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So, obviously, with the past between my own guild and Society of Salvation, I had to make very clear that this was to be an AOU interview - not a grilling on behalf of Omni-Pol oh and that anything that sounded like an interrogation is just in my nature, so I DID apologise in advance!

As so many of Society of Salvation were able to come and spend time with me, we started with introductions.

Msice: I am Meta.
Msice: Msice Gaviglia
Msice: I am the acting President of the Society.
Tinkerz laughs
Msice blushes
Tinkerz: Acting for the last how many years?
Msice: I nurture the Family, the best I can. And try to keep things smooth.
Msice looks at Myles
Msice: Gosh, a while now..
Msice: That question wasn't in the list!
Tinkerz: Before my time I know that
Msice: No fair!
Msice sits and pouts
Niodemus: Tinkz, stop harassing our boss!
Quilluck: Meta is totally old
Msice: You go Ferrex
Msice: Dan!
Quilluck: Whaat?
Msice elbows Dan

Sanqq: I am Ferrex "Sanqq" Baldwin, General of the Department of Entertainment within the Society of Salvation. My responsibilities are to implement parties for citizens of Rubi-Ka, ensure the publication of the SoS Mag, and a variety of miscellaneous entertainment-related activities.
Ukblizzard: smiles

Sanqq: Daniel, would you care to introduce yourself next?
Quilluck: I'm Daniel "Quilluck" Kleiner. I'm not quite sure what exactly I do, but I suppose you could call me the resident clown and pervert? Sorta.
Ukblizzard: Interesting past time
Niodemus: Matches quite well I think, Dan
Quilluck: It's hard work, but someone has to do it
Ukblizzard: Someone has to.. I suppose
Ukblizzard: smiles

Quilluck: Go ahead, Nio, tell us all your innermost secrets!
Niodemus: hmm.. well I'm Niodemus Shimor, I kinda have no real job description, but currently I play Robin Hood
Niodemus mutters something about TM by Lise
Gimpeline: uh?
Niodemus: Yes you!

Gimpeline: I'm Lise Evergreen. I'm in the Personnel and Relations department. We keep track of personnel and are sort of the diplomatic part of the society. I'm also acting as Brb's food dispenser
Msice laughs
Ukblizzard: That's an honourable thing to do, someone has to feed him Lise
Gimpeline: Yes. Mary-Ann is doing a lousy job
Niodemus: You can't call it food, Lise! It's candy still
Gimpeline: Candy is food!
Niodemus: Food indicates nutrients....
Gimpeline: Not my fault that he won't eat anything else
Sanqq: When dispensed in public areas, either can lead to the proliferation of local vermin population.
Gimpeline: Not a vermin...
Quilluck: I don't think we've completed the entire round. We can discuss the good and bad sides about candy afterwards I'm sure.
Gimpeline looks down

Tinkerz: Myles Somani a General of the Hall of Advisors, dogsbody and maintenance man
Ukblizzard: You break HQ doors too?
Quilluck: He certainly doesn't fix em
Quilluck: mutters
Tinkerz: no but I have mastered the special kick needed to open them
Niodemus: You don't either, do you? *eyes Dan*
Ukblizzard: giggles
Quilluck: I'm not the engineer! .. Pervert and Clown.. 'Member now, Nio?
Niodemus: so you do those silly things to the door of our head quarters?

Ukblizzard: Next?
Bramage: I am Dain. You have already met Nio, my second in command. We represent the D.A.R.T. department of acquisitions, raids, and training. We are the military arm of the Society.
Ukblizzard: nods
Bramage: If you want something dead, we are the guys to see
Msice: Sounds so sinister
Ukblizzard: Oh, I have already had first hand experience on that one
Gimpeline: They also do panty raids, or at least try
Niodemus: We haven't raided you yet, Kate!
Ukblizzard: urmm.. who is next?
Ukblizzard: grins

Quilluck: Ekulf?
Ekulf: I am Ekulf. I mostly just kill things.
Ukblizzard: At least you are honest about it!
Ekulf: For example bartenders with overpriced drinks.
Ukblizzard: I think their bosses are likely to charge you even more when they realise you are injuring their staff
Ekulf: Perhaps.

