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Ukblizzard: When was your org founded?
Katrae: Malady in April 2004
Imprecation: Back in good ole 2004

Ukblizzard: Who is your current leader?
Katrae: This utterly Crazy person...
Imprecation: Katrae

Ukblizzard: Can you please describe any past growing pains...
Katrae: getting to know our new members, and making them feel welcomed & wanted in our org.
Imprecation: Losing important members and gaining ones. Getting our name out there because I think really, people thought we were a farm org.

Ukblizzard: How many folks do you usually actively have at any given time?
Imprecation: 12-20
Katrae: 10-20

Ukblizzard: Do you participate in PvP/Tower Battles?
Katrae: We tried it, few times in the past, but no one is interested in them

Imprecation: We tried it, no one was real interested in it as far as tower wars goes. We didn't want to attract elitest snobby people and towers and tower twinks in bigger orgs can come off that way, I think. LE, though, has kinda forced people to get into the pvp action on battle station. There isn't anyone in the org atm that goes really just to pvp, it's to get ofab and gtfo. I think that's the way it is for most people though lol

This is something we won't turn away from doing as a group activity. Ventrilo gets busy, there's 5 or 6 of us up there communicating and teaming to go kill anything that we can tab. It's quite fun with a group!

Ukblizzard: Do you participate in Roleplaying?
Katrae: If you concider that we are groupies of DJ Ickk a GSP productions DJ. else no we dont.

Imprecation: The most rp this org actually does is go out and dance. We're fans of GSP radio (<3 Ickk) and we tend to his shows on RK1 and RK2. We just tune in, take a break from the grind and /dance for a few, talk, laugh etc... lots of.. erm.. interesting conversations come around bout this time

What orgs/clans are you friendly with?

Katrae: The Leviathan Movement, Rage, Omni New Order

Imprecation: Rage, Omni New Order, some friends in the leviathan movement. We're friendly generally. We are friendly with people that don't come into the game to make others have an unpleasant time. We've got each other's backs though. Plenty of times someone got ganked in 2ho and 3 or 4 of us show up to pwn.

Ukblizzard: Which ones do you oppose?

Katrae: None that I can think of, we do try to get along with most orgs, unless they are rude or disrespectful

Imprecation: Nobody is safe here. Omni, neut or clan. You are a representation for your org. We can't hold some people to ruining their entire org's rep, but if they are of any rank it speaks volumes for the rest of your org. The only types of people we don't like are ones who don't have fun. Ones that don't play fair and with fair ethics. We are fair, level headed people and very down to earth. We only hope we set an example for respect other omni and even clan should have for each other. We're all here because we are interested in playing AO, which to me, is a pretty serious thing to have in common with that many people! No reason we shouldn't get along and have fun!

Ukblizzard: If you could change the game, selfishly for your own org/clan, what would you change?

Katrae: bigger city plot would be nice, BS grinding (sorry to you avid pvp'rs) or make hecklers in each zone look different, so you aint killin the same thing in different zones.

Imprecation: Immune from the BS grind. I'm sorry but it's terrible. Most of us are pvm oriented but know we need the items from the VP vendors.. so it's either LE mish grind or suck it up and go to BS. If there was a way to get a VP reward from LE, that'd be much more enjoyable Smile

Ukblizzard: What do you do as a guild most when you are on Rubi Ka or in the Shadowlands?
Katrae: We do most of our stuff in Shadowlands, unless we go pick on the aliens. abuse the merc's, or pick on some evil lookin ermites, dreadlochs, dustbrigade, etc.

Imprecation: Lately.. (ahem) it's been SL. Either leveling or what have you.. We don't shy away from RK raids at all though. I think we've got a Merc raid slated for this weekend and we've talked about doing another HI raid.

Where is your favorite hangout spot?
Katrae: Rome Green side of Jobe Plat, or Rome Green Superior

Imprecation: We tend to highly populate the RG side of jobe platform. This is for a cause though. Platform tends to be cold on people's feet running by.. so we just kinda warm it when theres nothing going on. You can find us here or in rome green superior shop if any of us have some twinking to do.

Ukblizzard: Does your guild often hang out there together?
Katrae: the question is, when dont we hang out together hehe

Imprecation: All the time when nothing is going on. We tend to do alot together so we show up in some serious numbers. Either it's relaxing or twinking or raiding

Ukblizzard: If there could be a server merge, would you want it to happen?
Katrae: yes and no, yes cause it'd give some people opportunities in teaming, they dont see very much, and no cause it'd cause a huge mess between apf/zods/beast differences. Not to mention naming problems. probably worth it more to keep it separate

Imprecation: I'm not sure, tbh. I wouldn't want to run the risk of losing our org city and I know someone has my soldier's name on RK1 so.. I'm not real sure how that would work out. If there was a way to make it run smoothly (losing obvious things aside) I think it'd be very awesome to meet new people, make new friends, new orgmates, possibly new enemies on BS.. learning new people's tactics in pvp and meeting new people though sounds very fun.

Ukblizzard: Leet Pie or Chocolate Pie?
Katrae: Chocolate Pie, Poor abused leets made into pie...

Imprecation: I think leet pie goes best on the wall.. since I had so many extra slices at christmas time (gawd, worse than fruit cake) I kinda... tossed them up on the wall in RGS. It was... interesting.

Ukblizzard: Miir or Maria's fashion?
Katrae: Combo of both, Seriously if its made, i have it.

Imprecation: Hm.. Maria's fashion.. girl has cornered the market on the social tab. Get busy Miir!

Ukblizzard: Cheesy Puffs or Cheese Doodles????
Katrae: Cheesy Puffs

Imprecation: Puffs. I likez teh puffz.

Ukblizzard: Are there any other comments you would like to make?
Katrae: Nope, thanks for letting us interview, and i'm off to go buy some cheesy poofs now...

Imprecation: ty for having the interview with us! I'm glad we had this opportunity for others to get to know us.

Huge thank you to -=Power Overwhelming=- for taking the time to answer these questions for us!!

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