45: Noticiero: Anything else you wish to add Miss Sensuality?
03:46: Sensuality: Nothing I can think of other than to promote our party on June 7th. Its on our grid page and I'd love people to go check it out!
03:46: Sensuality: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk publicly.
03:46: Sensuality: Was indeed a pleasure.
03:46: Sensuality grins
03:47: Sensuality holds out her hand to Noticiero
03:47: Noticiero: Very well, thank you for your valuable time Miss Sensuality, and I wish you good luck in your corporate enterprise.
03:47: Sensuality hops onto the table with polmara
03:47: Noticiero: And thank you Miss Polmara for the table dance.
03:47: Noticiero: First time I was ...entertained while doing an interview.
03:47: Sensuality: Have a great night.
03:47: Sensuality tosses her card to Noticiero
03:48: Noticiero: You too as well, both of you. Good night ladies.
03:48: Sensuality: Remember Xtronica for your next event.
03:48: Sensuality: Goodnight to you Noticiero!!!!!

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