Half Digested Human Body Parts

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Sometimes when you are killing the various beasts of the Shadowlands, such as Hecklers, Horrors and Mortiigs, you may find some Half Digested Human body parts. While you can just right-click them for a chance to get the implant contained inside, there is another way!

The table below gives an overview of which implants you may get from which body part.

Body partMay contain
Brain, Eye and Ear implants
Chest and Waist implants
Right Arm and Left Arm implants
Right Hand, Left Hand, Right Wrist and Left Wrist implants
Legs and Feet implants

The Tradeskill Process

First you need one of the body parts from the list above, and a Bio-Comminutor that is at least 65% of the QL of the body part. A QL200 Advanced Bio-Comminutor can be used on all parts, but be warned the Bio-Comminutor will be destroyed in the process.

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Requires 7x QL of the body part in Biological Metamorphosis skill.

You can now right-click the Sanctified and Cleaned Human Head for a 100% chance to reclaim a random implant.

Note that the Half Digested Human Torso is an exception and will not create a Sanctified bodypart, but will directly give a random chest or waist implant.

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