One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth

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The 16.2 patch saw Elysium become filled with fantastic quests for low to mid level characters. For this guide, our journey will start at The Melting Pot in Elysium 720 x 1565. There you will need to talk to The Yuttos named One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth. These quests appear to only be able to be completed once.

Firstly, he will ask you for help. When you tell him that you can help him you will be given the option to take up to 5 quests:

Deliver an Ancient Text
Upon picking this dialog option, One Who has Taken Vow of Truth will place an "Ancient Text" in your inventory. You will get a new mission in your mission tab which tells you to go to visit Shades of Grey and will also allow you to upload a way point. His position is 1672 x 624

Upon talking to Shades of Grey, you will find that he needs something that he calls a medicine. As he wont help you until you help him, he gives you a kill mission to kill 5 Stalking Slayers as he needs their skins. These mobs are immediately in range to the North East of where he is standing and are approximately level 60.

When you have all 5, return to Shades of Grey. When you have traded with him, he will request that you obtain the tear gland of a Rafter. Jump off the cliff directly behind him to find the rafters. They are approximately level 80. There do not seem to be any heckers in this area!

When you have the tear gland, run back up the path and across the bridge to Shades of Grey. He will ask you if you have the ingredient. Therefore, trade him the tear gland. This will complete his mission and give you a ql 120 Ring of Divine Teardrops 20k XP and 250k Credits.

He should now take the text from you. On trading the text, the mission is completed. You will receive 25k XP and 20k Credits.

Frozen Artifacts
For this mission, the Yuttos needs you to find a Frozen Bone from the Chill Spider and a Frozen Goblet of Frost Breath from the Icy Shadows.

The Shiver Spiders are located just between Whispervale and Stormshelter at approximately 440 x 700. You need to kill 5 of these for the mission and to gain the Frozen Shiver Spider Bone.

The Icy Shadows are located in East of Elysium 790 x 1200 in the mouth of the river. You need to kill 5 of these for the Frozen Goblet of Frost Breath.

Now we need to deliver both of the frozen artifacts back to One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth. So, back to the Yuttos camp. Tell him that you have the items and then he will trade with you. This will lead you to completion of the mission, 100k XP, 250k Credits, and Sable Sleeves of Fantasies.

Rafter Root Samples
For this mission, he wants us to find 4 different types of rafters. You get the choice to find one at a time, or take all the quests at the same time. If you choose "all 4 samples at once" all the missions will upload into your mission tab at once. You will need to kill each type of Rafter 4 times. The rafters appear to be around level 60.

After killing all the rafters, you should now have 4 root samples in your inventory. So, once again, it is time to head back to the Yuttos Camp. After talking to One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth and trading all the root samples, you will be rewarded with a Staff of Pelias, 80k XP and 200k Credits.

Hiathlin Artifact
This mission is called Soul Feeding. There is a grand total of 26 kills to make for this mission... locked and loaded? Lets go!

We need to kill the mobs in order for this mission and as we take the Southern exit from the camp, luckily the first ones we find are the Cagey Hoathlins, you should be able to tab one immediately - this part of the mission requires us to to kill 10.

Your mission should update at this point and highlight your next target.. Fissure Hiathlins. The Fissure Hiathlins appear to be approximately level 70 mobs and are located at 500 x 1500.

After killing all 10 Fissure Hiathlins, you should receive 60k XP and a mission update. Now to find 5 Malah-Behns. We found a quite reasonably populated area in the cave area in West Elysium starting at 920 x 870. The mobs were around level 80.

When 5 of those killed, our next targets are 3 Hoathlans. You will find them at the Chapel of Chants as shown on the map.

Next on our kill list are 3 Brisk Hoathlans. They are also located at the Chapel of Chants and are level 60-70.

The next targets are Malah-Ana. You will need to kill 2 of these. They are also at the Chapel of Chants.

Now 1 Malah, also located at the Chapel!

... and now one Malah-Dren - conincidentally enough, also at the Chapel! Upon killing this target you will gain 60k XP

AND FINALLY Hiathlin Lookout.

There was only 1 Lookout that we saw, and as people seem to use this area as an XP teaming place it could be that you have to wait a little while for a spawn.

An item called Hiathlin Soulcatcher should spawn into your inventory and your mission should have updated.We should now return to One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth. Tell him that you haev the Hiathlin artifact and trade it with him. He will reward you with a Wrath of Zeus, 380k XP and 1m credits.

Excalibur's End
There is a quest which will take you to Excaliburs End. This mission needs you to find the sword. The wildlife on the way to the location is approximately level 100.

The sword is located at the bottom of the steps to and when you have clicked on it, you should take yourself back to One Who has Taken Vow of Truth. Not only will you receive 20k XP and 50k Credits but you will get an interesting background story to the location.

Find Ergo

You are able to ask him if he knows the way to Ergo, to which he will give you a way point for Ergo.
On the way up to Ergo, the mobs we faced were up to approximately level 110. Upon reaching Ergo, the mission finished, therefore there does not seem to be a reason for this mission other than to find your way to Ergo!

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Written by Ukblizzard and Uragon.
Thank you to Fekal for the feedback on the reward from Shades of Grey.
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