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Not only was I met with a very friendly and warm welcome from Bubbacrush, but other members of his guild and the alliance that Rubi Ka Bounty Hunters is part of took some time out of their day to say hello. So, thank you all for making my journey over to Rimor an easy and pain free one!!

I had already given a hint of the questions I was going to ask.. Bubbacrush therefore took it into his own hands to start the interview *winks*

Bubbacrush: one of the questions you had prepared was one about how many people in my org RP.
Bubbacrush: the answer is kinda disappointing.
Ukblizzard: Ok, so we are starting with prepared question number 4 ...
Ukblizzard: So, you said that you feel the amount of people in your organisation is disappointing?
Bubbacrush: not quite, maybe I should clarify
Ukblizzard: Please go ahead
Bubbacrush: by that I meant, the amount of people who get more involved in world events and people (RP)
Bubbacrush: typically, our org doesn't do so much of that, as I would like, but I don't pressure them, only encourage it when the opportunity arises.
Bubbacrush: Myself, and Berinda are the most active in that area.

Ukblizzard: I apologise for not knowing very much about your organisation - However, I do know you are a General
Ukblizzard: Do you lead a department within your organisation to help run activities towards that side of life on Rubi Ka?
Bubbacrush: I do.
Bubbacrush: Currently, my job description is one of diplomacy and inter-networking between ourselves and all external elements, which right now.. is our biggest job
Ukblizzard: I would imagine if you live up to your name.. you need the external contacts to actually justify being here at all?
Bubbacrush: in the beginning, there was no need for this position, but lately our ability to communicate over our alliance channels, and doing work with the CoT, we needed someone who was good with people and managing any crises that may arrive
Bubbacrush as you can clearly see from our org chat channel, we are communicating with many people, even now

At this point I received a demonstration on how all the guilds within the alliance can communicate with each other, and I learnt how I could even manage to slap someone around the fact with a wet fish.. even though they were not in the Rubi Ka Bounty Hunters organisation chat group directly.

Ukblizzard Does it not get a bit .. noisy? *smiles*
Bubbacrush: yes, it can

I have to admit, the idea of doing the same on my guild channel is scary - we all talk far too much as it is!!

Ukblizzard: Doesn't maintaining that, and moderating it take some patience?
Bubbacrush: Since most of the others are actual presidents of their orgs, I get to hobnob with the other orgs alot, manage issues, talk about teamwork and getting things done, raids, teaming, and the direction we take as a unit. Its a very political position these days, and it shows no sign of needing less attention.
Bubbacrush: there are days on end, that's all I do.
Bubbacrush: but we also have a forum, and most issues we deal with quite easily, since we are all knowing each other for quite some time.
Ukblizzard: It sounds like you play a really busy role in your organisation - do others take on a similar amount of responsibility?
Bubbacrush: they do in their own way.

So.. time to learn more about Rubi Ka Bounty Hunters...

Ukblizzard: How long has Rubi-Ka Bounty Hunters been around?
Bubbacrush: exactly 4 years to the month
Ukblizzard: Planning any celebrations?
Bubbacrush: we talked a bit about it.. not much but I think it will be a larger celebration when we hit 5 years
Bubbacrush: I fully intend to make a spectacle when it comes around.
Ukblizzard: It is very hard to do something "different" these days - I hope you think of something truly original and worthy of your 5 year achievement this time next year
Bubbacrush: We haven't gotten to really really get into detail yet, but there is going to be some planning done.

Ukblizzard: Has your current leader led you all 4 years?
Bubbacrush: we have had 3 presidents to my knowledge.
Bubbacrush: our first president was merely the creator, and he stepped down only weeks after it was formed, so I am told.
Bubbacrush: later, after that.. Steveo, was our president for a very long time.
Bubbacrush: (and was the NT professional for a year and some days)
Ukblizzard: That might be why the name sounds very familiar to me
Bubbacrush: recently, we have changed leadership
Bubbacrush: and we have two good friends of mine, whom I've known my entire stay with RKBH, are the newest presidents.. they work together on the thing.
Bubbacrush: I came into the org, only 2 months after its creation.
Ukblizzard: It can be quite a transition for an organisation to gain a new President - but two sounds like a nice arrangement .. unless they happen to disagree on something
Bubbacrush: in which case, Chackijan would win
Bubbacrush: considering they are married.
Bubbacrush: hah

At this point we were joined by Spamhate of Venice Academy.

