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Riders of the Lost Org is a Department Organization within Omni-Tek Armed Forces and is one of the largest and most active Organization on Rubi-Ka 1. Who are they? What are they about? Shall we find out?


Roger "Scoopx" Johnson here.... I was fortunate enough to meet with "Coen", President of *Riders of the Lost Org* and General Ward "Solams" Augustyn, Raid Leader. Image

Scoopx: Good Day President Coen... thank you for taking the time for this interview. General Solams....
Coen: Good day as well sir, and you are most welcome
Solams: Good day <smiles> and were pleased to have you taking the interview <smiles>

Scoopx: Just a little information here.... I am a reporter for Rubi-Ka Times... a new (RP) News source on Rubi-ka... we recently gained sanction from ICC to publish on Rubi-Ka. I belong to the (Neutral) Division of the Network.
Coen: let us hope you will use it for the best of this community then
Scoopx: My bot here will be recording this interview. Is that ok with the both of you.
Coen: yes, certainly
Solams: thats fine.

Scoopx: Thank you... I'd like to ask a series of questions about Riders... I understand that they are one of the largest Organizations on Rubi-Ka for Omni-Tek?
Solams: Yes, we are currently the largest active Omni-Tek Organization.
Coen: I would claim us being the largest of them , although that is greatly dependent on ways of estimating current activity of the named organization

Scoopx: When was your organization founded?
Coen: oh, glad you asked. It will be 5 years old this autumn actually
Solams: And still growing <smiles>
Coen: indeed it is General, indeed it is... <smiles>
Scoopx: Really... specific date?
Coen: 4th November, to be more specific

Scoopx: You are the current leaders of Riders of the Lost Org?
Coen: yes, that is correct
Solams: yes
Scoopx: Have you always been the President Coen?
Coen: no, actually our first president was Frostbeard, quite a skilled and recognized enforcer, still among our ranks
Scoopx: Frostbeard... hmmm <writes>
Coen: then we had several presidents within 3 months period from foundation, and with me taking the lead of the organisation after that period

Scoopx: Can you please describe any past growing pains...
Coen: any... I could go for hours <smiles> But I guess we struggled the same way as every young organiaztion. Lack of people was first obstacle, as we couldn't start a fully fledged activity with merely a few people avail... Then came the crisis of leadership, with maybe a handful of people having necessary skill and morale to lead and inspire people
Coen: General Solams often suggests me being third main we have stumbled upon, and the one not solved yet <smiles>
Coen: so lets make that three main problems we had in the past, with one of them still lasting
Scoopx: General Solams... any comments on that?
Solams: And Coen being the biggest I might add to that <smiles>
Scoopx: You consider Coen a main problem? or do I understand you incorrectly? <smiles>
Solams: for the rest I can totally find myself in the words Coen just mentioned to you.
Solams: He can be a pain in the ass sometimes, though that's the thing that keeps this Org together and active!
Coen: why, thank you General Solams for this kind remark.
Scoopx: <chuckles> Oh, I see......

Scoopx: How many folks do you usually actively have at any given time?
Solams: Arround the 15-25 people mostly estimated by average amount.
Coen: that highly depends sir. It greatly varies, as we sometimes have less then 5 active soldiers, and sometimes we easily pull a fully fledged 25 people raid

Scoopx: Nice... that leads in to my next question. Do you participate in PvP/Tower Battles?
Solams: Pvp is one off our main intests, and yes we participate in that very actively.
Coen: oh, that is somewhat strange of you to ask, but assuming you have recently gained your sanction from ICC, it is understandable
Coen: and as General SOlams put it, we are one of the most active and restless forces in the war against the clans
Scoopx: I see from your Organization gridsite that you control quite a few fields... does your Organization also control the use of any Battle stations?
Coen: that information is restricted sir, <smiles> we are not in liberty to give you such an information
Solams: If we would tell you this information we would not be allowed to let you walk out the door <winks>
Scoopx: O.o Oh.. I see....

Scoopx: Do you participate in Roleplaying?
Coen: and yes, from time to time our members take part in roleplaying activities

Scoopx: What organizations are you friendly with?
Coen: I would name a few, obviously with the order not being important here at all
Coen: those would be Punk, United, Hells Heroes, Mafia Din Romania and Molotoff Cocktail when it comes to Tower wars; and Slow Motion, Goldfish, House of Funk and Queen of Hearts if we take the war against the alien invasion
Scoopx: I see... quite the alliance.
Coen: we do occasionally ally ourselves with clan organizations for the purpose of clearing alien scum from face of this planet, Spartans being the most often partner, but never anything more then that!

Scoopx: Which ones do you oppose?
Coen: as in clan organizations ?
Scoopx: Let me repharase that... Which Clans or clan individuals do you oppose?
Coen: please excuse this unfortunate moment of hesitation, I had an important grid-call that could not wait, the answer to your question would be - all. There is no better way to put it. We oppose all clan activities on the face of this planet, considering their illegal activities to be highly brutal and dangerous to the civilians!

Scoopx: If you could change the game, selfishly for your own organization, what would you change?
Coen: I would say - higher availability or access to major encounters on this planet, such as Artillery Commander, The Beast or Hollow Island
Coen: what is your opinion General Solams ?
Solams: My opinion on this matter is to extend our arsenal off weapons we have to fight off the clan scum, Sir!

Scoopx: What do you do as a guild most when you are on Rubi Ka or in the Shadowlands?
Coen: Rubi Ka is obviously fighting the clans
Coen: while in the Shadowlands - either developing our skills and abilities further, or fighting The Beast

Scoopx: Where is your favorite hangout spot? and Does your guild often hang out there together?
Coen: Trade Grid as the most known spot for all the omnis
Solams: Yes, tho some also chose to be outside the Battlestations..

Scoopx: There's talk of merging RK1 with RK2... If there could be a server merge, would you want it to happen?
Coen: thats a questionable move. On one hand - it would bring life to Rubi Ka again, making it a much better place. But then again, it would require a huge change in mechanics of many places to be honest
Scoopx: General Solams?
Solams: We'll a collision between two planet's will give us a big hit! But I think we got the means to recover from that! <smiles>

Scoopx: Leet Pie or Chocolate Pie?
Coen: Leet pie, am on a diet <smiles>
Solams: Chocolate, I aim for letting the cute animals live in peace..

Scoopx: Miir or Maria's fashion?
Coen: Maria definitely
Solams: Maria's, by far!

Scoopx: Cheesy Puffs or Cheese Doodles????
Solams: Neither, Cheesy is deadly to Solitus so we can't eat it!
Coen: tough one.... Cheesy puffs
Scoopx: <chuckles>
Coen: you just have to train harder General and Puffs will come themselves to you

Scoopx: Are there any other comments you would like to make?
Coen: not from my side, thank you for a professional interview Mr. "Scoopx" Johnson
Solams: Not from here as well, and thanks for the fine interview Mr. "Scoopx" Johnson and Cameraman Bob.
Scoopx: Thank you... for your time and forthright answers.

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