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Gems found in the Shadowlands (either as mob loot or from chests) can be used in tradeskills too. Unlike Rubi-ka rings (Classic AO), they can actually lose value as they get upgraded, since their base value and value after tradeskilling is calculated differently. But with upgrading they receive buffs and what's maybe even more important, they have no requirement to wear (yes, even players without the Shadowlands expansion can use them). So they are that much more valuable to players.

Before we start with the info on how rings are created, let's look how the buffs from the items increase with tradeskilling. We'll use QL 400 items:

Yet again we have shown that cutting Gems and using Platinum brings best results. Unfortunately the highest rings you can actually make are around QL 255 and not 400 as we have shown in the example above.

You need the following items:

You can get the Jensen Gem Cutter, the Wire Drawing Machine and Generic Ring Template from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering terminals in shops. Liquid metal are made from ingots, for more details check this guide.

First step is cutting the gem. For that we need the Jensen Gem Cutter.

  +    =  

This process takes x5 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.9 in Agility Skills based on the QL of the gem.

Now we need to set proper ring template. For that we take Liquid metal (check our Small Ingot Processing guide to see how we get that) and use the Wire Drawing Machine on it. We'll need x4.5 for Silver, x4.8 for Gold and x5.5 for Platinum in Mechanical Engineering Skill based on the QL of the gem. Wire Drawing Machine must be at least 30% of the QL of the Ingot.

Now we need to get our Generic Ring Template and combine it with the Platinum Filigree Wire. We'll need x4.1 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.5 in Agility Skills for Silver, x4.8 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.65 in Agility Skills for Gold, x5.5 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.8 in Agility Skills for Platinum.

All that is left is to apply the gem to the Ring. Since it's the ring that sets the final QL, the gem must be within QL 80% of it (85% for platinum). We'll need x4.65 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.72 in Agility Skills for Silver, x4.72 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.77 in Agility Skills for Gold and x5.5 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.93 in Agility Skills for this process.

Applying a uncut gem takes much less tradeskills, but since cutting gems needs about the same amount of skills as applying them to rings, you shouldn't have any problem one way or the other. So what gems are out there and what do they bring (mods shown are for QL 400 Platinum Filigree Ring set with a Perfectly Cut gem):

Strength 7, Agility 7

MeleeInit. 23, PhysicalInit. 23, RangedInit. 23

SensoryImprovement 6, PsychologicalModification 6,
MaxHealth 32

AddAllOff 22

AddAllDef 22

MaxHealth 28, HealDelta 4

NanoDelta 10, HealDelta 10, MaxHealth 25

MeleeDamageModifier 7, ProjectileDamageModifier 7,
EnergyDamageModifier 7

SpaceTime 6, PsychologicalModification 6

BiologicalMetamorphosis 6, SensoryImprovement 6

FireAC 180, MaxHealth 30

MaterialMetamorphosis 6, NanoC.Init 15

ChemicalAC 180, ColdDamageModifier 13

Stamina 7, Intelligence 7

Sense 7, Intelligence 7

MaterialMetamorphosis 6, BiologicalMetamorphosis 6,
MaxNCU 9

MaterialCreation 6, SpaceTime 6, MaxNanoEnergy 36

EnergyAC 180, ProjectileAC 180

NanoDelta 8, MaxNanoEnergy 40

ColdAC 180,PoisonAC 170

Last updated on 08.25.2012 by Silvana
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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