Ritoberr: Ritoberr. I am member of D.A.R.T.
Msice: smiles

And now introductions are over with, lets get on with finding out about Society of Salvation!

Ukblizzard: Fantastic! Well it is great to be able to speak to so many of you today, and those of you I don't think I have met before - it is nice to meet you!
Msice: smiles
Ukblizzard: So, now for me to find out some more about you all
Msice: Truth or Truth!
Niodemus: ehw
Ukblizzard: I have known of Society of Salvation since way back when.. do you know exactly when you were founded?
Msice: Yes, January, 2003
Quilluck: And we keep forgetting it
Quilluck: coughs
Msice: giggles
Niodemus: hehe
Gimpeline: second year now...
Msice: It's true
Sanqq: I may actually have the exact date as well.
Ukblizzard: But you guys are never need an excuse to party about something.. so surely you are celebrating your existence all the time?!
Msice: nods
Gimpeline: Life is a party
Niodemus: Just without gifts for me
Niodemus: makes a sad face
Sanqq: I believe it exact date was January 4th

Ukblizzard: have any of you been around since the organisation was founded?
Msice: shakes her head slowly
Msice: I have known the Society since their formation, I was however Clan at that time.
Sanqq: I have not been with the Society as long as other members, Meta has been a member for far longer and, as I recall, conducted my interview to join the Society.
Msice: smiles at Ferrex

Ukblizzard: Why are you all in this organisation instead of any other? What makes Society of Salvation special?
Bramage: laughs
Niodemus: The people are cooler than Pols?
Msice: Comfort, and stability.
Msice: giggles at Nio
Gimpeline: The salvation is like a family, and you don't leave your family
Sanqq: I find the organization a close fit for my own beliefs and have made many close friends through my participation in the Society of Salvation.
Tinkerz: relaxed atmosphere and plenty of resources to help if you need it
Sanqq: Well put, Lise.
Msice: nods

Ukblizzard: Many organisations have had bad experiences in their past. Has your organisation had any? if you have, how have you learnt from it and grown to how you are today?
Msice: Well, of course we have.
Ukblizzard: I am sure eventually someone will dare to say they haven't when I ask that question
Ukblizzard: smiles
Msice: But that is the key, to learn from them, and move forward more united.
Msice: As the years have passed the same topics always resurface, to spark some debate.
Ukblizzard: nods
Msice: Namely, towers... bomb em, or no no.
Tinkerz: and when angered Meta can rule with an Iron fist ... really I'm not fibbing
Msice: giggles
Msice: rolls her eyes at Myles
Niodemus: really?
Msice: snickers
Ukblizzard: All organisations need at least one strong woman who can sort all the boys out!
Ukblizzard: With their behaviour I mean of course
Msice: giggles
Tinkerz: as well Katelin
Msice: I'd say Lise is a stronger woman, or Selasi
Msice: nods
Gimpeline: Me?
Gimpeline: I'm not that strong
Msice: You bet
Msice: smiles
Sanqq: Meta has managed to handle all of the challenges that have occurred during her tenure as president with aplomb. Regardless of our president's modesty, her leadership has been essential in maintaining the structure and ideals of the Society of Salvation.
Tinkerz: well I'm kinda teasing Meta but yes when things need direction she can direct and control this herd of cats into doing or agreeing something

Ukblizzard: There are quite a few of you here today, are there more of your organisation hidden away doing other activities right now too?
Ukblizzard: smiles
Ukblizzard: It is really nice that the work done is seen and acknowledged. That is really special within an organisation
Sanqq: It would seem that the Society enjoys the spotlight, as I believe all members present today are in the present vicinity.
Msice: giggles
Niodemus: All who have their comms on are here
Tinkerz: think most who are active are here would expect a couple more to drop in later for the weekly meeting later maybe
Msice: Sundays can vary, it is our weekly meeting day.
Niodemus: for this time we're actually few
Msice: Numbers come and go seasonally as well.
Bramage: if this event included drinks and dancing our numbers would be close to double

