Ancient Container

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Level: 100-220
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While in the realm of the latest armors available, it may not be the best or most sought after item, the Ancient Container may still be an item you want to get your hands on. Especially on the RK2019 server. At least until you can manage to tackle the Prisoners and fit into one of their coveted Cloaks of the Reanimated.

While the Ancient Container does not require any particular faction to wear, to get to this you first have to obtain an Heirlom from an Adonis Temple. Which temple will be determined by what faction you are! The process to obtain the Heirloom is similar to later version of obtaining sided keys to Sanctuary Gardens.

For Clan you will be heading underwater to the Unredeemed Temple, so dont forget your scuba gear! The entrance is visible on your map toward the southern end of the Lagoon and may be best reached from the Lament Lagoon statue exit in the southern most part of the Abyss.

Underwater Entrance and Lagoon map

For Omni you will be heading skyward on clouds of rock to teh Redeemed Temple, so don't make a misstep! The entrance is visible on your map far East of the Brink on the floating island and may be best reached from jumping from the Garden of Dalja. Its best to first make sure your character is saved there. After you save proceed West in the garden to its edge. Jump off of the Garden and you will land on the far Eastern side of City South, and a short distance from your goal.

Where you will land in Adonis after jumping from Garden of Dalja

Entrance to Redeemed temple and the island to redeemed temple

Before you enter the temple, be sure to collect 6 insignias of the Opposing faction. Make your way to the temple and kill the boss/prophet. Feed the 6 insignias to the Acolyte that appears. Just feed, dont bother with his chat! This will spawn Joshua Khan (Omni) or Eva Pourais, (Clan).

These mobs drop an Heirloom.

Click on the heirloom and it becomes a

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