Ukblizzard: So, is Venice academy linked in the group of guilds?
Bubbacrush: it is.
Spamhate: VA is a member of The Alliance, yes
Bubbacrush: I actually lobbied them for quite a while

Ukblizzard: How many guilds are in there altogether?
Bubbacrush: 10 in all, though recently last night we lost one.
Ukblizzard: Can guilds apply to join the alliance somehow?
Bubbacrush: only on invite
Bubbacrush its a lot to manage
Bubbacrush: we seek them out.
Ukblizzard: So they have to promise you a year of pies or something and then you are more favourable of inviting them?
Bubbacrush: nothing much like that.
Bubbacrush: we have a ballot of orgs wed like to have with us, then we talk to their people, there is a huge trial period of 'feeling them out' as it were.
Bubbacrush: and then we put it to an alliance wide vote.
Ukblizzard: It sounds very mature and organised
Spamhate: the Alliance was originally made as a counter to the (then) problem of the few giant guilds sucking ppl away from the small guilds as they approached lvl 200
Bubbacrush: we are the oddity on rk2.
Bubbacrush: and were gaining power
Spamhate: (which is good and bad)
Bubbacrush: aye.
Ukblizzard: With power comes responsibility, which you already sound like you have a lot of - but I assume it also brings negativity from external organisations?
Spamhate: yep
Bubbacrush: recently, it has, yes.
Spamhate: once they realize there is an organization out there cornering some phats etc
Bubbacrush: like any example of what potential good can come from teamwork, we have a lot of naysayers. There is an entire faction within clan who just LOVE to tear everything down.
Spamhate: doing 'off sector' at apf has been pretty high profile
Bubbacrush: aye, I have stopped tanking it to slow the advance of our popularity.
Ukblizzard: In the past though, the spotlight has been on other organisations or groups of people I assume?
Bubbacrush: depends on the circumstances. I prefer to think were in all this together.
Ukblizzard: How do you think things will pan out into the future?
Spamhate: we have a big enough group that, aside from sector 42, we can muster the ppl to do any raid or whatnot so it helps retain hi lvl ppl needing those end-game items, instead of them going to some giant org that has 50 lvl 220's
Bubbacrush: I have hopes, i think we are the best chance for clan to get its act together, and believe me.. i feel its a tough pull, but we have orgs that I know are full of good people at least on the outside.
Bubbacrush: you have to have faith in it to work, that's why I give it my primary focus.
Bubbacrush: my org has a tendency to make alliance wide teams.
Bubbacrush: we are prolly the most apt to make it a point to be the glue of a situation.

Ukblizzard: Do you not also pvp together as an alliance? Are you active with that?
Bubbacrush: absolutely
Bubbacrush: one of the prime directives is cooperation, this includes tower battles.
Spamhate: but towers are not are primary focus
Ukblizzard: I would assume non forced going after your comments on the RP events as well?
Bubbacrush: I've seen our war machine go to work, it lurches, but when it rolls forward it is really impressive.
Bubbacrush: we don't enforce it, only encourage it.

