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Here is an updated list of Nano Crystals sold in Gardens and Sanctuaries sorted by location.
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It is important to note that you need to have the Garden key which corresponds with the garden you are wanting to buy a nano from on your character.


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Build Basic Spirit Tech Source ProjectorAdventurerGarden
Build Twinked Basic Spirit Tech Source ProjectorAdventurerGarden
Puissant Momentary DazeBureaucratGarden
Team Empowered Bend WillBureaucratGarden
Team Empowered Temporary GlamorBureaucratGarden
Empowered Minor Deflection ShieldSoldierGarden
Empowered Partial Deflection ShieldSoldierGarden
Minor InsultSoldierGarden


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Composite Attribute BoostGeneralGarden
Composite Nano ExpertiseGeneralGarden
Composite Ranged ExpertiseGeneralGarden
Composite Ranged Special ExpertiseGeneralGarden
Composite Melee ExpertiseGeneralGarden
Build Yuttos Upgraded Spirit Tech Source ProjectorAdventurerGarden
Anger ShockAgentSanctuary
Waves of AngerAgentGarden
Empowered Distracted GazeBureaucratGarden
Team Empowered Dominate PsycheBureaucratGarden
Team Empowered Solicit SupportBureaucratGarden
Puissant Restrict MovementBureaucratSanctuary
Team Empowered Impose WillBureaucratSanctuary
Puissant Restrict MovementBureaucratSanctuary
Element of FlameEnforcerSanctuary
Empowered Partial Harmonic CocoonEngineerGarden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IFixerGarden
Tap Notum Vein: NascenceFixerGarden
Intense Micro EntanglementFixerGarden
Shadow StepFixerSanctuary
Fake OutMartial ArtistSanctuary
Boon of Ergo - Enel-RochMeta PhysicistGarden
Boon of Ergo - Ocra-RochMeta PhysicistGarden
Composite TeachingsMeta PhysicistGarden
Composite MasteryMeta PhysicistSanctuary
Neuronal StimulatorNano TechnicianGarden
Chilled TouchNano TechnicianSanctuary
Spark ShowerNano TechnicianSanctuary
Ritualistic GraspShadeGarden
Degeneration of RapidityShadeGarden
Quintessence of IncapacitationShadeSanctuary
Ritualistic CaressShadeSanctuary
Artillery FireSoldierGarden
Empowered Lesser Deflection ShieldSoldierGarden
Intensify fight (Team)SoldierGarden
Deepen fight (Team)SoldierSanctuary
Empowered Deflection ShieldSoldierSanctuary
Lesser InsultSoldierSanctuary
Refresh Outfit (Team)TraderGarden
Blackmail NotumTraderSanctuary


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Build Boosted Spirit Tech Source Fountain Adventurer Sanctuary
Build Spirit Tech Source Fountain Adventurer Garden
Build Upgraded Spirit Tech Source Fountain Adventurer Garden
Nano Crystal (Blast of Avoidance) Agent Garden
Nano Crystal (Bail Out) Agent Garden
Team Empowered Insidious Beguilement Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Empowered Anger Addlement Bureaucrat Garden
Team Empowered Inveigle Support Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Empowered Sleep Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Fearbringer Enforcer Garden
Prototype Predator M-30 Engineer Garden
Field Quantum Physics Knowledge Engineer Garden
Empowered Lesser Harmonic Cocoon Engineer Sanctuary
Mechanical Engineering Knowledge Engineer Sanctuary
Initiate Shadowland Recall Engineer Sanctuary
Pharmaceuticals Knowledge Engineer Sanctuary
Shadowland Anchor Engineer Sanctuary
Electrical Engineering Knowledge Engineer Garden
Weapon Smithing Knowledge Engineer Sanctuary
Empowered Minor Harmonic Cocoon Engineer Garden
Intense Nano Net Fixer Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK II Fixer Garden
Tap Notum Vein: Elysium Fixer Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Benevolent Ward) Keeper Garden
Reaper Keeper Garden
Rumble of Distant Thunder Martial Artist Garden
Ziana's Energy Wave Nano Technician Sanctuary
Positronic Fluctuation Nano Technician Sanctuary
Ariu's Neutron Annihilator Nano Technician Sanctuary
Vital Corruptor Nano Technician Garden
Caring Needle Nano Technician Garden
Conator's Collapsing Hadron String Nano Technician Sanctuary
Nano Crystal (Astinus's Stellar Pulse) Nano Technician Garden
Unknown ItemID: 210403
Shade Garden
Primitive Dissipation Shade Garden
Ritualistic Embrace Shade Sanctuary
Bypass Me Soldier Garden
Casual Insult Soldier Sanctuary
Empowered Major Deflection Shield Soldier Garden
Empowered Greater Deflection Shield Soldier Garden
Empowered Reactive Deflection Shield Soldier Sanctuary


