One With a Graceful Neck

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Level: 60-150
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The 16.2 patch saw Elysium become filled with fantastic quests for low to mid level characters. For this guide, our journey will start at 1000 x 1050 with
One With a Graceful Neck
Elysium East - 1003.8x1052.7
. Our reward will be Specialisation 2, book 3.

Our mission is called searching for truth and our first task is to go and pick 5 red plants called "Adenium rutilus" with a Gamma pruning knife.

The plants are located south of One With a Graceful Neck
near a heckler spawning point
Elysium East - 930x690

When you have collected your 5 plants, return to One With a Graceful Neck. Open dialog with him and trade the plants and the knife.

Upon completion you will receive 20k XP, 50k Credits, a Mini-XP Reward and The Girl that Saw it All - Chapter 3.

Last updated on 01.07.2022 by Saavick
Written by Uragon and Ukblizzard.
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