Ukblizzard: The only thing on Rubi Ka that should be served on a platter is Fred's Head - do you encourage your organisation members to organise their own events?
Bubbacrush: we tend to do the RP stuff as individuals, we represent our orgs to the fullest we can manage, but like I said, its not as proliferated as I know I would personally like to see.
Ukblizzard: I mean all types of events - do some of your lower ranked members set up events for going to Formans, or a trip to IS, or perhaps a session on how to twink at level whatever
Spamhate yes
Ukblizzard: Or is the organisation of events heavier at the higher ranked end?
Spamhate: for dungeon runs and such, we do that a lot as individual orgs
Bubbacrush: our org has a raid organizer, which used to be me in the past. it has since passed onto other people. In the alliance, we have an alliance raid organizer as well. It's something we definitely encourage.
Spamhate: also are working to do it as an Alliance-sponsored thing, too
Ukblizzard: Is there anything you don't do Bubbacrush?
Spamhate: he doesn't beg for credz
Ukblizzard: That's a good thing, I hope you all give them to him just as a present!
Bubbacrush: I have found it to be in my best interests to be well rounded.
Bubbacrush: and I don't do it for the fame, either.
Bubbacrush: the fame is nice, I've met a lot of really cool people
Bubbacrush: in real life, my family doesn't communicate much.
Bubbacrush: so my org is very close
Bubbacrush: I mean.. I've visited many of them, gone to weddings, babysat their children.
Bubbacrush: we have each others phone numbers.
Ukblizzard: It sounds very close knit
Bubbacrush: its my way of getting out of it what I don't get in other aspects.
Bubbacrush: I enjoy my org's connectivity, as it were.
Bubbacrush: we do have our immature moments :) I wont lie
Bubbacrush: were all gamers, you can completely expect gamers to be gamers
Bubbacrush: heh
Bubbacrush: but.. tactfully ;)
Ukblizzard: hehe

Ukblizzard: Would you be able to share a favourite past event that the guild ran, or something that you all do as a guild / alliance that you enjoy doing?
Bubbacrush: I think for my org, the best event I ever took part in, shameless as it is
Bubbacrush: my IG wedding to Ahava'
Bubbacrush: it remains to this day the largest and by far the most fun event I've been to.
Ukblizzard: How long ago was that?
Bubbacrush: August 4th, 2005.
Ukblizzard: wow that's almost forever ago! What did you do on the day?
Spamhate: no wonder I wasn't invited...
Bubbacrush: like most weddings, it lurched.
Bubbacrush: we had the ceremony in Versailles castle, in pleasant meadows.
Bubbacrush: we had a turnout so big, we were getting CC'd back outside.
Bubbacrush: there were people there I didn't even know.
Ukblizzard: wow
Bubbacrush: it started in the streets of Athens
Spamhate: that's a kind of creepy place...didn't want to use the ARK wedding chapel?
Bubbacrush: and then it just moved like a parade to the castle.
Bubbacrush: nope
Azshara: shh Spamhate you're ruining the moment <3
Bubbacrush: we wanted something to reflect the chivalry aspect.
Bubbacrush: even though clearly Ahava has always been the kinda girl who can take care of herself, she's one of the guys
Bubbacrush: but she's a big fan of romance novels
Bubbacrush: so I went through it for her.
Bubbacrush: we wrote our own vows, and I recited quite possibly the best poem I've ever composed ever.
Bubbacrush: which is saying a lot, because i usually hate what i write.
Bubbacrush: its still on our org forums.
Bubbacrush: after it was done, we had a small party, with lots of dancing and immaturity
Bubbacrush: lasted a good two hours i think post wedding.
Ukblizzard: It sounds wonderful, and very hard to even want to forget it

Bubbacrush: the best alliance event, was when we first took the off sector in APF.
Bubbacrush: our first success.
Bubbacrush: i was on cloud nine
Bubbacrush: there was a massive hooplah on chat, as we downed the embalmer
Ukblizzard: A great achievement!!
Bubbacrush: it was a good challenge
Bubbacrush: we also had a huge stress of 'no one left behind"
Bubbacrush: which REALLY sucks when dealing with the public apf.
Bubbacrush: if someone LD'd we waited it out, kicking alien butt till they were able to get back in
Bubbacrush: we had ZERO casualties.
Ukblizzard That's fantastic
Bubbacrush: that was the best.
Bubbacrush: in my humble opinion anyway.
Ukblizzard: And very dedicated to your friends

Ukblizzard: What;s your most regular activity between guild members?
Spamhate: buffing?
Bubbacrush: heh
Ukblizzard: hehe
Bubbacrush: it would seem it, wouldn't it?
Spamhate: they all log on and stand in line for 8-hr comps from the generals
Spamhate: then go die 20 minutes later...
Bubbacrush: my org tends to be the most apt to get people to join in their upper level missions.
Bubbacrush: out of all the alliance orgs, i think we are the most active to getting people to team us and go play in high level zones.
Bubbacrush: they are slowly coming over to PVP
Spamhate: some, like Athen Paladins, are big enough to do high lvl stuff w/o outside help