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Build Spirit Tech Source Drill Adventurer Garden
Build Spirit Tech Source Pump Adventurer Sanctuary
Jarring Shock Agent Sanctuary
Waves of Jarring Agent Garden
Break Out Agent Sanctuary
Empowered Demotivate Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Gallant Slave: The Irate Chattel Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Malaise of Motivation Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Puissant Illusionary Paralysis Bureaucrat Garden
Mutagenic Venom Doctor Garden
Spite Enforcer Sanctuary
Electrical Engineering Mastery Engineer Sanctuary
Mechanical Engineering Mastery Engineer Sanctuary
Upgraded Predator M-30 Engineer Garden
Advanced Predator M-30 Engineer Sanctuary
Pharmaceuticals Mastery Engineer Sanctuary
Isochronal Sloughing Protective Barrier Engineer Sanctuary
Field Quantum Physics Mastery Engineer Sanctuary
Empowered Harmonic Cocoon Engineer Sanctuary
Slayerdroid Annihilator Engineer Garden
Tap Notum Vein: Scheol Fixer Sanctuary
Slip of Accident Fixer Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK III Fixer Garden
Intense Personal Entanglement Fixer Sanctuary
Composite Nano Expertise (2 hours) General Sanctuary
Composite Physical Special Expertise (2 hours) General Sanctuary
Composite Ranged Expertise (2 hours) General Sanctuary
Composite Ranged Special Expertise (2 hours) General Sanctuary
Composite Attribute Boost (2 hours) General Sanctuary
Composite Melee Expertise (2 hours) General Sanctuary
Guardian Ward Keeper Sanctuary
Havoc Reaper Keeper Sanctuary
Misleading Conduct Martial Artist Sanctuary
Aegis of Stone Martial Artist Garden
Composite Infuse With Knowledge Meta Physicist Garden
Searing Dioxin Shower Nano Technician Garden
Slithering Flames Nano Technician Sanctuary
Blood of Hephaestos Nano Technician Garden
Combustive Envelopment Nano Technician Garden
Pestilential Stream Nano Technician Sanctuary
The Spider's Secret Nano Technician Sanctuary
Acidic Droplets Nano Technician Sanctuary
Enfraam's Blistering Blast Nano Technician Sanctuary
Sacrificial Blow Shade Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 210405
Shade Sanctuary
Sacrificial Touch Shade Garden
Intrinsic Dissipation Shade Garden
Quintessence of Paralyzation Shade Garden
Obvious Victim Soldier Sanctuary
Canonry Fire Soldier Sanctuary
Heighten fight (Team) Soldier Garden
Empowered Lesser Reflective Field Soldier Sanctuary
Annoying Insult Soldier Sanctuary
Empowered Minor Reflective Field Soldier Sanctuary
Empowered Partial Reflective Field Soldier Garden
Umbral Wrangler Trader Sanctuary
Blunt Defense Trader Sanctuary
Cheat Notum Trader Sanctuary
Cripple Defense Trader Sanctuary
Cleanse Outfit (Team) Trader Garden


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Waves of Numbing Agent Sanctuary
Blast of Neglect Agent Garden
Team Empowered Total Mental Domination Bureaucrat Garden
Gallant Slave: The Incensed Subordinate Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Malaise of Emotion Bureaucrat Garden
Empowered Cubicle Dweller Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 236510
Bureaucrat Sanctuary
Puissant Musculature Command Bureaucrat Garden
Mutagenic Contamination Doctor Sanctuary
Irebringer Enforcer Sanctuary
Element of Ice Enforcer Garden
Battlefield Devastator Drone Engineer Sanctuary
Weapon Smithing Mastery Engineer Garden
Semi-Sentient Predator M-30 Engineer Garden
Empowered Greater Harmonic Cocoon Engineer Garden
Devastator Drone Engineer Garden
Tap Notum Vein: Penumbra Fixer Sanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IV Fixer Garden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK V Fixer Sanctuary
Tap Notum Vein: Adonis Fixer Garden
Path of Shadow Fixer Sanctuary
Intense Gravity Bindings Fixer Garden
Slip of Idea Fixer Sanctuary
Carnage Reaper Keeper Sanctuary
Vengeance of the Blessed Keeper Garden
Petals on Water Martial Artist Garden
Awaken Shadowland Soul Memory Meta Physicist Garden
Summon Biazu the Vile Meta Physicist Sanctuary
Distortion of Resolve Meta Physicist Garden
Distortion of Will Meta Physicist Garden
Shadowland Soul Fetter Meta Physicist Garden
Chilling Presence Nano Technician Garden
Enfraam's Glacial Encasement Nano Technician Garden
Enfraam's Cortex Accelerator Nano Technician Garden
Touch of the Pyre Nano Technician Sanctuary
Entropy's Advance Nano Technician Garden
Biomolecular Corrosion Nano Technician Sanctuary
Elemental Dissipation Shade Sanctuary
Sacrificial Grasp Shade Sanctuary
Boost Fight (Team) Soldier Sanctuary
Aggressive Insult Soldier Sanctuary
Circumvent Me Soldier Garden
Empowered Greater Reflective Field Soldier Sanctuary
Empowered Reflective Field Soldier Garden
Umbral Wrangler (Advanced) Trader Sanctuary
Enliven Outfit (Team) Trader Garden
Abolish Aluminium Trader Sanctuary
Snitch Notum Trader Sanctuary


