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Last but not least, I managed to interview the current Director of Omni-Pol, General Gencop himself during the early hours of Saturday. He also traveled to my location, and like Commander Windguaerd, he got a security attachment right with him. With officers guarding the door and walking the corridors, it made me feel a bit 'overprotected' by these Omni-Tek officers. The General spoke of Director Meister and his coming return to lead the Department, that he was on vacation, denying the rumors he had stepped down due to problems with Omni-Admin. During the interview he shared his Department views on assassination, also admitting there are now more clanners than omni employees on the planet and stating that they stand on the evidence found last year linking the now defunct Council of Truth to the nefarious terrorist organization Dust Brigade. A surprise during the interview (which linked this interview with that I had done earlier with Commander Windguaerd), was their knowledge and support of an elite group within Omni-Tek which may be arriving on Rubi-Ka in a few months, saying "I personally think is well overdue".

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons.

This interview lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes.

00:04: Noticiero: Thank you for coming, I know you're an important and busy man.
00:04: Gencop: It's a pleasure to meet with you.
00:06: Noticiero: Lets start with a bit of the past, the previous leader of Omni-Pol was Mister Meister, correct?
00:08: Gencop: Director Meister, that's correct.
00:10: Gencop: He has only stepped down temporarily though, he will be returning to his position shortly after his well deserved break.
00:13: Noticiero: It is rumored he displeased some people in Omni-Admin, and that to save his department, he stepped down and choose you to lead.
00:15: Gencop: Meister's reasons for stepping down were not to do with any external problems, he needed a break for his own personal reasons. I am honored he felt I was capable of standing in his shoes in the interim.
00:16: Noticiero: For how long have you been leading the department?
00:17: Gencop: I'm sorry I don't remember the exact date, everything has been very busy recently, only for the last month or so.
00:19: Noticiero: Is it true Omni-Pol is now in control of the Stratics Network, a former independent media source?
00:20: Gencop: Director Meister has involved himself greatly within the Stratics Network, but Omni-Pol is not in control of it.
00:21: Noticiero: What is Omni-Pol stance on assassination?
00:21: Gencop: We do not support assassination of innocent civilians.
00:22: Noticiero: What about clanners.
00:22: Gencop: Further we feel that assassinations of our guards within our cities by fellow Omni citizens should be stopped.
00:23: Gencop: We don't support assassinations of clanners, but we do act in self defense.
00:24: Noticiero: There were rumors last year, that Omni-Pol operatives targeted clan military leaders for assassination.
00:25: Gencop: I cannot answer for last years actions, I am able to state our current policies.
00:25: Noticiero: Is there any truth to these rumors?
00:25: Noticiero: I see.
00:26: Noticiero: Is Omni-Pol aware that a certain clan military leader hired omni mercenaries to kill Mister Kithrak and a former clanner turned employee?
00:27: Gencop: The details surrounding that are classified, I cannot discuss that with you at present.
00:28: Gencop: We are constantly following up on information we receive on crimes committed.
00:30: Noticiero: Omni-Pol and Division 9 RSGE claimed last year that after several investigations in Tir and Athen to have found evidence of a connection between the now defunct Council of Truth and the terrorist organization Dust Brigade. Do you still stand by these claims, or have things changed?
00:33: Gencop: We stand by our past decisions on the evidence gained. Since the Council was dissolved the evidence surrounding that is obviously now irrelevant so we consider that matter closed.
00:34: Noticiero looks at the Omni-Pol guards by the door
00:34: Gencop smiles
00:34: Noticiero: Why do you think the clans are gaining so much ground in the current Notum Wars?
00:36: Gencop: I would say it is largely due to the Clan to Omni Ratio.. I believe there are more Clan on planet than Omni.. so that obviously gives an edge on those figures.
00:38: Noticiero: Can you tell me why are so many new arrivals joining the clans instead of the corporation?
00:39: Gencop: I wouldn't know what to to tell you for that answer, I guess we are all entitled to make at least one mistake in our lives.
00:39: Gencop smiles
00:40: Noticiero: Are the recent rallies an attempt to reunite the departments which have been constantly separated by personal corporate agendas?
