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Here is an updated list of Nano Crystals sold in Gardens and Sanctuaries sorted by professions. All listed nanos have been confirmed on the Omni / Unredeemed Gardens & Sanctuaries. Please note that the lowest Garden or Sanctuary is mentioned, in some cases you will find the nano in the higher zone as well.
Please notify us of any changes, errors, or discrepencies.

It is important to note that you are required to have the permenant Key corrisponding to the Garden/Sanctuary that you are trying to buy Nanos from or the nano vendor will not sell to you.

In the lists the following analogies apply

LocationName of the Redeemed LordName of the Unredeemed Lord







Adventurer Agent Bureaucrat Doctor Enforcer EngineerFixerKeeper Martial Artist Meta-Physicist Nano-Technician Shade Soldier TraderGeneral

Image Adventurer

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Beauty of LifePandemonium Garden
Build Basic Spirit Tech Source ProjectorNascence Garden
Build Boosted Spirit Tech Source FountainScheol Sanctuary
Build Spirit Tech Source FountainScheol Garden
Build Spirit Tech Source DrillAdonis Garden
Build Spirit Tech Source PumpAdonis Sanctuary
Build Spirit Tech Source GeyserPandemonium Garden
Build Spirit Tech Source Waterfall ProjectorInferno Garden
Build Twinked Basic Spirit Tech Source ProjectorNascence Garden
Build Upgraded Spirit Tech Source FountainScheol Garden
Build Yuttos Upgraded Spirit Tech Source ProjectorElysium Garden
Aggressive ReptilePandemonium Garden
Calia's Anatomy: SabretoothPandemonium Garden
Calia's Anatomy: WolfPandemonium Garden
Growling PredatorPandemonium Garden
Calia's Morph SabretoothInferno Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 217668
Inferno Sanctuary
Calia's Morph: WolfInferno Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223165
Pandemonium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 223157
Pandemonium Garden
Grove GuardianPandemonium Garden
Grove WardenPandemonium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 223153
Inferno Garden
LifecureInferno Garden
Light of LifeInferno Garden
Grove CuratorInferno Garden
Grove CustodianInferno Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223163
Pandemonium Garden
Scale RegenerationPandemonium Garden
Scale RegrowthInferno Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223149
Pandemonium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 223145
Inferno Garden
Unknown ItemID: 223155
Inferno Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223161
Pandemonium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 223159
Pandemonium Garden

Image Agent

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Absolve GuiltPandemonium Garden
Anger ShockElysium Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Bail Out)Scheol Garden
Nano Crystal (Blast of Avoidance)Scheol Garden
Blast of CircumventionInferno Sanctuary
Blast of NeglectPenumbra Garden
Blast of OmmitanceInferno Sanctuary
Blast of OutflankingPandemonium Garden
Blast of RejectionPandemonium Garden
Break OutAdonisSanctuary
Burst OutInferno Garden
DisappearPandemonium Garden
Fade From MemoryPandemonium Garden
Harm ShockPandemonium Garden
Ignore Past ActionsPandemonium Garden
Jarring ShockAdonis Sanctuary
Make OffInferno Sanctuary
Numbing ShockInferno Garden
Relieve StressInferno Garden
Renounce AngerInferno Sanctuary
Sickening ShockInferno Sanctuary
Slip AwayInferno Sanctuary
Unsettling ShockPandemonium Garden
Waves of AngerElysium Garden
Waves of HarmPandemonium Garden
Waves of IllnessInferno Garden
Waves of JarringAdonis Garden
Waves of NumbingPenumbra Sanctuary
Waves of SickeningInferno Sanctuary
Waves of TraumaPandemonium Garden
Waves of UnsettlingPandemonium Garden

