Repairing Nano Crystals

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Damaged Nanos

You can find damaged nanos in chests located in static dungeons and missions. There are several different types of them, but they all have one thing in common: they have a chance of not uploading when you use them.

Different Types of Damaged Nanos

Badly Corroded Crystal (XXX)
Failed Repaired Crystal (XXX)

Badly Eroded Crystal (XXX)
Hacked Corroded Crystal (XXX)

Blood Stained and Corroded Crystal (XXX)
Overcharged Corroded Nano Crystal (XXX)

Severly Corroded Shadow Crystal (XXX)
Cracked and Miskept Shadow Crystal (XXX)

Snow Crashed Shadow Crystal (XXX)
Cracked Crystal (XXX)

Tainted Shadow Crystal (XXX)
Dirty Money Shadow Crystal (XXX)

Weird looking XXX*

Note: Weird Looking Nanos* can technically be repaired. However, doing so ruins them as they are actually improved versions of the named nano programs.
When a Weird Looking XXX nano is uploaded without being repaired, they upload as an "Impoved (or better) version of its original nano version.

Weird Looking Nano

Improved Nano

Original Version of Nano

Example: Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Cut Red Tape) becomes: Improved Cut Red Tape. The original unimproved version of the nano is actually: Cut Red Tape.

Unlike "Damaged" nanos, (really hard to consider a better version of a nano as damaged, so we'll just call them "Improved Versions"), Weird Looking nanos have a much higher rate of actually uploading.

Repairing Damaged Nanos

By repairing damaged nanos, you guarantee that you'll upload them without failure. The good news is that all of the types are repaired the same way and with the same tool which is consumed in the process. The Nano Programming Interface can easily be obtained from any shop on Rubi-Ka in the Tools terminal.

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