Focus-Funneling Helpers

Class: Trader, Fixer, Engineer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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Focus-Funneling Helpers is set of 3 HUD items that's a must-have for any tradeskiller, that takes his or her work seriously. Unfortunately it's limited to engineers, traders and fixers. Obtaining all parts needed can also be time consuming or expensive.

First ingredients are found in The Crypt dungeon, namely Focus-Funneling Device, which drop of Cherubin, for more details check this guide. If you're over level 110 and can't enter Crypt on your own, don't despair, you can still get warped inside by a helpful engineer. Be prepared to spend some time at this mob, since you need to obtain 3 of them for whole set. Fortunately drop rate is good and Cherubin drops couple of other neat items as well.

Next ingredient on our list is Focus-Funneling Spirit. They drop from named Imps in Elysium. There are 2 camps, one containing 7 in North of the zone, just over Ergo cave and another one with 4 Imps in West of Elysium at Cathedral. Since you also need 3 of those and drop rate ain't that great, players start to despair at this point. But a finished set is well worth the effort involved.

To provide some inventory space, you can start assembling at this point. Just combine Device and Spirit and you'll get taste of what are you after - Primitive Focus-Funneling Helper.

Stats: Primitive Focus-Funneling Helper
Quality level:SPECIAL
Engineer or Trader or Fixer
Tutoring from 250
Attack 0.10s
Recharge 0.10s
EquipDelay: 0.10s
Loc: Hud2
Mech. Engi 50
Weapon Smt 50
Chemistry 25
Elec. Engi 50
Quantum FT 50
Pharma Tech 20
Nano Progra 20
Comp. Liter 10
Energy AC 50
Radiation AC 50
Chemical AC 50
Cold AC 50
Disease AC 50
Fire AC 50

Repeat process with all 3 sets. This item can only be equipped in Hud2 slot, but once upgraded, other two slots will be used.

Upgrades are named Spirit Training Program. There are two of them and they only differ in description (and use of course). One teaches you what love is and other what hate is.

Spirit Training Program

Spirit Training Program drops from named Hiathlins, located in 2 camps of 4 in Elysium, located at Jagged Coast and Sabre's Cradle.

Spirit Training Program drops from named Dredges. One is located at Whispervale and other at Enig.

So all you're left to do is to combine each of Spirit Training Program with Primitive Focus-Funneling Helper to produce Loving/Rancourus Focus-Funneling Helper, a Hud1 and Hud3 part of set.

Stats of whole set :

Trade and Repair
Mechanical engineering 150
Electrical engineering 150
Quantum physics 150
Weapon smithing 150
Pharmaceuticals 60
Chemistry 75
Nano programming 60
Computer literacy 30
Energy AC 150
Chemical AC 150
Radiation AC 150
Cold AC 150
Poison AC 150
Fire AC 150

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