Image Bureaucrat

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Corporate GuardianPandemonium Garden
Empowered Anger AddlementScheol Garden
Empowered Chaotic MindPandemonium Garden
Empowered ContemplationPandemonium Garden
Empowered Cubicle DwellerPenumbra Sanctuary
Empowered DemotivateAdonis Sanctuary
Empowered Disjointed From RealityInferno Sanctuary
Empowered Distracted GazeElysium Garden
Empowered Divided EgoPandemonium Garden
Empowered Introspective EngagementInferno Garden
Empowered SleepScheol Sanctuary
Empowered Wandering MindInferno Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Aggravated SerfElysium Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Angry DrudgeAdonis Garden
Gallant Slave: The Bitter VassalAdonis Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Enraged SlaveNascence Garden
Gallant Slave: The Incensed SubordinatePenumbra Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Indignant PeonScheol Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Infuriated ThrallElysium Garden
Gallant Slave: The Irate ChattelAdonis Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Vengeful ToilerInferno Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 236510
Penumbra Sanctuary
Malaise of EmotionPenumbra Garden
Malaise of FervorPandemonium Garden
Malaise of MotivationAdonis Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 236512
Inferno Garden
Peer PressureInferno Garden
Puissant Captivating SpeechInferno Sanctuary
Puissant Illusionary ParalysisAdonis Garden
Puissant Inhibit MotionInferno Garden
Puissant Momentary DazeNascence Garden
Puissant Musculature CommandPenumbra Garden
Puissant Restrict MovementEylsium Sanctuary
Puissant Total Muscular CommandPandemonium Garden
Puissant Void InertiaPandemonium Garden
Team Empowered Bend WillNascence Garden
Team Empowered Dominate PsycheElysium Garden
Team Empowered Impose WillElysium Sanctuary
Team Empowered Insidious BeguilementScheol Sanctuary
Team Empowered Inveigle SupportScheol Sanctuary
Team Empowered Solicit SupportElysium Garden
Team Empowered Temporary GlamorNascence Garden
Team Empowered Total Mental DominationPenumbra Garden
Team Empowered Voice of TruthInferno Garden
The Voice of GodInferno Sanctuary
The Voice of OneInferno Sanctuary
The Voice of TruthInferno Garden

Image Doctor

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Assauge PainInferno Sanctuary
Blessing of PurityPandemonium Garden
Bodily InvigorationPandemonium Garden
Cellular RebirthPandemonium Garden
Cellular RecuperationInferno Garden
Corrupting OozePandemonium Garden
Entropic SoresInferno Sanctuary
Flesh EaterPandemonium Garden
Mutagenic CatalyserInferno Garden
Mutagenic ContagionPandemonium Garden
Mutagenic ContaminationPenumbra Sanctuary
Mutagenic PestilencePandemonium Garden
Mutagenic VenomAdonis Garden
Renewal of BeingPandemonium Garden
Restorative InfluxInferno Sanctuary
RevivificationPandemonium Garden
Scythe Omega VirusPandemonium Garden
Touch of KindnessInferno Sanctuary
Viral NeurotoxinInferno Sanctuary

Image Enforcer

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Belligerent StanceInferno Sanctuary
DreadbringerPandemonium Garden
Element of CorrosionInferno Garden
Element of FlameElysium Sanctuary
Element of IcePenumbra Garden
Element of MalicePandemonium Garden
Element of PoisonPandemonium Garden
Element of RadiationPandemonium Garden
FearbringerScheol Garden
HatebringerInferno Sanctuary
Impart ResentmentInferno Garden
IrebringerPenumbra Sanctuary
Mongo's GargantuaInferno Sanctuary
Mongo's LeviathanPandemonium Garden
Mongo's ColossusInferno Sanctuary
Mongo's BehemothPandemonium Garden
RagebringerPandemonium Garden
Rancorous EnmityPandemonium Garden
SpiteAdonis Sanctuary
WrathbringerInferno Sanctuary

