Shere Garden Key Quest

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Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 50-100
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So, you think you have what it takes to make the Prophet see you have the abilities to accomplish the tasks he is about to set upon you? If you can, you will gain a permanent access key to the Garden of Shere.

To begin your quest, we started in Shere garden (in Elysium). It really is very helpful to have collected up to 8 Shere insignias before you start as being able to travel via the garden statues makes things a little quicker. But if you are not afraid to either /terminate or find a mob to pick a fight with so you die, then that is your other alternative.

NOTE: It really helps to upload each new mission's coordinates to the map so you can find where to go more easily.

Important: You should always try to use the most grovelling conversation pathes, if you don't you may find yourself in a dead end and have to start all over again.

Lets get started...

Exit to Nero and head south along the rock wall cliff. You will see a ramp in the temple area, go up it and you'll find
Prophet Nar Shere
Elysium North - 922x397
(coords 922, 397) at the top.

Prophet Nar Shere.

Upon meeting Prophet Nar Shere, you will find that he is quite cynical of your abilities to do.. well anything really. But after speaking with him for a while, he will give you the benefit of the doubt. He hands you a letter which you must take to Sheres most devoted. These chosen ones will appear one by one in your mission tab.

Our first visit will be to Follower Man-Wox Shere.

Follower Man-Wox Shere.

Follower Man-Wox Shere is standing right next to the right of the prophet. Open dialog with the Follower and ensure you get his approval.

Also, very close by is
Visionist Jorr-Dom Shere
Elysium North - 900x420
(900, 420), standing at the beginning of the ramp you went up to see Prophet Nar Shere. Again approval must be sought.

Visionist Jorr-Dom Shere.

Once you have spoken with the Visionist, the next conversation you have will be with Hypnogogic Xum-Ixi Shere. To find him, go back up the ramp and stand behind the Prophet Nar Shere.

Hypnagogic Xum-Ixi Shere
Elysium North - 926x391
(926, 391) should be standing on a platform to the left.

Hypnogogic Xum-Ixi Shere.

Hypnogogic Xum-Ixi Shere is a pain to talk to because he will end the conversation if you choose the wrong option in the dialogue. If you do not want to go through the annoyance of him ignoring you, use the following selections:

"I apologize for disturbing you, Xum-Ixi."
Next, say "May I speak with you?quot;
Tell him who you are with the first option "I am <name>".
Xum-Ixi will speak some more and tell him that "Prophet Nar Shere sent me."
Next say "You know what I need, why are we wasting time?quot;
Next "There is still a need to learn from the past..."
Then " make sure we do not fail in our search..."
And lastly Xum-Ixi will ask you what you search for, and say "Divinity."

He'll ask for the sealed letter, hand it to him and he'll speak some more then your quest is updated.

To make the next part of your journey a little easier, head back to the garden now. Exit at Stormshelter, turn right and go to the front of the temple you came out at. On a platform you will find the
Follower Yutt-Ixi Shere
Elysium East - 696x559
(696, 559).

Follower Yutt-Ixi Shere.

In your immediate vicinity, you should also see and speak with Visionist Dom-Xum Shere.

Visionist Dom-Xum Shere.

After speaking with the Visionist, go back to the garden and exit to Remnans, talk to Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere who is close by.

Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere.

Go back to the garden and exit at The Fallen Forest. Follow the road to the south, then a bit south-east following the road, then when you see on the map where there is an intersection that is where you can find
Ardent Pi Shere
Elysium West - 927x1481
(927, 1481).

Ardent Pi Shere.

Go back to the garden once your quest is updated and return the letter back to the Prophet Nar Shere at Nero. The Prophet Nar Shere will update your quest yet again and tell you to look for someone in the garden.

Go back into the garden, and once in there go north into the maze of bushes almost to the back. Inside the maze you'll find
Garboil Chi Shere
- 445x520
(445, 520) who will take the letter and update your quest.

Garboil Chi Shere.

Garboil Chi Shere will give you an Ancient Tracking Device that you are supposed to target each of the following Redeemed mobs that will be listed in your mission.

The first one to target is Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar. Exit out of the garden at The Jagged Coast and go northwest to the Redeemed temple grounds you can see in the distance. Enter into the white "hut" and you'll find
Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar
Elysium East - 540x1778
(540, 1778), select him and your mission will update.

Watcher Enel Ulma Thar.

The next two to target are Sipius Enel Lux-Mara and Devoted Enel Ilad-Ulma who are in the same white "hut" with Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar.

Sipius Enel Lux-Mara.

Devoted Enel Ilad-Ulma.

Go back to the garden the same way you came out previously and exit at Spade. Head northwest around the mountain then head north to coords (873, 1226).

We are required to tag
Watcher Enel Hume-Yeol
Elysium South - 873x1226
, Sipius Enel Gil-Gil, Diviner Enel Thar-Thar, and Devoted Enel Cama-Lux who are all near each other in the same area.

Watcher Enel Hume Yeol.

Sipius Enel Gil Gil.

Diviner Enel Thar Thar

Devoted Enel Cama Lux.

That was quite a lot of tagging, now head back to the garden and exit to Shunpike. We are headed East to find
Watcher Enel Mara-Cama
Elysium - 760x936
who wanders on the bridge at (760, 936).

Watcher Enel Mara-Cama.

Your next target is
Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad
Elysium - 819x824
who is slightly southeast at coords (819, 824).

Devoted Enel Thar Ilad.

Your mission will update again and tell you to return to Garboil Chi Shere. Head back to the garden and return the Ancient Tracking Device to Garboil Chi Shere.

Congratulations, you should have received your:

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