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Abolish GalliumTraderGarden
Abolish TinTraderSanctuary
Aegis of MetalMartial ArtistGarden
Adaptive Ambient RenaissanceKeeperSanctuary
Assauge PainDoctorSanctuary
Assurance AdvocacyEngineerGarden
Assurance AttentionEngineerSanctuary
Assurance ReliefEngineerSanctuary
Augment fight (Team)SoldierSanctuary
Augmented Mirror Shield MK ISoldierGarden
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IISoldierSanctuary
Battery FireSoldierGarden
Belligerent StanceEnforcerSanctuary
Blast of CircumventionAgentSanctuary
Blast of OmmitanceAgentSanctuary
Build Spirit Tech Source Waterfall ProjectorAdventurerGarden
Burst OutAgentGarden
Calia's Morph SabretoothAdventurerSanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 217668
Calia's Morph: WolfAdventurerSanctuary
Calling of Mortificant the EternalMeta PhysicistSanctuary
Cellular RecuperationDoctorGarden
Ceremonial GraspShadeSanctuary
Clear VictimSoldierGarden
Composite Attribute Boost (4 hours)GeneralSanctuary
Composite Melee Expertise (4 hours)GeneralSanctuary
Composite Mochams (1 hour)Meta PhysicistGarden
Composite Mochams (2 hours)Meta PhysicistSanctuary
Composite Nano Expertise (4 hours)GeneralSanctuary
Composite Physical Special Expertise (4 hours)GeneralSanctuary
Composite Ranged Expertise (4 hours)GeneralSanctuary
Composite Ranged Special Expertise (4 hours)GeneralSanctuary
Cosmic RelaxationTraderSanctuary
Crusader ReaperKeeperSanctuary
Corruption of ResolveMeta PhysicistGarden
Corruption of WillMeta PhysicistGarden
Debilitate DefenseTraderGarden
Degeneration of HasteShadeGarden
Degredation of ResolveMeta-PhysicistSanctuary
Degredation of WillMeta-PhysicistSanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 224173
Desolator Assault DroneEngineerSanctuary
Disruptive InsultSoldierSanctuary
Disable DefenseTraderGarden
Distinct VictimSoldierSanctuary
Dragon StanceMartial ArtistGarden
Element of CorrosionEnforcerGarden
Elude MeSoldierGarden
Emasculate DefenseTraderSanctuary
Empowered Disjointed From RealityBureaucratSanctuary
Empowered Introspective EngagementBureaucratGarden
Empowered Reactive Harmonic CocoonEngineerGarden
Empowered Reactive Reflective FieldSoldierGarden
Empowered Wandering MindBureaucratSanctuary
Enfeeble DefenseTraderSanctuary
Enfraam's Ultimate DestroyerNano-TechnicianGarden
Entropic SoresDoctorSanctuary
Fanatic ReaperKeeperSanctuary
Fieldsweeper Devastator DroneEngineerGarden
Flourishing HealMartial ArtistGarden
Gallant Slave: The Vengeful ToilerBureaucratSanctuary
Grace of the Emperor CraneMartial ArtistSanctuary
Grove CuratorAdventurerGarden
Grove CustodianAdventurerSanctuary
Harmonizing Resonance FieldSoldierSanctuary
Imminence of BloodshedKeeperGarden
Imminence of SlaughterKeeperSanctuary
Impart ResentmentEnforcerGarden
Impel Shadowland RecallEngineerGarden
Implacability of the Second LawNano-TechnicianGarden
Intense Nano BindingsFixerSanctuary
Intrusive InsultSoldierSanctuary
Intense Targetted NanowebFixerGarden
Invigorate Outfit (Team)TraderSanctuary
Isochronal Sloughing Defensive ShieldEngineerGarden
Izgimmer's Celestial FuryNano-TechnicianSanctuary
Izgimmer's Frosty WelcomeNano-TechnicianSanctuary
Izgimmer's Hippocampal AugmentorNano-TechnicianSanctuary
Izgimmer's Infinite SlicerNano-TechnicianSanctuary
Izgimmer's Interstellar ChillNano-TechnicianSanctuary
Izgimmer's Positronic AnnihilationNano-TechnicianSanctuary
Keep Clear of MeSoldierSanctuary
Lasting UltimatumFixerSanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223153
Light of LifeAdventurerGarden
Make OffAgentSanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 236512
Marauder M-45EngineerSanctuary
Military-Grade Predator M-30EngineerGarden
Mongo's GargantuaEnforcerSanctuary
Mongo's ColossusEnforcerSanctuary
Mutagenic CatalyserDoctorGarden
Numbing ShockAgentGarden
Peer PressureBureaucratGarden
Perversion of ResolveMeta PhysicistSanctuary
Perversion of WillMeta PhysicistSanctuary
Primal DissipationShadeSanctuary
Puissant Captivating SpeechBureaucratSanctuary
Puissant Inhibit MotionBureaucratGarden
Purify Outfit (Team)TraderSanctuary
Quintessence of PetrificationShadeGarden
Quintessence of TransfixionShadeSanctuary
Reactive Resonance FieldSoldierSanctuary
Reinforce fight (Team)SoldierSanctuary
Relieve StressAgentGarden
Renounce AngerAgentSanctuary
Restorative InfluxDoctorSanctuary
Sacrificial CaressShadeGarden
Sacrificial EmbraceShadeGarden
Scale RegrowthAdventurerSanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223145
Sentinel WardKeeperGarden
Shadowland SafeguardEngineerGarden
Shuffle StepMartial ArtistSanctuary
Sickening ShockAgentSanctuary
Slip AwayAgentSanctuary
Slip of IntentFixerSanctuary
Slip of WillFixerSanctuary
Unknown ItemID: 223155
Smell of Approaching RainMartial ArtistSanctuary
Soul of RubiMartial ArtistGarden
Strip NotumTraderSanctuary
Summon Ettu the CursedMeta PhysicistSanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VIFixerSanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VIIFixerSanctuary
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK VIIIFixerSanctuary
Summon Urolok the RottenMeta PhysicistGarden
Supreme Health HagglerTraderGarden
Unknown ItemID: 223161
Synchronized Energy SpikeEngineerGarden
Swindle NotumTraderSanctuary
Tap Notum Vein: InfernoFixerSanctuary
Team Empowered Voice of TruthBureaucratGarden
The Voice of GodBureaucratSanctuary
The Voice of OneBureaucratSanctuary
The Voice of TruthBureaucratGarden
Adaptive Tone of SerenityKeeperSanctuary
Touch of KindnessDoctorSanctuary
Touched With ShadowFixerSanctuary
Upgraded Predator M-30EngineerGarden
Nano Crystal (Umbral Wrangler (Exceptional))TraderSanctuary
Nano Crystal (Umbral Wrangler (Greater))TraderSanctuary
Vengeance of the HolyKeeperGarden
Viral NeurotoxinDoctorSanctuary
Ward BlowMartial ArtistGarden
Waves of IllnessAgentGarden
Waves of SickeningAgentSanctuary