Image Engineer

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Advanced Predator M-30Adonis Sanctuary
Assurance AdvocacyInferno Garden
Assurance AttentionInferno Sanctuary
Assurance ReliefInferno Sanctuary
Battlefield Devastator DronePenumbra Sanctuary
Desolator Assault DroneInferno Sanctuary
Devastator DronePenumbra Garden
Electrical Engineering KnowledgeScheol Garden
Electrical Engineering MasteryAdonis Sanctuary
Empowered Greater Harmonic CocoonPenumbra Garden
Empowered Harmonic CocoonAdonis Sanctuary
Empowered Lesser Harmonic CocoonScheol Sanctuary
Empowered Minor Harmonic CocoonScheol Garden
Empowered Partial Harmonic CocoonElysium Garden
Empowered Reactive Harmonic CocoonInferno Garden
Field Quantum Physics KnowledgeScheol Garden
Field Quantum Physics MasteryAdonis Sanctuary
Fieldsweeper Devastator DroneInferno Garden
Gift of AssurancePandemonium Garden
Impel Shadowland RecallInferno Garden
Initiate Shadowland RecallScheol Sanctuary
Intrusive Aura of MalaiseAdonis Garden
Isochronal Sloughing Assault ShieldPandemonium Garden
Isochronal Sloughing Combat FieldPandemonium Garden
Isochronal Sloughing Defensive ShieldInferno Garden
Isochronal Sloughing Protective BarrierAdonis Sanctuary
Marauder M-45Inferno Sanctuary
Mechanical Engineering KnowledgeScheol Sanctuary
Mechanical Engineering MasteryAdonis Sanctuary
Military-Grade Marauder M-45Pandemonium Garden
Military-Grade Predator M-30Inferno Garden
Pharmaceuticals KnowledgeScheol Sanctuary
Pharmaceuticals MasteryAdonis Sanctuary
Prototype Predator M-30Scheol Garden
Semi-Sentient Predator M-30Penumbra Garden
Shadowland AnchorScheol Sanctuary
Shadowland SafeguardInferno Garden
Slayerdroid AnnihilatorAdonis Garden
Synchronized Capacitor OverloadPandemonium Garden
Synchronized Energy SpikeInferno Garden
Upgraded Predator M-30Adonis Garden
Upgraded Predator M-30Inferno Garden
Weapon Smithing KnowledgeScheol Sanctuary
Weapon Smithing MasteryPenumbra Garden
Widowmaker Battle DronePandemonium Garden

Image Fixer

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Blessed By ShadowPandemonium Garden
Intense Agglutinative NanowebPandemonium Garden
Intense Gravity BindingsPenumbra Garden
Intense Micro EntanglementElysium Garden
Intense Nano BindingsInferno Sanctuary
Intense Nano NetScheol Garden
Intense Personal EntanglementAdonis Sanctuary
Intense Targetted NanowebInferno Garden
Lasting LifeInferno Garden
Lasting UltimatumInferno Sanctuary
Life BondInferno Garden
Path of ShadowPenumbra Sanctuary
Shadow StepElysium Sanctuary
Slip of AccidentAdonis Sanctuary
Slip of IdeaPenumbra Sanctuary
Slip of IntentInferno Sanctuary
Slip of MindPandemonium Garden
Slip of WillInferno Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IElysium Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IIScheol Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IIIAdonis Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IVPenumbra Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VPenumbra Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VIInferno Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VIIInferno Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VIIIInferno Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IXPandemonium Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK XPandemonium Garden
Tap Notum Vein: AdonisPenumbra Garden
Tap Notum Vein: ElysiumScheol Sanctuary
Tap Notum Vein: InfernoInferno Sanctuary
Tap Notum Vein: NascenceElysium Garden
Tap Notum Vein: PenumbraPenumbra Sanctuary
Tap Notum Vein: ScheolAdonis Sanctuary
Touched With ShadowInferno Sanctuary
Touched With ShadowPandemonium Garden

