Trader pets

Class: Trader
Faction: All Factions
Level: 215-220
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That's right folks, this is lifetime oppurtunity!! If you'll follow this guide you won't get 1, you won't get 2, you'll get 3 pets to control! And as a special offer, if you get on it next 30 minutes, we'll give you 4th helper absolutly free!!!

Ah, the gentleman at back just asked how he can secure this sweet deal. Nothing is easier than that, all you need is Cease and Desist Order. And if you don't have it yet, you can check how to get it here.

You can start your racketeering act in Borealis, in the
Borealis - 615x452
located at 615x452.


Before you enter, right click on Cease and Desist Order.

Please remember, this is a special invitation. So anyone entering with you will be warped right out. Should you disturb anyone, you'll also be warped right out. Upon entering please right click on Communications Device to activate Privacy Shield Generator.


Once you'll do that, you'll be promptly joined by 3 representatives from Carlo Pinetti firm: Lead Counsel, Support Counsel and Managing Partner.


Be prepared at this point, since Carlo Pinetti law firm is leading firm on Rubi-Ka, mainly due their agressive approach


Your primary target should be Managing Partner, since we know from a secure source he has Business Card (Decision by Committee) on his person. Looting it from his corpse shouldn't be that hard, right?

Good luck :)

Fine print: While you can do this as soon as lvl 215, you won't be able to upload nano till level 220. Once casts, pets last for 30 seconds and you can't recast them for another 30 minutes. They hit for like 90 damage, but have 4 different nifty procs to debuff target. Since low AR they miss a lot or proc simply doesn't start. Oh, and is you get killed before you loot nano, you need to wait outside for 20 minutes for Privacy Screen Genarators to despawn. And final note: always read fine print first.

Last updated on 10.22.2012 by Llie
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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