Prohibited Hand-Mortar of Bacam-Xum

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Faction: All Factions
Level: 205-220
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While finished weapon doesn't have any professional requirement, engineers are only profession that can wield them without too much problems. And even for them it isn't exactly easy. And since finished product is nondrop, they are also few of the professions that can actually assemble it.

Geting parts needed is no walk in the park either, but since weapon requires title 7 to equip, parts are sold in shops for low prices. But should someone wished to acquire them first-hand, he or she should bring a team. All the parts drop from ql 240+ dragons, located in Inferno (with Lord of the Void also poping up in strange places like Nascence).

Lord of the Void in Inferno

- drops off Lord of the Void

- drops off Razor

- drops off Xark

Once you have all the parts, assembly isn't hard, as long as you have 1750 Weapon Smithing skill as well as 1250 Mechanical Engineering skill.

There are more powerfull weapons out there, but few of them have such nice mods as this one. Still one needs to consider if getting 1750 in Grenade skill is worth the effort.

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