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AOU: Hi there, would you like to introduce yourself?

Yes, I would. My name is Jolynn "Lyzor" Waynolt. I am the President of the newest station to hit the airwaves, Excess Radio. I prefer people to call me Jolynn, since Lyzor sounds so… icky.

AOU: How long have you been a DJ in AO?

I have been DJing in AO for a little over 14 months now. I started last April as a Society of Sound member, under Otori's leadership and I haven't looked back since.

AOU: Where you a DJ before you played AO?

Here and there. Mostly, I ran a couple of shoutcast servers from my local system for a few friends to share in the music I was playing as we RolePlayed on various chat servers. They always found it fascinating that I would listen to the right kind of music to fit the mood of the scene.

AOU: There was going to be an Society of Sound and RUR Radio merger of both stations, what happened to that?

That happened actually. There were various reasons why it didn't happen earlier, mostly timing and ensuring the quality of both stations being preserved, but we were able to finally hammer out an agreement that was mutually beneficial to both sides.

AOU: I see, so how did Excess Radio came to be? was it your idea?

Excess Radio was the result of unforeseen forces at work. I was already the Director of Operations for Society of Sound, when Otori had a tornado pass close enough to his house to cause very serious damage to it. He made the conscious decision to step away from Society of Sound at that time, and then solidified he was not going to be returning anytime soon. I made the decision to put together a temporary solution, and keep the staff together. When RUR Radio wanted the merger, it just made sense to completely change the identity and give both groups something to grow into together. As far as the actual name itself, it was my "suggestion" but I was inspired by another suggestion. Honestly it was a group effort to even find a decent identity that we could all fit into.

AOU: How big is your current staff at XSR?

I currently have 19 active DJs, and a support staff of 5 to include Webpage maintenance, creativity, and administration duties.

AOU: Is there a website listeners can check out?


AOU: Do you have dancing girls yets? I'm sure some would like to know.

No, we don't have specific dancing girls though I'm not against the idea. I'll even provide the red ties and swimsuits personally…

AOU: What genre of music does/will XSR broadcast?

So far, our main genre is electronica, rock and hard rock. Over half of the DJs provide that type of music, though not all in the same show. We have country, we have top 40, we have retro 80s, we have old school rock from the 60s and 70s and we have J-pop. So our listeners will always have a favorite DJ to tune into, and I like that. I also like that we give them a variety to help them appreciate that there are many different forms of music out there.

AOU: Are you planning on creating custom made ads for organizations and events?

Definitely. We have a Marketing Department dedicated to that very thing already. The Marketing Director Elliya is absolutely amazing in her creativity and originality.

AOU: Will you have talk shows?

I want a talk show so bad I can taste it. That's a definite yes. Right now, we have been working on doing a lot of Co-Hosting via voice program to give our listeners a bit more closeness to the DJs. We like to focus on interacting with our fans, since to us that's the main reason we even do what we do.

AOU: This June marks AO's 5th year online, do you have anything planned?

Not yet. There were some issues with Society of Sound's Public Relations and I'm hoping to overcome those difficulties and become involved in the 5th Anniversary Party that Funcom is going to throw.

AOU: In closing, how do you see XSR a year from now?

I see XSR a lot bigger. I see our station having expanded so much that Rubi-Ka actually can't handle us completely anymore. I see every DJ making so much money that they can hire their own DJs to do their shows for them… okay, I'm kidding there but seriously, this is just the beginning to a bright beautiful future for us.

AOU: Thank you for your time Lyzor, and keep on rockin'!

Thank YOU! For giving me the chance to talk about what I love doing. Rock on!

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Article written by Windguaerd
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