Shadowlands Elite Daily Missions

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Level: 120-220
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You might be familiar with
Jobe Research Lab R1
Jobe Research - 934x910
already if you've ever handed in a DOJA Chip. This lab has more to offer than DOJA Chip collection though.

Talk with Jozef Swia to receive an elite Shadowlands daily mission. You can get one of these missions every 18 hours, and the lockout mission does not conflict with Rubi-Ka daily elite missions, DOJA missions, or any other missions.

Do keep in mind that these are elite daily missions in the same sense as other elite daily missions; they are much more difficult and often require a team to complete to them. You simply need to speak with Jozef Swia and ask for the elite assignment.

Jobe Research Lab R1

Jozef Swia

Available Missions

Which missions are available depends on your level:

Level rangeMission
120-149Elysium Catacombs; kill several bosses in the catacombs.
150-179Scheol Catacombs; kill several bosses in the catacombs.
180-200Adonis Catacombs; kill several bosses in the catacombs.
201-214Penumbra Catacombs; kill several bosses in the catacombs.
201-214Alappaa; clear Alappaa.
215-220Inferno Catacombs; kill several bosses in the catacombs.
215-220Lord of the Void; kill Lord of the Void. Any Lord of the Void will do, but the one in Nascense near Nascense Wilds is probably the most conveniently located.
215-220Albtraum; kill one of the bosses in Albtraum.
215-220The Night Heart; kill the Night Heart in Pandemonium.
215-220The Zodiacs; kill one the Zodiacs in Pandemonium.
215-220The Beast; click on the portal to exit the Beast's lair in Pandemonium. You don't technically have to be present when the Beast is killed, but the portal spawns after its death.

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