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Throughout the Shadowlands, Inamorata (Unredeemed use these) and Sacrosanct (Redeemed use these and also listed in the items database as Sancrosanct) weapons drop from sided mobs that can be upgraded in a two stage process. If you wish to, you can just upgrade via the first process by adding Grey Glyphs - but the benefits from upgrading with the Turn Spirit as well could be something you are interested in. This guide looks just at the initial upgrade with a grey glyph.

The Base Weapons

To get your hands on the weapon you want, you have to hunt sided mobs. Unredeemed mobs drop the redeemed weapons - and vise versa. Unfortunately their drop rates are not fantastic (although it always feels slow when you are trying to get something you want!!) and also, you will need to venture further up in the Shadowlands depending on the QL you are looking for.

Grey Glyphs

For the first upgrade to the weapons, you need to add a Grey Glyph. Most glyphs can only be applied to particular weapons - and also just 1 glyph can be applied so make sure you choose carefully what you want to to upgrade with.

Grey GlyphAdds specialCan be applied to weapon type
Grey Glyph of AbanSneak Attack2HB, Piercing, Piercing / Melee,1HB
Grey Glyph of Aban-ShereSneak Attack, Fast Attack, Brawl 2HB, Piercing, Piercing / Melee,1HB
Grey Glyph of Aban-TharSneak Attack, Fast Attack2HB, Piercing, Piercing / Melee,1HB
Grey Glyph of BhotaarBurstAssault Rifle, Blaster, Pistol,Rapier
Grey Glyph of EnelBrawl2HB, 2HE, 1HE,Piercing, MA / 1HB, Piercing / Melee, 1HB
Grey Glyph of Enel-TharBrawl, Fast Attack 2HB, 2HE, 1HE,Piercing, Piercing / melee, 1HB
Grey Glyph of Enel-XumBrawl, Dimach2HB, 2HE, 1HE,Piercing, MA / 1HB, 1HB
Grey Glyph of OcraFling ShotPistol, Shotgun
Grey Glyph of Ocra-BhotaarBurst, Fling ShotAssault Rifle
Grey Glyph of Ocra-RochFling Shot, FullautoAssault Rifle
Grey Glyph of Ocra-ShereFling Shot, Aimed ShotRifle
Grey Glyph of Ocra-XumBurst, FullautoAssault Rifle
Grey Glyph of RochFullautoAssault Rifle
Grey Glyph of ShereAimed ShotBow, Rifle
Grey Glyph of TharFast Attack2HB, 2HE, Piercing, Piercing / Melee
Grey Glyph of XumDimach2HB, 2HE, Piercing, MA / 1HB,1HB

Upgrading your weapon

So, now you have a weapon and your Grey Glyph, combining them is pretty straight forward though quite high on skill requirement.

As an example, lets look at a QL 200 Inamorata and Sacrosanct Assault Rifle. The QL of the Grey Glyph doesn't matter; you may use a QL 100 or Ql 300 and both will work fine.

  +    =  
Requires 6x QL of the weapon in WS, 5x QL of the weapon in EE, 4x QL of the weapon in QFT.

  +    =  
Requires 6x QL of the weapon in WS, 5x QL of the weapon in EE, 4x QL of the weapon in QFT.

Now you have successfully upgraded your inamorata or sacrosanct weapon with a Grey Glyph, why not look into how you can upgrade further using Turn Spirits! See this guide for details.

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