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In this article, I wanted to list off some of those fun things in the expansions that aren't locked away from Froobs. While we don't get perks or access to SL, we can get phat lewt! Send a message to your subscriber friends and write up those shopping lists! Disclaimer: These items are froob friendly as of December 2007, and they may be changed with an expansion tag at a later patch. This being said, it is very rare that any froob-friendly items are patched with an expansion tag after being released.

Pier Jobe Imports
As a froob, we share a world with other froobs and with subscribers. While the vast majority of the landscape of Rubi-Ka is shared, subscribers have access to the Shadowlands, content that is so expansive that it requires an entirely different and larger client to play. While the actual lands are locked away from the prying eyes of enterprising froobs, there are plenty of things that froobs can use from those magical lands. If you have some friends with Shadowlands, they can bring with them many gifts that are usable by froobs (or as I like to call it, "froobable" content).

Jobe Shopping
The city of Jobe is often the entry point for most folks into Shadowlands, and it is the gate that keeps Froobs out (okay, not really, but I always wonder how they keep Froobs from accessing the Jobe whompahs). There are many merchants in Jobe, and they sell a variety of things that cannot be found in stores on Rubi-Ka.

The Original Electronicum is a classic and popular pistol for low level characters. It has no special attacks, but packs quite a punch on RK. These pistols can normally be purchased from the Second-Hand Peddler in the Backyards up to QL 10, but in Jobe, a subscriber can buy these pistols up to QL 50. They are inexpensive and are one of the best low level options for pistols.

Kinetic Axe is another weapon that is found up to QL 10 in the Backyards Vendors, but in Jobe, it can be found up to QL 25. It is probably one of the best starting 1-Handed Edged weapons, as it is both fast and has a great damage range. However, it can be a bit expensive when bought from the vendor.

Guard of the Gentleman is a Keeper and Enforcer-only weapon that is found in Jobe and in the Garden shops. While higher QLs of Guard of the Gentleman have Parry and Riposte requirements, it only has a Fast Attack, Dimach, and 2-Handed Edged requirement up to QL 29. It combines fast speed and high damage and is a great 2-Handed Edged weapon for starting Froob enforcers, especially since it segues easily to the Temple of the Three Winds weapons.

Finally, a large variety of Jobe Clusters can be purchased from a vendor in Jobe Market (near the ring teleporter). Jobe Clusters come in QLs from 100-200 and provide unique and powerful bonuses to implants QL 100 and higher. Unfortunately, refined Jobe Clusters (above QL 200) cannot be purchased or blitzed on missions. Also, there is only one vendor who stocks random QLs of Jobe Clusters, so sometimes he does not have the QL that you need for higher level implants. In this case, you would have to wait a while for him to cycle his stock.

Many team buffs (although not all) from SL can be received by Froobs, like the Soldier reflect auras, Keeper auras, and Umbral Wranglers. Froobs can also receive Insurance Agent from Bureaucrats with SL, to help recover their lost XP pool.

Froobs can also receive the large variety of Shadowbreed buffs, unique nano programs available to subscribers above level 205 which are based on their breed. One of the Clan Solitus Shadowbreed buffs can give 1000 Perception points to everyone in the team with the caster, and thus, it is extremely useful for equipping high level Targeting Scopes and other items that require high amounts of Perception.

Some noticeable exceptions to the buffs that Froobs can use include Neuronal Stimulator (NT buff that increases Intelligence and Psychic) and Composite nano programs (including Composite Meta Physicist nanoskill buffs, like Composite Infuses). Froobs cannot be the recipient of these buffs, unfortunately.

Weird looking Nano Programs
Shadowlands has a lot of strange nano programs, but none are stranger than the "Weird looking" Nano Programs. These broken crystals actually upload an improved version of the nano that they store. While most of the improved versions are only a small improvement over the original, they are still better than their mundane equivalents, and some of them provide bonuses that cannot be found elsewhere. Of particular note is Improved Cut Red Tape, a Bureaucrat buff that adds 3 points to Psychic and Intelligence (for both Froob and subscribers). A full list of these Weird looking Nano Programs can be found here.

Be careful, though. Weird looking Nano Programs are among the "damaged" nano programs that can be found in Shadowlands, and thus, they have a small chance of failure when uploading them. Given how expensive they can be on the open market, be warned that sometimes you will come up unlucky and "roll snake eyes", as it were. Do not try to repair these nano programs, however. If you repair them, they lose their "Improved" nano programs and become regular nano programs of the appropriate type.

Turn Spirit Weapons
Turn Spirit weapons involve combining an Inamorata or Sacrosanct weapon with an item called a "Turn Spirit" (and sometimes, with a Grey Glyph as well). While Inamorata and Sacrosanct weapons are locked to Shadowlands subscribers only, and the Turn Spirits can only be acquired in SL, the end result of the Turn Spirit weapon combine produces a NoDrop profession-locked weapon that is usable by Froobs. The process to make all of the Turn Spirit weapons can be found here.

While most of these weapons are average in terms of damage and speed, they can go all the way up to QL 300. Sided Agents and Traders (sorry Neuts), in particular, can often use a Turn Spirit weapon as their end-game option. Omni Agents and Traders use the Focus Rifle and Shotgun of Noticeable/Impressive Presence, respectively, while Clan Agents and Traders use the Rebellion Rifle and Shotgun of Security/Safekeeping.