Ukblizzard: When you aren't buffing .. or teaming, where do you hang out?
Spamhate: each org has their 'hangout'
Bubbacrush: some share them too.
Spamhate: AP at Vanguards, us in BY18, others in BY2 or 3
Bubbacrush: RKBH and ARS hang out in Backyard 2 in Athens.
Bubbacrush: its like a small block party when we are all logged in.
Bubbacrush: since i am the diplomat, i tend to be all over the place.
Ukblizzard Sounds nice though that people know where to find other non busy guild members
Bubbacrush: our access to each other, is our greatest resource.,
Spamhate: lot of our guilds can get 3-4 ppl for a team in the guild, then a call on the alliance relay rounds it out
Spamhate: better than wholly random teams
Ukblizzard: Good sound communication can really enhance the time of your members - I think its invaluable and that you have built a really good network
Bubbacrush this network requires a lot of attention, and good faith
Bubbacrush: I don't recommend it to most people.
Bubbacrush: I think the alchemy of our cooperation is just right.
Ukblizzard: Which I hope all your organisation members appreciate and understand
Bubbacrush: i imagine that people can do this, and not get the same results.
Bubbacrush: our example being as positive as it sits, is a direct result of our willingness to lead, and be lead by others.
Bubbacrush: the French orgs here on RK2 have a similar alliance, but they are meeting much less success.
Spamhate: they don't lack for members, though
Bubbacrush: it must be a nightmare when something this big falls under its own weight.
Bubbacrush: I'd heavily fear the same fate for us.
Ukblizzard: But, maybe from this interview people can learn more about your positives and see a way forward with their structure and organisation
Ukblizzard: I would hazard to guess we haven't even scratched the surface...
Bubbacrush: that is a good hope to have. I'd love to see it a lot more implemented by others.
Spamhate: we are a work in progress, and currently in flux
Bubbacrush:I concur.
Spamhate: 2-3 guilds can group and all think in lock step, gets more interesting when it is 9-12 orgs
Bubbacrush: I have been an opponent in the past of getting to the point of reaching 'crush depth'
Bubbacrush: I think 10 orgs is as far as im willing to go.

Ukblizzard: So, if there could be a server merge - would you be for or against it?
Spamhate: against
Bubbacrush: I have mixed feelings on that.
Bubbacrush: I know and on occasion talk to people from rk1
Bubbacrush: especially when i am frustrated with the state of things on rk2
Bubbacrush: I talk to PBF and Xaun and others.
Spamhate: and I think when the new gfx engine hits live, fc will promote AO heavily (using the resh $$ from AoC) and we'll get a big surge of ppl
Bubbacrush: if they were to merge with us, id be only against the static it would cause from the friction of mashing so many people together.
Bubbacrush: however in time, like anyone else... you'd have to get used to it
Ukblizzard: if there was the chance not to merge, but to move - would you stay put?
Spamhate: probably
Bubbacrush: i have too much invested interest in rk2 to move.
Spamhate: RK1 has a few too many orgs with 'elitist' attitudes, imo
Bubbacrush: rk2 cant be too far a cry.
Bubbacrush: I'm elitist to some degree myself
Spamhate: too many with 'we recruit when you hit 210' attitudes
Spamhate: and too much 'tips are mandatory for buffs' mindset
Ukblizzard *refrains from indulging in a who is better than who argument*
Ukblizzard: I just think, that the best place is where your friends are
Spamhate: testserver!
Bubbacrush: there is a lot of selfishness from people in general, that's more of a people thing, than a server thing to me.
Bubbacrush: I feel they are like apple and oranges.
Bubbacrush: That's about the best way for me to describe it.
Spamhate: though fro the RP standpoint, sometimes one server thinks the other is getting all the action, then 6 months later the reverse
Ukblizzard: It is interesting how one server perceives the other, Or how certain guilds / people from one server are able to dominate how other people see things - just perhaps on how vocal people are in the forums
Spamhate: back in the 'Sallysue' days, RK1 RPers seemed green with jealousy over the attention we seemed to be getting from Events

