Perk-Reset Service Provider

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Perk-Reset Service Provider

Location: 281 x 564, Jobe Platform

Perk-Reset Service Provider

When you first talk to the provider, you can request a full perk reset. This will not cost you anything. The reset will, as it states, literally reset all the perks you have assigned in your perk user interface.

Requesting the full perk reset will cause a new mission to be in your mission panel (CTRL + 4) called "Full Perk Points Reset Service". This mission has a duration of 2 days.

Should you want to reset your perks again within this 2 day period, it will cost you 20 million credits each time you wish to do so. If you wait for the mission timer to end, you can reset again for free.

Last updated on 04.07.2009 by Ukblizzard
Written by Ukblizzard.
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