Image Keeper

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Ambient InvigorationPandemonium Garden
Adaptive Ambient RenaissancePandemonium Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Benevolent Ward)Scheol Garden
Carnage ReaperPenumbra Sanctuary
Crusader ReaperInferno Sanctuary
Divine SanctifierPandemonium Garden
Evangelical ReaperPandemonium Garden
Fanatic ReaperInferno Sanctuary
Guardian WardAdonisSanctuary
Havoc ReaperAdonis Sanctuary
Imminence of BloodshedInferno Garden
Imminence of SlaughterInferno Sanctuary
Pious SanctifierPandemonium Garden
ReaperScheol Garden
Sainted SanctifierPandemonium Garden
Sentinel WardInferno Garden
Tone of BlissPandemonium Garden
Adaptive Tone of SerenityInferno Sanctuary
Vengeance of the BlessedPenumbra Garden
Vengeance of the HolyInferno Garden
WardElysium Garden
Warden WardPandemonium Garden

Image Martial Artist

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Aegis of MetalInferno Garden
Aegis of NotumPandemonium Garden
Aegis of StoneAdonis Garden
Autumn LeavesPandemonium Garden
Dragon StanceInferno Garden
Elude StepPandemonium Garden
Fake OutElysium Sanctuary
Flourishing HealInferno Garden
Grace of the Emperor CraneInferno Sanctuary
Misleading conductAdonis Sanctuary
Peaceful Midnight SkyPandemonium Garden
Petals on WaterPenumbra Garden
Ripples on the Calm PondPandemonium Garden
Rumble of Distant ThunderScheol Garden
Shuffle StepInferno Sanctuary
Smell of Approaching RainInferno Sanctuary
Soul of RubiInferno Garden
Stutter StepPandemonium Garden
Ward BlowInferno Garden

Image Meta-Physicist

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Awaken Shadowland Soul MemoryPenumbra Garden
Boon of Ergo - Enel-RochElysium Garden
Boon of Ergo - Ocra-RochElysium Garden
Calling of Mortificant the EternalInferno Sanctuary
Composite Infuse With KnowledgeAdonis Garden
Composite MasteryElysium Sanctuary
Composite Mochams (1 hour)Inferno Garden
Composite Mochams (2 hours)Inferno Sanctuary
Composite Mochams (4 hours)Pandemonium Garden
Composite Mochams (8 hours)Pandemonium Garden
Composite TeachingsElysium Garden
Corruption of ResolveInferno Garden
Corruption of WillInferno Garden
Debasement of ResolvePandemonium Garden
Debasement of WillPandemonium Garden
Defilement of ResolvePandemonium Garden
Defilement of WillPandemonium Garden
Degredation of ResolveInferno Sanctuary
Degredation of WillInferno Sanctuary
Desecration of ResolvePandemonium Garden
Desecration of WillPandemonium Garden
Distortion of ResolvePenumbra Garden
Distortion of WillPenumbra Garden
Perversion of ResolveInferno Sanctuary
Perversion of WillInferno Sanctuary
Shadowland Soul FetterPenumbra Garden
Summon Biazu the VilePenumbra Sanctuary
Summon Ettu the CursedInferno Sanctuary
Summon Urolok the RottenInferno Garden
Summon Zhok the AbominationPandemonium Garden
Taint of ResolvePandemonium Garden
Taint of WillPandemonium Garden