Ukblizzard: Moving on I guess! On your bot channel earlier - it was suggested that AOU needed an overhaul - how do you think that AO Universe could better suit you and your guilds needs in the future?
Bubbacrush: see this is where I disagree
Spamhate: AOU is fine
Bubbacrush: when that was mentioned, I had a feeling they were messing with you.
Bubbacrush: which you can completely expect from us.
Spamhate: that was a random poke by someone on the relay
Ukblizzard: Well, I want my value for money - i want to know something we can improve on!
Bubbacrush: in my opinion of AOU, I'im going to seriously ego stroke you
Bubbacrush: i cant live without it, simply put
Spamhate: the forums link might be a little more prominent
Bubbacrush: i use your quest walk throughs almost daily.
Spamhate it's on the sidebar with equal footing with guides and all other things
Ukblizzard: I can do a big forum graphic just for you Dagget
Bubbacrush: and when people ask me what is what and where to go
Bubbacrush: i point out AOU
Ukblizzard: wow, thank you Bubba
Bubbacrush: in fact, as a point of discussion, I honestly believe you would be a better judge to see how it can be improved over myself.
Bubbacrush: though, now that Dagget mentions..
Spamhate: some other web sites you visit, the forums link is very clear and they see there are forums to chat in right off. on AOU, they have to scan the sidebar more carefully
Bubbacrush: I would love to see more use on the forums.
Bubbacrush: I've only posted there twice or three times there.
Ukblizzard: I use my own work - it can be hard to judge yourself
Ukblizzard: Any ideas on what would make you want to post there?
Spamhate: AOU is, in game, viewed primarily as a 'guides' site, not a 'forums' site
Bubbacrush: from a coding standpoint, I confess myself a bit of a novice as to what would make a better site.
Spamhate: (though certainly it is considered 'the' guides site)
Bubbacrush: i have a few selfish bits to add, but i can get over them.
Ukblizzard: No, please go ahead - selfish or not, ideas are welcomed
Bubbacrush: there are a couple of spots on there, where the guide for the DB quests is a bit unfinished.
Spamhate: AO-Fr00bs has a bit better focus on the 'forums' aspect..
Bubbacrush: there are a couple of blanks on the enforcer part when it comes to quest rewards.
Bubbacrush: i have no idea what my next nano is when i complete 'the informant'
Bubbacrush: and the stress is killing me, because one of them is a nano i don't need, and the one i hope i get is the one that i MUST have.
Spamhate: guide searching could use more 'keywords'. We often search for one we know is there but don't have the right keyword. I mean, how many ppl know the name of the ICC guy who hands out the hi-lvl DB quests?
Bubbacrush: if I get the one I don't like.. I'm going to /wrist.
Bubbacrush: *laughs*
Ukblizzard Areas like that are where we hope that the community will want to help us.. if noone in our team has an enforcer at that level, or whatever profession specific item quest reward it is - we have to wait for someone to confirm it for us
Bubbacrush: Constad"?
Spamhate: yeah, but where were you to say than a few weeks ago?
Ukblizzard: But if you search the guides for Dust Brigade - it comes up in a list of maybe 5 guides
Spamhate: the trick for more good keywords is to be in-game and listen to chat from ppl heading out on those quests
Ukblizzard: Ok, sorry, 3 guides on a full text search of Dust Brigade
Spamhate: 'db', dust brigade', 'dustbrigade' should all bring up relevant quests
Ukblizzard That's a good idea, I will forward that one to Khuri
Spamhate: the words may not appear in the text of the guide but perhaps added in a 'search keys' section
Spamhate: 'unique's' should bring up all the 18-h (soon to be shorter) mobs

Ukblizzard: Well, unless you have any more to add - I should get back to my normal self
Spamhate: kk, and thanks for the visit!
Ukblizzard: It has been really nice to meet you today, I appreciate your time a lot
Bubbacrush: wonderful opportunity to meet you as well
Spamhate: and get some clothes for that char!
Bubbacrush pass on our thanks to your team for such a good job
Ukblizzard: Thank you I will do
Ukblizzard: See you on the forums!
Bubbacrush: aye
Spamhate: ok

So, that was it.. and once again huge thanks to those who took the time to meet and talk with me! It was a lot of fun. Oh and that big forum graphic hopefully will mean more people find their way to posting in the forums :)

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