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[Social] Means: Now Enno is working on it with two other coders
[Social] Means: we'll get there.
[Social] Dagget2: any idea yet on how old video cards can be and still run the new engine smoothly? IE, will the typical $20 PCI card from circa 2004 do ok?
[Social] Means: not 100% sure yet. They told me a 20$ card would probably be good enough
[Social] Dagget2: I would imagine that a target would be "If it runs WoW, it can run AO" (WoW runs on some pretty old PC's)
[Social] Means: What is this "wow" you speak of? Razz
[Social] Dagget2: Wink
[Social] Nightingale: maybe not a $20 from 2004, but... doubt it'll need AoC type muscle...
[Social] Dyeshi: World of warcraft ? :S
[Social] Pentaflake: If it runs AoC it runs AO maybe?
[Social] Nightingale: I sure hope so Very Happy
[Social] Means: AOC is heavy hardware...we won't be going anywhere near that
[Social] Dagget2: a lot of my guildies have 4 yr old Dells' with built-in video and can only expand video with a simple PCI card and that is good enough for current AO
[Social] Means: There will likely be a Test version of the new engine client out for awhile at the same time as the regular client
[Social] Means: but not for a few months yet
[Social] Means: very very big job
[Social] Means: booster before Christmas...New engine in 2009
[Social] Means: new engine
[Social] Means: this one is being exorcised like a nasty demon
[Social] Means: it did well
[Social] Means: time for it to retire..take it easy Smile
[Social] Means: not many 7 year old games look half this good

Note: Thanks to Dagget for the info.

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Khuri
Article written by Windguaerd
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