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Building relationships online is not a new phenomenon by any means, and our virtual universes seem to facilitate the meeting of like minds and hearts that have elevated some to the next dimension. I am talking about matrimony here, the next step after boyfriend/girlfriend, and making a commitment to sharing a life together.

Personal qualities seem to seep through the pixels on our monitors, leading some on a path least expected, but often with delightful results. Our virtual environments become alternate lifestyles where we develop real friendships, as well as relationships that extend beyond just friendships. We find comfort zones with those we associate with, and often create virtual families complete with emotional bonding.

Yes, we have become more than our colorful pixels traveling through space, and when we manage to move at less than warp speed, we may even find that special someone somewhere in the matrix that makes our hearts hover above terra firma … ok, FAR above terra firma.
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While cruising GridStream Productions (Rubi-Ka’s original and biggest source of live audio entertainment for over 6 years), I discovered a couple of wedding celebrations on the calendar. Congratulations are in order for "darkellarisa and char," as well as "Takiosohi and Feliciana," two happy couples who found love in space, and have stepped into that next dimension. Both couples are about to celebrate the blissful event in Anarchy Online by hosting a celebratory party that will include friends, org mates, and perhaps a special guest or two. Also, let us not forget the GridStream DJ’s who will be providing the music waves that keep the party goers on their feet and grooving to the beat. The details of both parties can be found at GridStream’s Special Events Calendar.

As one who inhabits a few virtual universes, I have witnessed not only wedding celebrations, but a full-on engagement proposal disguised as an end of Summer event at an exclusive castle; a combined real and virtual wedding synchronized over a live streaming feed in game; and even stood up for a close friend as Matron of Honor. I cannot make any promises, but if I am allowed to attend the upcoming wedding celebrations, I will do a follow-up report complete with pictures of the festive events. In the meantime, I am sure you will all join me in wishing these two couples a very happy, healthy, and prosperous life together.

We have become incredibly inspired and creative in our virtual lives, and have discovered, that mind and heart have the ability to transcend the depth of pixels to find love in space.

Last updated on 01.09.2012 by Khuri
Article written by StarChaser9
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