The Greedy Shade

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Level: 201-220
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Meet the Greedy

Quite the opposite to what his name suggests, this seller NPC is somehow very generous as he simply "offers" some of the best & hard-to-obtain nano crystals ingame for a few specific professions, without their hellish hours of static farming nor incontrolable GMI prices !

So you'd certainly have to loosen the purse strings, as he charges from about 55 upto 550-ish Millions of AO credits ; this pricing considers about 1500+ Computer Literacy, so smartest Traders can still bargain a juicy discount.

But wait : before you rush into Pandemonium, please become aware : this picky Shade might simply refuse to speak with you and, instead of showing her shiny shopping list, provide this rude rebuff : "Leave me alone, newbie! What part of go away did you not understand?". Let's first see how to avoid that.

Trade stringent requirements

In order to gain access to her stores, you must present her with the entire collection of Garden AND Sanctuary keys for your faction beforehand. Yes, that means owning the 11 keys all together !

For Omnis, please refer to these guides for each item needed :
Thrak Garden, Shere Garden, Shere Sanctuary, Roch Garden, Roch Sanctuary, Dalja Garden, Dalja Sanctuary, Vanya Garden, Vanya Sanctuary, Lord Mordeth Garden, Lord Mordeth Sanctuary.

For Clans, please follow these directions on missing keys :
Aban Garden, Enel Garden, Enel Sanctuary, Ocra Garden, Ocra Sanctuary, Gilthar Garden, Gilthar Sanctuary, Cama Garden, Cama Sanctuary, Galahad Garden, Galahad Sanctuary.

Got it all ? Have you computer litteracy maxed ? Got bunch of credits to be spent ? Then, let's move on !

Caina's Sanctuary

You'll first have to right-click the Caina stone corresponding to your side : Dante's for Clans, Machiavelli's for Omnis.

Clan's side, the NPC is located immediately right of the saving spot, on the roof of a small stone pedestal :

Omni's side, he is hidden away slightly toward the north-west within the hedge maze :

In any case, open dialog by right-clicking the NPC, then left-clic the usual shopping icon below ...

Shopping time !

What would you get by spitting out your precious cash ? Well, let's detail his formulas by profession below.

Adventurer :
~550M ~50M ~250M

Agent / Fixer / Soldier* (1 more below) :
~100M ~50M ~250M ~550M

Bureaucrat :
~250M ~550M ~550M

Doctor :
~550M ~250M ~550M
~250M ~50M ~50M

Martial Artist :

Nano Technician :
~50M ~150M ~50M

Shade :

Soldier* (4 more upper) :

Trader :
~100M ~50M ~50M ~150M

Enjoy and remember : these nanos are YESDROP so you still can lend your credits to a trustable buyer owning all keys and therefore able to complete the trade for you.

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