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The 16.2 patch saw Elysium become filled with fantastic quests for low to mid level characters. For this guide, our journey will start at Archbile, 440 x 990 with a Yuttos named
One Who Has Achieved Glory
Elysium West - 440x990

The Yuttos will allow you to tell him that you are wondering if he has any work for you. This will lead us to three options: A delivery to Tinker Tower, an extermination trip to the swamps and a hunt for the Somphos horn.

Tinker Tower
One Who has Achieved Glory wants us to go on a simple delivery trip to Tinker Tower to give some Sphagnum Moss to The One Loved By The Sun.

The One Loved by the Sun
Elysium North - 275x1010
is on the first level up the tower at 275 x 1010.

As soon as you open dialog and trade him the Moss, you will complete the mission gain 25k XP and 20k Credits.

The One Loved by the Sun also has some quests you can take him up on these are in a separate guide though.

For now we will return to One Who Has Achieved Glory.

Extermination trip to the Swamps
The reward for this mission will be an eye of the evening star. Our mission needs us to kill 3 Bony Spinetooths and 3 Kolaana-Behns.

Bony Spinetooths
Elysium West - 355x1600
are located at 355 x 1600 in Archbile.

Once we have killed 3 of those, we will receive a Bony Spinetooth Claw in our inventory. Now we are off to locate
Elysium West - 945x900
. They are at 945 x 900 just South of Sabre's Cradle.

Once you have killed 3 Kolaana's you will gain a Patch of Kolaana-Behn fur. Now we need to head back to One Who Has Achieved Glory.

Open dialog, trade both items and you will complete mission. Your reward will be an Eye of the Evening Star, 100k XP and 250k Credits.

Our last mission from One Who Has Achieved Glory:

Somphos horn.
This mission requires you to kill 5 Somphos Brunees, 3 Somphos Gulees and a Somphos Grainee to retrieve the Somphos Horn.

We will go and find the Somphos Brunees first - we found a good amount of them at Shunpike,
cluster of Somphos Brunees #1
Elysium - 800x1180
around 800 x 1180,
cluster of Somphos Brunees #2
Elysium - 600x775
600 x 775 and
cluster of Somphos Brunees #3
Elysium - 600x700
600 x 700. They were around level 65.

When you have killed 5 Somphos Brunees, head back to the western coast of Elysium towards Archbile. You will find the
Somphos Gulees
Elysium West - 400x1600
at approximately 400 x 1600.

After you have killed 3 of those, you need to locate a Somphos Grainee. We found one just a little further south.

Upon killing the Somphos Grainee, you will receive the Somphos Horn in your inventory. Run back to One Who has Achieved Glory, open dialog with him and trade him the horn.

Upon completion you will receive 300k XP and 500k Credits.

Last updated on 10.26.2012 by Llie
Written by Ukblizzard and Uragon.
Somphos Brunees coordinate information updated further to information from Reetster.
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