Ukblizzard: What do you like doing together as a group of people? You seem to have departments that span the areas that Rubi Ka and the Shadowlands can offer you all
Msice: I think it could be any of a number of things...
Msice: Fighting Aliens..
Gimpeline: We do lots of stuff together. Exploring Ka and Shadowlands, Partying, All kinds of social stuff... you name it
Msice: Planning and implementing Bossfests
Niodemus: perks up at the word alien
Ukblizzard: smiles
Msice: Partying and supporting GSP
Sanqq: Indeed. I believe we are a rather well-rounded organization.

Ukblizzard: Is there anything you don't like to do as an organisation?
Msice: Argue.
Msice: Suffer.
Msice: Run out of Cider.
Msice: winks
Niodemus: And beer!
Ukblizzard: giggles
Bramage: can't forget beer
Sanqq: I do not believe we enjoy following commands blindly; we are a group of critical thinkers.
Gimpeline: nods
Msice: Well said Ferrex

Ukblizzard: Are you part of an alliance, or are you friendly with any organisations and tend to plan events together with them?
Tinkerz: erm I don't think we can claim any formal alliances .. a fair crowd of friends whom we work well with on the other hand

Ukblizzard: is there anything about Rubi Ka or the Shadowlands that you would like to change?
Bramage: I wish my Yalm worked in the Shadowlands
Ukblizzard: But then you wouldn't see the scenery so much
Sanqq: More civilization in either location would be appreciated.
Ukblizzard: Do you have any ideas on how that could be achieved?
Gimpeline: Housearrest for hippies
Tinkerz: the futile infighting
Sanqq: On Rubi-Ka, I would imagine more diplomacy would assist in the matter. We spend too much time interacting solely via highly sophisticated weaponry.
Ukblizzard: Do you not think that sometimes there is too much talking, too many meetings Ferrex? Diplomacy would be great in an ideal world - this world always seems far from it though in my opinion
Tinkerz: oh the talking is ok, just can we have some listening at the same time?
Niodemus: I'd like the Beast to put off weight, but that's more personal ...
Gimpeline: Put the beast in a diet?
Tinkerz: there one solution no more candy for the beast!
Ukblizzard: I thought Brb was getting all the candy
Gimpeline: He is. I'm not feeding the beast
Niodemus: Pretty simple, just get it out of it's cave and make it run around... either after or from someone
Sanqq: Civilization does not require wall to wall plasteel, I refer more to social civilization.

Msice: I would like Ross back.
Msice: Can you arrange that?
Gimpeline: Me to¨
Niodemus: I refuse to listen to any random guy walking around on our streets - like this guy whose name shall not be said
Ukblizzard: AO Universe doesn't have any jurisdiction over Omni Med.. or whether he can come out of a coma
Ukblizzard: Do you believe he listened more than our present CEO?
Niodemus: His way of leading actions was different
Sanqq: I believe there is ample evidence of that being the case.
Ukblizzard: There was always a big crowd when he spoke
Niodemus: Enough said on that topic, I think... bring back Ross
Tinkerz: subtle Nio

Ukblizzard: Can one of you perhaps tell us about one of the organisations favourite past events?
Msice lets Ferrex handle this one
Sanqq: Ahh, I suppose I am somewhat biased, having personally hosted a number of our events.
Tinkerz: favourite? that'll be an interesting one
Msice: hehe
Tinkerz: the Super hero theme party was quite spectacular
Sanqq: One of my favourites though was a party entitled "Up Up and Away." It was a superhero-themed party which was developed by my dear Angellis.
Sanqq: It would seem we have similar thoughts, Myles.
Bramage: that was fun
Gimpeline: looks at her comm
Ukblizzard: Nio forgot to take his costume off from that one I guess
Niodemus: I had no time to participate at that party, I'm afraid
Msice: oooh yea, that party was epic!
Sanqq: There was an excellent competition to "defeat" a supervillian through following clues across Rubi-Ka that was rather creative.
Msice: nods excitedly
Ukblizzard: That sounds a lot of fun
Tinkerz: think alot of people enjoyed that and the costumes were very inventive
Ukblizzard: smiles
Ukblizzard: Do you have any photos from it that we could perhaps put into our gallery for people to see?
Sanqq: There are no photographs present from the actual event, but some miscellaneous materials are available at

