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Temple of the Three Winds

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Level: 1-60
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Temple of Three Winds
Greater Tir County - 1803.6x2695.5
is a dungeon in Rubi-Ka located North of the City of Tir. You cannot enter it if you're past level 60.

Maybe first time new players will hear of it, is when they'll speak Dante Karrall in Neuters'r'us in Newland City. If you are below level 60 you'll get a mission to talk to Dante from the Junior Agency handler in the Mission Agencies

If you are a veteran player you might only be interested in the loot. :)


You have to enter Neuters'r'us and search for Dante who will be standing behind his bar:

If you'll be able to keep him on talking on same topic, he'll eventually explain to you he's in need of Red Berry Wine somebody inside Temples has. Maybe what's more important, he'll direct you
Windcaller Karrec
Andromeda - 3212.3x789.0
, located inside a shipping container at ICC HQ.


If you'll speak to him, he will send you on a mission to get a Bronto Burger from a Annoying Dude and a donation from an old lady named Maddy. The Annoying Dude is directly across the ICC HQ platform from Karrec's hiding place, and Maddy is walking around near a Weapons Shop. Once you return to Karrec with the Bronto Burger and Maddy's Credit Card that you've extorted from your victims, he'll issue you with a special key. (Players with characters who already have the Key from before the 18.7 patch must still complete this quest in order to use the portal.)

Once you own the Temple of the Three Winds Key, you will be able to right click on the gateway behind Karrec to be teleported to the entrance of the Temple of the Three Winds. This, of course, makes your trip to the Temple of Three Winds much faster than that of a Clanner, but the disadvantage is that you have no available Insurance Terminals near the Temple of Three Winds at which you can save. The question of how you get back home can be answered by most any of the higher level mobs. Feel free to ask one of them at any time! I'm sure they'd be glad to show you.

Almost all items found in The Temple of Three Winds are NoDrop. This means that they cannot be given or sold to anyone else. Because of this, you must get these items for yourself. However, if you are at a lower level (10-30) you can hire others to guide you through the Temple and protect you so that you might pick up items normally reserved for higher level players (50-60). For example, the level restriction for an Exarch Robe is only 20, though a level 21 usually is not strong enough to get to where the Exarch Robes are found. If a level 20 character found an escort to this area and got an Exarch Robe, he would be a very well armored level 21 character!

There are some very powerful bosses in this dungeon, so teams are quite essential for getting very far. When you get around level 40 to 50, teams do play a slightly smaller roll, though they are still essential for defeating most of the bosses.

The entrance is fairly safe since it's an empty corridor. Going into the next room you will encounter the first cultists and one of their leaders.

Below is a map of the Temple of Three Winds, a big place with a few nasty mobs and dozens of crazy cultists.


He and his fellow cultists will greet you, with their weapons.

The next room will show you two paths which will lead you to the same area. Going either left or right will be the same number of cultists in your way. The large room will have 2 leaders and a mob called Defender of the Three in the middle, which actually is the guardian of 3 separate entrances.


While you're in this room, pay a visit to NPC called Caska on east side of it. She's the one hogging Red Berry Wine, that Dante Karral is after.


Taking the right path will lead to two of the most dangerous mobs, which drop the most wanted items in the temple. The first is the Guardian of Tomorrow (GoT for short).

Guardian of Tomorrow

He has 3 Enternal Guardians that need to be dealt with before taking on GoT.


The Guardian's rare drop is a powerful piece of back armor for a lower level character, the Guardian Tank Armor. Although it isn't significantly better than an Exarch Robe, due to it's rarity and it's generally cool look, it is highly sought after and you may find people camped in this room.

Guardian Tank Armor

Once the Guardian of Tomorrow has been dispatched evil creatures will be the next boss encounters starting with Uklesh the Frozen. He is protected by 3 Exarchs so kill those first.


This nasty demon has a very powerful stun and debuff effect which can make you totally frozen as he beats down on you, approach with real caution. This can be a very hard encounter if one of your party is constantly stunned. After he is taken down Khalum will spawn, he is just as dangerous, but he won't stun. It is after Khalum is taken down that you will face that which the cultists worship.

Image Image

Aztur the Immortal is the hardest of all the bosses. Rest assured you will need a good team to take down this final encounter. The pick of his loot is the Stygian Desolator, the large blood red sword he carries. Both Uklesh and Aztur also drop the purifying rod, a one-use item that removes hostile nanos on you.


Now if you took the middle path after the Defender of the Three, you will encounter more cultists (there is an army of them in this crazy temple) and a few interesting mobs. In one of the side rooms, you will encounter what looks like a renegade Yuttos, with a mean temper going by the name The Curator. He drops the rarer two Notum Rings of Three.

He looks harmless, be careful

In the next room you'll find cultist leaders including Exarchs who appear to be protecting someone important going by the name Nematet the Custodian of Time. I wonder if he can fix my watch...


Another dangerous madman

He does seem to carry a few items people may want, but nothing to die for. The adjacent rooms have regular cultists. Now let's see what else is in the temple.

