Penumbra Jewelry Quest

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Level: 150-200
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This questline will take you the length of Penumbra killing mobs, collecting parts and taking samples. It is level locked, so you cannot start this quest line if you are above level 200.

Your main rewards in this quest are simply XP and Credits. But if you are looking for something to do on a quiet day, here are the details!

Karoliina Kaski

Location: NE of the Portal from Adonis to Penumbra, 1900 x 170

Introducing herself to you as Karoliina Kaski, Lead Jewelry Designer for Nemo Fashions Incorporated, Ms. Kaski will explain to you that her company has sent her out to the Penumbra wilderness to look at some of the local designs.

She decides you are the right person to help her and sends you off with 4 find person missions. These people are Miska Verone, Zaven Areyan, Baxter Graves and Jaden Next.

Miska Verone

Location: South of The Ravine, 2087 x 392

Miska is apparently out in Penumbra to do some work for JAME. She has been requested to take care of the wildlife levels that are getting out of hand. Obviously, this is where you come in.. your task is to kill the following creatures in order:

Kill 3 of these Icy Predators for mission update.

Kill 3 of these Frozen Rafters for mission update.

Kill 3 of these Taigan Razorclaws for mission update.

When you return to Miska and tell her that you have located and killed what she requested, she will reward you with credits, XP and a

Zaven Areyan

Location: East of Ruins, 2588 x 1883

Zaven is struggling with the number of Spinetooths and Malahs.. and their tendancy to like to pick up and keep the shiny items that he wants to make jewelry with. This is where you come in!

These may be easy to over look as they are located above the area where you'd think they are, so be sure to check all the icy platform located in this area.
You need to kill 5 of these Splintered Spinetooths,
as well as getting your hands on 1 piece of

which can be found on their corpses.

You need to kill 5 of these Malah-Extus,
as well as getting your hands on 1 piece of

which can be found on their corpses.

Return to Zaven and tell him that as well as killing the Spinetooths and Malahs that you also found the above 2 items. He will give you

Baxter Graves

Location: Purity, 650 x 1800

Baxters initial reaction to you is that he thinks you are some kind of "backup" .. if you lie to him, he isnt likely to respond too well to you! However, if you are honest he will gladly let you help him out.

Baxter wants you to find some creatures and get some tissue samples from them. He will give you a device to enable you to do this. All you will need to do with the device is pick it up in your inventory and click it onto the monsters to achieve a mission update.

So, armed with your

it's time to go and try to not get too close to the monsters we need to scan!

If you have issue with the mission updating on the Notum Scourges in this area indicated above, try moving to 534.3, 1570.6 (shown below)

to obtain a sample from one there as we had issues with the Notum Scourges around the NPC.

Once you have all your samples in your inventory, your mission should update. Time to head back to Baxter. Hand him the 3 samples and the sample collection device.

You will receive a ring for your troubles:

Jaden Next

Location: Penumbra Forest, 1450 x 746

As well as being enthused about seeing another soul in the deep wilderness of Penumbra, Jaden considers himself a bit of a hobbyist.

His task for you is to get hold of some items, namely 2 Stalking Predator Hides and 4 Chilled Chimera Bones.

Kill these to get your hands on the

Kill these to get your hands on the

The drop rate on these items is not 100%, but we were able to find the items well within the time limit that was set on the mission.

When you return the items to him, he will reward you with a

To finish this quest line we need to head back to Karoliina Kaski, who as you will remember was located NE of the Portal from Adonis to Penumbra, at 1900 x 170. Upon trading all of the jewelry to her, you will find that she was not quite as honest as maybe you would have thought her to be.. but you will get a credit and XP reward for your time!

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