Ukblizzard: Is there anywhere that you all tend to congregate when you aren't busy doing things?
Bramage: Rompa
Msice: That would be the Rompa Bar
Ukblizzard: Really? I am in there a fair bit, we must just miss each other!
Msice: Before we had our own city, is was practically a HQ
Sanqq: If I might mention an upcoming event, we do have another, hopefully as enjoyable, party scheduled in the near future.
Ukblizzard: Didn't you used to hold your meetings in there?
Bramage: most of our meetings take place there still
Ukblizzard: Sure, please do - but I think its on our calendar!
Gimpeline: Still do
Msice: nods
Msice: Plug it Ferrex!
Msice: giggles
Sanqq: Ahh, that is true. Regardless, I am still very excited about the

Pity Party
hosted by the Society of Salvation and Gridstream Productions.
Saturday, May 10 29482, at 2000 RST,
by the Face of Tragedy
at 1300 by 2655 in Mort.

Msice: Pun intended!
Sanqq: I would imagine that this would also be an opportunity for AO Universe readers to discover more about the Society of Salvation.
Ukblizzard: Well, that's partially what I hope that the interviews will achieve - but for sure, coming to see you in action is a great idea!
Msice: Sundays at the Rompa work too!

Ukblizzard: So, if there was the possibility that the population of Rimor could come and live over here with us, or vise versa - would you be for or against?
Msice: shrugs a bit
Msice: The more, the merrier, right?
Sanqq: Indeed. It would mean less missed parties due to Gridstream Productions obligations to both Atlantean and Rimor.
Ukblizzard: Two very positive reasons why it would be a good idea
Quilluck: It might disrupt a lot of established ... what's the word I'm looking for.. rules and trends
Gimpeline: Haven't really thought that much about it. Ka is dying... Give me a break. There are lots of people around. Just look at us
Quilluck: Not to mention.. what would happen to our cities and the so-called raid bots when they start struggling for.. dominance..
Ukblizzard: Perhaps not the entertainment we are all craving for
Quilluck: If it was possible to avoid all the issues with comm handles, organization cities, and such.. I would be for it
Quilluck: But I do not see any potential solution, personally.
Msice: nods at ideas she didn't consider
Niodemus: The point is, they can't pick the citizen of one colony and throw it onto the other
Niodemus: There should be some planning before that would happen

Ukblizzard: Would anyone like to give the readers of AOU any really important information about Society of Salvation?
Quilluck: As I mentioned. We have dental!
Niodemus: chuckles
Msice: giggles
Ukblizzard: Very important in case an accident happens
Quilluck: That is all. *grins*
Ukblizzard: Noone wants to perhaps advise anyone what to do if they really want to join you?
Niodemus: And we're still cooler than Pol - just to mention it again
Sanqq: We do have a grid site which contains an abundance of information.
Sanqq: It can be accessed at
Quilluck: I would perhaps like to mention that the Society of Salvation is a small close-knit community of friends, some would perhaps even consider their fellow org mates "Family". If you enjoy socialising and do not mind the occasional dirty joke and sexual advances by yours truly.. We might be something to look into.
Msice: I can give you our Mission Statement..
Msice: clears her throat
Msice: Based on the motto Respect~Tolerance~Fun the Society of Salvation a home for the dispossessed, a place for the outsiders and a family for the lost. We provide help to those who need it, entertainment across Rubi-Ka and represent the diplomatic wing of Omni Tek with friends from all walks of life.