If you took the left path then you'll be in for nice fight. Of course cultists will stand in your way (their full time job you know). In one of the side rooms, you will find Windcaller Yatila, who holds a nano which an MP may want to have along with two nice shoulder pads. Do not underestimate this windcaller. He hits a lot harder than you would normally expect a mob at his level, and he also stuns you, leaving you vulnerable to his many attacks.


As you make your way, you will encounter a few weak undead (yes, animated skeletons) that seem to be under the control of The Re-Animator. Not only that, she will not like visitors and even cast a nano on you to turn you into a skeleton! (no worries, it wears off).


After you're done with The Re-Animator and her minions, you will find a few cultists and an Acolyte who is looking to shoot anyone who ain't part of the cult. How nice...


It will take you a few seconds to kill her and then move on to the interesting part of this area. Next you will face more undead skeletons, but unless the previous small and weaker skeletons...these are no pushovers. A small legion of Deathless Legionnaires will be in your way (pun intended).


After you take them down and stomp on their bones, you will find a hooded demon called Lien the Memorystalker, and the last part is quite true since he may drop a very nice memory for your NCU (not the only nice thing he drops mind you). The catch is, he will be guarded by at least 3 Deathless Legionnaires in the small room he resides.


But even if you kill them before you go after Lien, there is another catch. Once you pick a fight with him, he will call upon his miniature skeleton minions. These Ju-ju Dolls won't be a great threat if you and your friend focus on taking down Lien (since the vanish when he dies). However be aware that a few dolls on a single person can be dangerous.

Small and annoying

There are many types of armor found in the Temple of Three Winds, but among the most common are the five Robes: The Robe of the Faithful, Acolyte Robe, Reverend Robe, Windcaller Robe and Exarch Robe. The most important thing about the Exarch Robe, besides the fact that it is an awesome piece of armor is that the Exarch Robe is the main method for getting the key to the Inner Sanctum, the Sealed Inner Sanctum Pass.

Image Image

Image Image


Robe of the Faithful
MeleeAC 80
EnergyAC 80
ProjectileAC 80
FireAC 80
ColdAC 80
ChemicalAC 80
PoisonAC 80
RadiationAC 80
Snare Line 1%
Root Line 1%

Acolyte Robe
MeleeAC 160
EnergyAC 160
ProjectileAC 160
FireAC 160
ColdAC 160
ChemicalAC 160
PoisonAC 160
RadiationAC 160
MaxHealth 6
Snare Line 2%
Root Line 2%

Reverend Robe
MeleeAC 240
EnergyAC 240
ProjectileAC 240
FireAC 240
ColdAC 240
ChemicalAC 240
PoisonAC 240
RadiationAC 240
MaxHealth 11
Snare Line 3%
Root Line 3%

Windcaller Robe
MeleeAC 315
EnergyAC 315
ProjectileAC 315
FireAC 315
ColdAC 315
ChemicalAC 315
PoisonAC 315
RadiationAC 315
MaxHealth 20
Snare Line 4%
Root Line 4%

Exarch Robe
MeleeAC 430
EnergyAC 430
ProjectileAC 430
FireAC 430
ColdAC 430
ChemicalAC 430
PoisonAC 430
RadiationAC 430
NPCostModifier -1%
MaxHealth 34
Initiative Debuff Line 5%
Snare Line 5%
Root Line 5%

One technique that some have found the Robe of the Faithful useful for is that the Robe has no requirements at all! This means that at level 1 you could wear it and have an instant boost of AC that normally would be reserved for characters of a higher level.

MA Special Attacks
There are 2 tattered books in parts that you can find in the temple which (if you put them together) you can show to
Greater Tir County - 800x200
Sho-li so she can translate their content for you. The result will be that you will learn 1 MA special attack per book. Ape Fist of Khalum and Tree of Enlightenment will come in handy to any Martial Artist. The Hermit is located west from temple at (800 x 200) in a small green area surrounded by a rock formation which can be easily reached.


A feature of the Temple of Three Winds, is that players need Inner Sanctum Knowledge in order enter the Inner Sanctum dungeon, which can only be obtained by trading an Exarch Robe to the Blind Cultist outside the Temple of Three Winds. Inner Sanctum is a level 125 and higher only dungeon, so the people who need the passes are most commonly much too high to get into the Temple of Three Winds. The Exarch Robe is NoDrop but the Inner Sanctum Knowledge is not, thus the Inner Sanctum Knowledge can be sold to higher level players for a decent amount of credits. The Inner Sanctum Knowledge is usually sold for any amount from 250,000 credits to 500,000 credits on average. There are many pushing to lower the average cost of this pass, but for a low level character (even up to level 60), even 200,000 credits can be a fortune!

Note: Be aware that the temple has been known as 'Train Station' because of the many 'trains' pulled by players on their way out. Meaning that if you enter the place and you see someone running toward the exit screaming 'TRAIN!' get out, it is very likely dozens of mobs are chasing him. Stay with your team and your chances of survival are quite good.

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