Image Nano-Technician

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Acidic DropletsAdonis Sanctuary
Ariu's Neutron AnnihilatorScheol Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Astinus's Stellar Pulse)Scheol Garden
Biomolecular CorrosionPenumbra Sanctuary
Blood of HephaestosAdonis Garden
Caring NeedleScheol Garden
Chilled TouchElysium Sanctuary
Chilling PresencePenumbra Garden
Combustive EnvelopmentAdonis Garden
Conator's Collapsing Hadron StringScheol Sanctuary
Constant BarragePandemonium Garden
Distracting ShowerAdonis Garden
Enfraam's Blistering BlastAdonis Sanctuary
Enfraam's Cortex AcceleratorPenumbra Garden
Enfraam's Glacial EncasementPenumbra Garden
Enfraam's PerceiverPenumbra Sanctuary
Enfraam's Perception DecieverPandemonium Garden
Enfraam's Ultimate DestroyerInferno Garden
Entropy's AdvancePenumbra Garden
Implacability of the Second LawInferno Garden
Incessant FlurryPenumbra Garden
Izgimmer's CataclysmPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Celestial FuryInferno Sanctuary
Izgimmer's Celestial ImplosionPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's ContagionPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Corrosive TearPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Defilement of BeingPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Frosty WelcomeInferno Sanctuary
Izgimmer's Gelid CaressPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Hippocampal AugmentorInferno Sanctuary
Izgimmer's InfernoPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Infinite SlicerInferno Sanctuary
Izgimmer's Interstellar ChillInferno Sanctuary
Izgimmer's Malignant DeclarationPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's Positronic AnnihilationInferno Sanctuary
Izgimmer's Quasar FlickerPandemonium Garden
Izgimmer's UltimatumPandemonium Garden
Neuronal StimulatorElysium Garden
Optimized PerceiverInferno Garden
Overwhelming StormInferno Garden
Pestilential StreamAdonis Sanctuary
Positronic FluctuationScheol Sanctuary
Searing Dioxin ShowerAdonis Garden
Slithering FlamesAdonis Sanctuary
Spark ShowerElysium Sanctuary
The Spider's SecretAdonis Sanctuary
Touch of the PyrePenumbra Sanctuary
Vital CorruptorScheol Garden
Ziana's Energy WaveScheol Sanctuary

Image Shade

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Ceremonial CaressPandemonium Garden
Ceremonial GraspInferno Sanctuary
Chthonic DissipationPandemonium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 210403
Scheol Garden
Degeneration of HasteInferno Garden
Unknown ItemID: 210405
Adonis Sanctuary
Degeneration of RapidityElysium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 224173
Inferno Sanctuary
Degeneration of HastePandemonium Garden
Unknown ItemID: 224175
Pandemonium Garden
Elemental DissipationPenumbra Sanctuary
Intrinsic DissipationAdonis Garden
Quintessence of IncapacitationElysium Sanctuary
Quintessence of ParalyzationAdonis Garden
Quintessence of PetrificationInferno Garden
Quintessence of StupeficationPandemonium Garden
Quintessence of TransfixionInferno Sanctuary
Primal DissipationInferno Sanctuary
Primitive DissipationScheol Garden
Primordial DissipationInferno Garden
Ritualistic CaressElysium Sanctuary
Ritualistic EmbraceScheol Sanctuary
Ritualistic GraspElysium Garden
Sacrificial BlowAdonis Sanctuary
Sacrificial CaressInferno Garden
Sacrificial EmbraceInferno Garden
Sacrificial GraspPenumbra Sanctuary
Sacrificial TouchAdonis Garden

