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De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves

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Faction: Clan
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For years Clan citizens have envied Omni-Tek employees for having access to Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves, but finally the DNA locking mechanism has been hacked.

Items needed:

Drops from Kelly Frederickson, located in Tir County.

Can be bought from shops all around Rubi-Ka.
Note: The QL is irrelevant.

The tradeskill process for hacking the sleeve is fairly easy and logical:

Congratulations on your new, shiny sleeve!

Note: After update 18.6.15 Neutrals can wear the De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves!

Last updated on 10.22.2014 by Afreng

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