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Stalker Helmet

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For this special helmet you first need a Stalker. And let me make myself clear, a Stalker shouldn't have some random XXX in front of it. Haven't seen a stalker yet? Well next time you're traveling over Rubi-Ka and meet two thin lines that moves, look up. And then look up some more.


Anyway, Stalkers drop a Stalker Carapace. Then you need MasterComm - Personalization Device. This is easier to find, just visit Trade Department in your local shop. Look for the terminal with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components. For this process use parts QL 100ish.

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This requires 500 in Mechanical Engineeering Skill.


Helmet itself adds +5 to Intelligence and Treatment and +10 to First Aid, but lacks on AC. Since low requirement to wear it's more of a buff item as real protection.

Last updated on 05.06.2012 by Afreng
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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