Niodemus: oh oh! We have to announce that Dan showers now, so he doesn't smell as bad as he used to any more!
Niodemus: grins at Dan
Msice: smiles
Ukblizzard: That is a really positive step for the community, we all thank you
Quilluck: I always did, not sure where that rumour started.. But I am sure you were involved in it, Nio
Msice: beams
Gimpeline: And the ritual with the Trox and eating of cabbage is out

Ukblizzard: So, my final question is a "What can we do for you" type question.. with NO connotations implied whatsoever
Ukblizzard: What can AO Universe do to improve what it already provides in the eyes of SoS?
Quilluck: Dental!
Quilluck: No wait.. that's our thing
Msice: You can join us at the Pity Party, May 10!
Sanqq: I am particularly fond of the Events Calendar, which is quite useful.
Ukblizzard: We are hoping to make that bigger on the front page.. so you hopefully will like it even more than Ferrex
Sanqq: But as far as specific needs, I cannot think of anything additional required by our organization.
Quilluck: I'm not quite sure really. It is a grid space I often recommend to new settlers of Rubi-Ka, but perhaps just for good measure it would be an idea to add some more basic guides instead of such specific guides.. If you get my drift?
Niodemus: Oh Kate, maybe you can explain why some parts are more fancy than others!?
Ukblizzard: You mean more along the lines of "How to set up your chat boxes" or "What's the grid" ?
Quilluck: For instance, yes
Niodemus: I believe there is an handbook for it already, some just have to read it
Ukblizzard: That's doable, its all knowledge a lot of the time I suppose we take for granted when we have been around for so long
Gimpeline: Organisation database with more info would be useful. Where you can search for different things. How they are social built up, Where they stand in the conflict and so on
Ukblizzard: yes, I agree Lise - and the post you made about it was really helpful
Ukblizzard: We are developing that further at the moment, so hopefully sometime soon it will happen
Gimpeline: Woho! great!
Quilluck: But beyond some more basic guides, it really is, in my humble opinion, the grid site for anyone who wishes to learn more about Ka and the Shadowlands.
Ukblizzard: As for why some bits are more fancier than others - well it just depends what we are working on, who is working on it, what we think is more important
Ukblizzard: Thank you, I like compliments
Ukblizzard: We are a relatively small team, it can be hard to have a "finished" product when things are always changing with new patches
Sanqq: It is an invaluable resource, regardless of the constant flux.

Ukblizzard: Would anyone like to make any other comments? Ask me any questions about AOU?
Sanqq: You have asked how AO Universe could be of greater use to the Society of Salvation. Is there any way in which the Society of Salvation could be helpful to AO Universe?
Quilluck: We already have been! Haven't you seen Myles's big nanomage butt on some of the neat pics there? *grins*
Niodemus: Really scary!
Niodemus: shudders
Tinkerz: yes that's my arse on display in that guide
Ukblizzard: Yes! By encouraging your members to not just use the site.. but to contribute when someone sees anything missing. SoS asking us to come along to the Omni Inferno Key quest was a really great thing to happen. And the frags for the penumbra quest also very appreciated
Quilluck: But yes, an excellent question Ferrex.
Ukblizzard: We can only be as good as the community helps us to be
Quilluck: I usually will make a rude and obnoxious comment about how, excuse my 21st century lingo, "newb" you are if I spot a fault when assisting or doing some of the quests or missions *smirks*
Ukblizzard: We write guides by doing.. sometimes we do something before a patch changes something, or we forget to add a detail.. anything. So, being corrected is a good thing
Ukblizzard: I don't feel like a noob any more than usual by you correcting me!
Quilluck: Hehe. One question though, does one have to become a member of the AOU team to write guides for you? Or does perhaps a posting on your forums make it into the knowledge section?
Ukblizzard: No, you can contribute as much as you like even if you arent on the team. Obviously if you are on the team you can format the guide yourself and add in your own images etc.
Quilluck: nods
Ukblizzard: We have a contact form also that you can submit things too

Ukblizzard: Well, I have to say its been a pleasure meeting with you all
Sanqq: Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you and your readership, Ukblizzard.

It honestly was a wonderful chat, and it was nice to get to meet up with Society of Salvation away from being in an official status as an Officer of Omni-Pol. They are a really very friendly group of people, with a great sense of humour. Thank you all again!!

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