Image Soldier

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Adaptive Resonance FieldPandemonium Garden
Aggressive InsultPenumbra Sanctuary
Annoying InsultAdonis Sanctuary
Artillery FireElysium Garden
Augment fight (Team)Inferno Sanctuary
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IInferno Garden
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IIInferno Sanctuary
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IIIPandemonium Garden
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IVPandemonium Garden
Battery FireInferno Garden
Boost Fight (Team)Penumbra Sanctuary
Bypass MeScheol Garden
Casual InsultScheol Sanctuary
Canonry FireAdonis Sanctuary
Circumvent MePenumbra Garden
Clear VictimInferno Garden
Deepen fight (Team)Elysium Sanctuary
Desist MePandemonium Garden
Disruptive InsultInferno Sanctuary
Distinct VictimInferno Sanctuary
Elude MeInferno Garden
Empowered Deflection ShieldElysium Sanctuary
Empowered Greater Deflection ShieldScheol Garden
Empowered Greater Reflective FieldPenumbra Sanctuary
Empowered Lesser Deflection ShieldElysium Garden
Empowered Lesser Reflective FieldAdonis Sanctuary
Empowered Major Deflection ShieldScheol Garden
Empowered Major Reflective FieldPenumbra Sanctuary
Empowered Minor Deflection ShieldNascence Garden
Empowered Minor Reflective FieldAdonis Sanctuary
Empowered Partial Deflection ShieldNascence Garden
Empowered Partial Reflective FieldAdonis Garden
Empowered Reactive Deflection ShieldScheol Sanctuary
Empowered Reactive Reflective FieldInferno Garden
Empowered Reflective FieldPenumbra Garden
Gazump fight (Team)Pandemonium Garden
Harmonizing Resonance FieldInfernoSanctuary
Heighten fight (Team)Adonis Garden
Intensify fight (Team)Elysium Garden
Intrusive InsultInferno Sanctuary
Keep Clear of MeInferno Sanctuary
Lesser InsultElysium Sanctuary
Minor InsultNascence Garden
Obvious VictimAdonis Sanctuary
Offensive InsultPandemonium Garden
Pre-Nullity SpherePandemonium Garden
Reactive Resonance FieldInferno Sanctuary
Reinforce fight (Team)Inferno Sanctuary
Shake Off MePandemonium Garden
Undeniable VictimPandemonium Garden
Unmistakable VictimPandemonium Garden

Image Trader

Nano ProgramGarden / Sanctuary
Abolish AluminiumPenumbra Sanctuary
Abolish BismuthPandemonium Garden
Abolish GalliumInferno Garden
Abolish PoloniumPandemonium Garden
Abolish ThalliumPandemonium Garden
Abolish TinInferno Sanctuary
Attenuate DefensePandemonium Garden
Blackmail NotumElysium Sanctuary
Blunt DefenseAdonis Sanctuary
Cheat NotumAdonis Sanctuary
Cleanse Outfit (Team)Adonis Garden
Cosmic RelaxationInferno Garden
Cripple DefenseAdonis Sanctuary
Debilitate DefenseInferno Garden
Despoil NotumPandemonium Garden
Disable Defense]Inferno Garden
Emasculate DefenseInferno Sanctuary
Enliven Outfit (Team)Penumbra Garden
Enfeeble DefenseInferno Sanctuary
Eviscerate DefensePandemonium Garden
Exhaust DefensePandemonium Garden
Invigorate Outfit (Team)Inferno Sanctuary
Mar DefensePandemonium Garden
Plagiarize NotumPandemonium Garden
Purify Outfit (Team)Inferno Sanctuary
Refresh Outfit (Team)Elysium Garden
Restore Outfit (Team)Pandemonium Garden
Rouse Outfit (Team)Pandemonium Garden
Snitch NotumPenumbra Sanctuary
Strip NotumInferno Sanctuary
Supreme Health HagglerInferno Garden
Swindle NotumInferno Sanctuary
Umbral WranglerAdonis Sanctuary
Umbral Wrangler (Advanced)Penumbra Sanctuary
Umbral Wrangler (Commonplace)Scheol Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Umbral Wrangler (Exceptional))Inferno Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Umbral Wrangler (Greater))Inferno Sanctuary
Umbral Wrangler (Lesser)Adonis Garden
Umbral Wrangler (Major)Penumbra Garden
Umbral Wrangler (Minor)Elysium Garden
Umbral Wrangler (Patchy)Elysium Garden
Nano Crystal (Umbral Wrangler (Premium))Pandemonium Garden
Umbral Wrangler (Superior)Inferno Garden
Undermine DefensePandemonium Garden
Weaken DefensePandemonium Garden

Image General

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Original information: Ianjier, Kzak, Shuuji and Kardesh
Additional information: Windguaerd
Based on the Listing of Nanoformulas sorted by Garden/Sanctuary, sorting and confirmation by Niodemus
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