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This is the seventh of a series of articles based on my extensive game experience. I have written editorials in the past with suggestions to Funcom on changes that I would like to see in AO to improve the game (some which were implemented).

These articles will be on the same subject, but it will be detailing what would I change if I was a Dev, and I will be very thorough going through each area of Rubi-Ka. Not only will I cover what I would like to change/update about my favorite game, but also what I would like to add to it...expect to read ideas about new quests and locations that could enhance the AO experience if they were ever done.

PS: I wrote the previous DoA articles on my old main Windguaerd, my current main is Windkeeper =D

Well, after looking back at the old suggestions from the previous DoA installment, I got some inspiration.

New Content

- Players can purchase a new Butler or Maid bot that can provide beverages within an apartment, it works similar to furniture, just drop it on the ground (be aware there is a limit of items per apartment). You still have to pay for the beverages.
- New sound effects added for the phasefront hoverboard and hoverbikes.
- New AO Logo chest and arms tattoo are now available! now all you need to do is find who is selling it.
- Old RK Apartments have been revamped with more modern layouts, including virtual windows.
- There are a few new whomp-ahs available at Uncle Bazzit's shop to popular and not so popular places: Rompa Bar, Enjoy it while it lasts, Will to Fight, Eden Cafe.
- New Paint Kits and Skin Kits for the Manta ground

New Paid Points Content

- Ready to get wet? Yalmaha in response to their Phasefront competition is releasing notum-powered special edition sports and luxury water boards and vehicles at low costs (150-200 paid pts). You can go as fast as if you're flying a yalm on the air! Note: These vehicles do not work in the Shadowlands. Yalmaha has even build a few racing tracks on some of the waterfronts and seas of Rubi-Ka to encourage customers to hit the water at high speeds.

- Gangs of Rubi-Ka

- Prepare for a new threat, right in your own neighborhood: Due to most rubikans being distracted by the many ongoing dangers (aliens, opposing faction, shadowlands, wildlife) the criminal elements who have been staying underground (like at the Smugglers Den) have decided to openly send some of their members into the streets to break out felons from local prisons to strengthen their numbers.

At nighttime Old Athen, West Athen, Omni-Ent, Omni-Trade, Borealis and Newland will be randomly attacked by gangs of thugs (as if alien attacks weren't bad enough!).

Help local guards fight these thugs and keep the streets safe for your friends and family. Keep prison guards alive during these criminal raids on your town, if they fall you may witness the breakout of a criminal kingpin and his lackeys!

Prison Guards will reward defenders (if all thugs are dead) with a special 3 hour buff that enhances their defensive skills (must talk to NPC within 5 minutes of end of battle). Escaped prisoners carry no loot, of course.

New Rubi-Ka Quest! (Indiana Jones intro music in the background!)

- Finally a key has been found to unlock the mystery chest in Crypt Of Home! Your quest will bring you to the dark halls of the Inner Sanctum again. This time to save a neutral archeologist who needs to be rescued from fanatics. If you save him, he will lead you down a secret passage into the resting place of Tooth Tank Komon, an old enforcer that was one of the most fanatic members of the sect decades ago.

Within his coffin lies the key to the CoH chest. Beware, you may have to end up fighting the most unlikely of foes... mummies! If you're lucky you may find a rare item: "Indy's Old Whip", wear it on your back and your luck may increase! Be sure your team is ready, mummies power are legendary and many have died of fright!

If your and your friends survive the onslaught of terror then the key will be yours.

Your next stop will be returning to CoH, and having to figure out how both chests work, once you do a trap will activate and you will be teleported into an underground chamber full of treasures, unfortunately you won't find yourself there alone.

Mummies will rise to stop you from looting anything, and Tooth Tank Komon will make a second appearance to avenge his previous defeat. This time he's much stronger and he'll summon his personal guards regularly to his side.

Good luck on this quest, you'll need it!

PS: If you succeed, you may find the legendary "Indy's Hat" which when worn increases intelligence, strength, stamina, agility and navigation skills. That, and it looks cool.

New Special Weekday XP Bonus Days!

Here is an idea to increase player usage.

Twice a week increase xp gain by 25%, an hour downtime may be necessary before and after each bonus day. "Keep an eye on the Anarchy Online website and AO Launcher for announcements of Special Weekday XP Bonus Days! Days will change every week, so check often!"

Loyal Customer Reward Bonus!

All active paying subscribers who opened their account between the years 2001 and 2003 have their accounts flagged with a free Jobe Luxury Apartment and Pet Leet as a thanks for your ongoing support for Anarchy Online. Enjoy the new crib and pet!