The main difficulty is finding the appropriate Turn Spirit. Turn Spirits are obtained from pouches that are sold by various Yuttos throughout SL, and the result of the pouches is random. You are very likely to NOT to get the Turn Spirit that you need at the appropriate QL, and the pouches are very expensive (more expensive than purchasing a Yalm, in most cases!).

Spirit-Infused Yuttos Modified NCU
Yutto's Modified NCU are expensive, but they provide many more NCU than the regular chips that Froobs can have. Unfortunately, Yuttos Modified NCU are locked to the SL expansion. However, a process released in 17.3 with the new Inferno zone Albtraum can turn the Yuttos Modified NCU into a Spirit-Infused Yuttos Modified NCU, and these chips are Froobable. A full guide on this process can be found here. Note that the final QL of the Spirit-Infused NCU will be at minimum the QL of the original Yuttos Modified NCU used in the process. The final QL of the Spirit-Infused chip may be higher than this and will be equal to the Mechanical Engineering skill of the tradeskiller divided by 6. These NCU chips require a lot of Computer Literacy, but they buff your NCU much higher than normal Froob chips and even add a Treatment buff.

SL Gems and Rings
Most rings made from Rubi-Ka gems are only worth selling to the Vendor. However, rings that are made from Shadowlands Gems give a variety of buffs. More importantly, there are no level or skill requirements to wear them, so they can be worn on a character as low as level 1 and still give the full value of their respective buffs. A full list of all of the Shadowlands Gems and the buffs that they give can be found here.

Note that while most databases list these rings up to QL 400, the maximum QL of these rings is 250, as it is impossible to find a Platinum Ingot above QL 250. Effectively, this means that the highest ability bonus that you can get from a ring (from the Almandine, Ruby Pearl, or Red Beryl ring) is 5 points.

Focus Funnelers
The Focus-Funneling Device is a useful item from the Crypt of Home that buffs tradeskills. There are parts in the Shadowlands that drop from some of the dyna bosses there that can upgrade this humble device. The Focus-Funneling Spirit can be combined with the Focus-Funneling Device to become a Primitive Focus-Funneling Helper. With two different Spirit Training Programs, this Focus-Funneling Helper can be trained to reside in HUD1 or HUD3, through the Loving and Rancorous Focus-Funneling Helpers.

Having a set of all three Focus Funnelers is the holy grail of many tradeskillers, and this set can be used by Froobs. A full guide on making these useful items can be found here.

Damage Buffs
Two fun items from the higher areas of SL can buff the damage of the Froobs who are lucky enough to get their hands on them. The Sacrificed Bracelet of Kay is similar to the Crypt of Home item, the Bracer of Recondite Flames. It is locked to Martial Artist or Adventurer, changes damage to Fire type, and raises the amount of Fire damage done by the wielder. It requires a whopping 1260 BioMet! It is clearly an endgame item. The other item that can buff your damage is on the other side of the spectrum. The Penumbra Tuaq is a HUD/Util item that buffs Cold damage. It can only be worn at Title Level 6 or higher, so it is an end-game damage item as well.

Thar's Armor
Thar's Armor (Tunic is linked) is found on Dyna Bosses throughout Shadowlands. It has a strange Title Level lock and requires all abilities to equip. It does not have any AC holes. Each piece is Unique, which makes upgrading a bit of a pain, but if you have a "balanced" character in terms of your abilities, and you are looking for some no-frills armor with good protection, you can give Thar's Armor a try. Most of the Froobable crafted armors and special armors, though, are superior.

Trader Love With Lost Eden
While not technically part of the Shadowlands, Lost Eden brought with it some fun new nano-programs that are purchasable by Victory Points in any Tower Store. Most of these items are NoDrop, but a subscriber with Lost Eden can purchase a few of them and trade them to others. The top Trader Divest and Plunder nano programs (called "nanite-enhanced" drains) are among the items that can be traded and sold. Each of these drain nano programs costs 6,000 Victory Points, and they are natural extensions of the existing Trader drain line. They drain more skills, have a slightly longer duration, and they also are easier to land. It is just the extra "oomph" a froob trader needs to stay competitive at the higher title levels.

Dreadloch Merit Boards
While most of the Dreadloch Camp content is aimed squarely at folks with expansions, as they require a level 205+ character to participate, Froobs can loot the bodies afterwards. If you are lucky, or you have friends who are willing to clear one of the camps for you, you can be the proud owner of two Neck slot items: Smuggled Combat Merit Board Base and Smuggled Nanite Merit Board Base. These are especially nice alternatives for Neutrals, who do not have much selection of Neck slot items.

My Two Cents
This certainly isn't a comprehensive list of all the ways a Froob can take advantage of expansions, even if they aren't paying for it like a subscriber. I have tried to list all of the useful ones that I know, but as more content is released with new patches, Froobs will find that more and more items will become available to them as well. The above items and buffs provide a market that closes the divide between Froob and SLer. While a Froob may never become as powerful as a subscriber, they certainly can benefit from this Froob-SLer relationship.

Hahnsoo hails from just outside the Jobe Whompah in Rome Green, where he annoys his orgmates so that they will bring him phat lewt from the other side.

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