Masterpiece Ancient Bracer

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Level: 201-220
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This nice item is a bit more complicated than the usual stuff you can create from parts found in Albtraum. Some of skills needed are a bit high, but fortunately you can contact your local tradeskiller to make the parts, since those aren't nondrop (parts with high tradeskills aren't, item and it's partial combines are). The guide to make the Ancient Engineering Device tool that you need can be found here.

Here are the items you will need:

You'll also need this tool:

The process requires you to create a Combat Knowledge Crystal, a Medical Knowledge Crystal and a Technical Knowledge Crystal which are then combined to make your Complete Crystalised Memories. Let's split the process up so it is easier to see what we are doing.

Here is the process:

Step 1a

Step 1b

Step 1c

Step 1d

Step 2a

Step 2b

Step 2c

Step 2d

Step 3a

Step 3b

Step 3c

Step 3d

Combine the Knowledge Crystals:

This step requires 1562 in Field Quantum Physics.

This step requires 1562 in Field Quantum Physics.

This step requires 1500 in Mechanical Engineering.
The Ancient Engineering Device will not be used up, it's a tradeskill tool.

This step requires 1250 in Computer Literacy. CAUTION: it makes the final item NODROP so must be achieved by the character who wears it!

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