00:42: Gencop: The unity between guilds never went away, the rallies just enforce them and our ties with each other.
00:42: Noticiero: Which military clan leaders do you consider a danger to the corporation?
00:43: Gencop: Surely all of them are.
00:45: Noticiero: Yes, but which do you personally consider...capable enough to be a threat. You must know some military leaders are less to uphold and fulfill military duties, like yourself.
00:47: Gencop: How can I name one singular when there is no apparent leadership within the Clan side. Therefore it is in our interest to consider all a threat until proven otherwise. Do you not think that is wise?
00:49: Noticiero: Are you saying that clans have no leadership left at this time?
00:52: Gencop: With rumors of Thedeacon running for Clan president.. well I haven't seen any other attempts of leadership that we could take seriously
00:52: Gencop smirks
00:54: Noticiero: You mean that madman who sent 50,000 grid emails with an ad saying 'Vote for me'?
00:54: Gencop: Well it showed immense creativity and willingness..
00:56: Noticiero: Considering the man is in Storm Clan, one of the most dangerous organizations on Rubi-ka...not many protest his antics.
00:58: Noticiero: Is it true, that Omni-Tek is planning on bringing their most elite on the planet, Unicorn Company?
00:58: Gencop: Well then you definitely just surmised the Clan affiliated citizens feelings. You have just expressed why there may be leadership problems and organizational problems. If they are scared to stand up for their beliefs .. then what more can I say?
00:59: Gencop: If so that would be classified and I guess when it happens it will definitely be a news worth event that I personally think is well overdue.
01:00: Noticiero: So you would support their arrival?
01:02: Gencop: Considering the power imbalance between the guards in Tir to the guards in Omni-1 I think it would be a welcomed event. So, yes I support the arrival - it would be a nice surprise for all the clanners who like to invade our peace loving Omni cities
01:06: Noticiero: When the Council of Truth left Tir unguarded, didn't omni citizens attacked the clan capital for no reason?
01:08: Gencop: There wasn't an attack by ourselves, we held peaceful patrols that were misinterpreted by the clans. We will always continue patrols in their areas though, to try and find suspected criminals and illegal traders, seeing as the Clan do not seem to have the organization there to resolve that in their cities, we feel it is our responsibility.
01:08: Noticiero: Do you believe Omni-Tek will regain control of the planet completely as originally planned?
01:11: Gencop: I believe that if there continues to be such a distinct lack of organization by those not already Omni affiliated that there may be deviance from those from Clan backgrounds. Even many clan themselves show a lack of confidence in what's going on around them and the organizations established within their side.
01:14: Noticiero: If the clans won the Notum Wars, will your department leave Rubi-Ka, or remain on the planet and join the clans?
01:16: Gencop: I don't see that as something we will have to consider.
01:16: Noticiero: You must really believe Omni-Tek will prevail in the end then?
01:17: Gencop: Yes, I have no doubt.
01:20: Noticiero: Do you know why your CEO have made no appearances lately? rumors on clan side say he was replaced by Omni Prime, due to his talks with Radiman which made the corporation look weak.
01:21: Gencop: It is not for me to speculate on his whereabouts, perhaps he has taken a long overdue vacation.
01:23: Noticiero: What are Omni-Pol current directives?
01:25: Gencop: We are seeking to bring law and order to Rubi-Ka. We are concerned mainly with the security of the Omni-Tek territory and the stable notum production second.
01:26: Noticiero: Anything you wish to say to new employees looking for a department to join?
01:28: Gencop: Employees within Omni-Tek or throughout all of Rubi ka?
01:28: Noticiero: The only employees I'm aware of are from Omni-Tek, unless another corporation is now on the planet.
01:31: Gencop: The employees within Omni-Tek are all free to chose somewhere that is most suited to them, they wont be herded or forced into making decisions that are against their best interests. Obviously I would like to take the opportunity to say that Omni-Pol is currently recruiting, and we are actively looking for others to serve the corporation with as much dedication as is already shown by our present officers.
01:33: Noticiero: Thank you for your time, and the security provided by your officers Mr. Gencop.
01:34: Gencop: My pleasure, looking forward to reading the article.
01:34: Gencop smiles
01:34: Gencop: Good bye.

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Article written by Noticiero
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