New Features

- Org Leader can now buy or create a special "Letter of Promotion" which can be freely traded. However only a rank directly below leader can use it on other members of the org. This allows leaders who are in different timezones than some members to promote through his second(s) in command. An organization set as anarchist cannot use the letter.
- Organizations now have a new option for their org cities. The City Controller now has an offer that will reduce the upkeep cost by 50% by agreeing to allow ICC to add 3 billboards to the city. You must have a Notum Silo, Sidewalk Cafe and a Landing Pad for this option to be available (inactive billboards will be attached to these 3 buildings until the offer is accepted).
- Notum Silo is now a better dueling area by making the entrance corridor a safe area and also as a respawn spot. Once inside the main room you will have 10 seconds before PvP enabled, upon death you will respawn automatically at the entrance corridor with no death penalty. Once you exit the Notum Silo your default respawn point will be either Tir, Newland or Omni-1 depending on your faction. A message in org channel will announce the winner of each match within the Notum Silo.
- New in-game script & macro maker! a new user-friendly interface where all you need to do is select what you want to do and then just click "create script" or "create macro" and name it! Beware that AFK macroing is against game rules and we frown upon it, lookout for the ban stick!
- When selecting a shop in a Global Market Search Terminal there will not only be an automatic mark on the planet map but also a mark on your compass (light green color).
- AO Launcher now has a "compact" feature, if selected the launcher will display a smaller window with "Account", "Settings", "Logon" and "Cancel" for those who want your AO fix quicker. Beware you won't get any important messages we place in the launcher until you unselect this feature.
- We've added a connection meter in the GUI which can be enabled in options.

Green Light: Optimal Connection
Yellow Light: Slow Connection
Red Light: Link Dead

This feature only shows the speed of your connection to the AO server you're playing in. Connection problems are usually originated from the user's ISP (Internet Service Provider), check your connection before contacting AO Tech Support.
- New /kewl command added, this will display your name in a cool way. i.e. "-= AOgamer =-", maybe now only roleplayers will use the /rp command as intended.
- When inspecting someone, you have the new following options available: "Org Info" "Send Tell" "Duel Request".
- Pets Menu has a new button: "Guard".
- PF Map now shows Grid Terminals and Whomp-ahs on the terrain, making it a bit easier to locate them.
- New Visual > Misc > Back Slot Option. Make your item in back slot visible, or not.


- Remove several items from the database which were left from different beta stages of the core game and expansions as well as other items which have not been used by players. To compensate the sell value of the items removed increase the sell value of all remaining RK items by 25%.
- All SL garden keys can now be instantly equipped.
- Due to ICC Order #245-3A9943KZ Manta vehicles have been downgraded to non-combat vehicles, all weaponry has been removed. Requirements to drive these vehicles are now much lower and prices have been drastically reduced.
- Patches now automatically download into the "Patches" folder within your AO Directory, please be sure to have enough hard drive space when patching.
- Team Invite now works in combat if the player being invited is in the same playfield.
- Players can now change their name until level 50 as long as their account doesn't have any negative marks.
- You can now jump into your air, ground and water vehicle instantly, no more waiting (and we've lowered the requirements on ground and water vehicles as well as their prices so get one today!)
- Due to advancements in nanotechnology Stationary Automated Surgery Clinics now modifies Treatment by 150 if you're above level 200 (201-220).
- The seats inside the large meeting room in Large Headquarters org building are now solid, players can sit on them as intended.
- Shops signage have been improved in some parts of the game. The old generic "General Store" signs have been retired and replaced with new neon signs: "Basic Shop", "Advanced Shop" "Superior Shop" "Super Shop" (Super Shop has both advanced and superior supplies).
- The Alien Playfield now has 3 insurance terminals near sectors 13, 28 and 35 so if you die during a raid you won't wake up somewhere else.
- Hoverboard trick jumps can now be performed with /hoverjump1, /hoverjump2, hoverjump3 instead of the random outcome as before. Now if you jump there will be no trick unless the command is used.
- Players no longer can use commands or codes to add icons or change font color in LFT descriptions.
- Sector 28 aliens no longer will respawn, so if you die you are able to rejoin your raiding comrades like in sectors 13 and 35.


- If you die within the Dust Brigade caves in Perpetual Wastelands you will now wake up outside, a team mate must have dragged you out, heh. Beware that commandos are patrolling nearby.

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Khuri
Article written by Windguaerd
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