Nano ProgramProfessionGarden / Sanctuary
Abolish BismuthTraderGarden
Abolish PoloniumTraderGarden
Abolish ThalliumTraderGarden
Absolve GuiltAgentGarden
Adaptive Resonance FieldSoldierGarden
Aegis of NotumMartial ArtistGarden
Ambient InvigorationKeeperGarden
Attenuate DefenseTraderGarden
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IIISoldierGarden
Augmented Mirror Shield MK IVSoldierGarden
Autumn LeavesMartial ArtistGarden
Beauty of LifeAdventurerGarden
Blast of OutflankingAgentGarden
Blast of RejectionAgentGarden
Blessed By ShadowFixerGarden
Blessing of PurityDoctorGarden
Bodily InvigorationDoctorGarden
Build Spirit Tech Source GeyserAdventurerGarden
Aggressive ReptileAdventurerGarden
Calia's Anatomy: SabretoothAdventurerGarden
Calia's Anatomy: WolfAdventurerGarden
Growling PredatorAdventurerGarden
Cellular RebirthDoctorGarden
Ceremonial CaressShadeGarden
Chthonic DissipationShadeGarden
Composite Attribute Boost (8 hours)GeneralGarden
Composite Melee Expertise (8 hours)GeneralGarden
Composite Mochams (4 hours)Meta-PhysicistGarden
Composite Mochams (8 hours)Meta-PhysicistGarden
Composite Nano Expertise (8 hours)GeneralGarden
Composite Physical Special Expertise (8 hours)GeneralGarden
Composite Ranged Expertise (8 hours)GeneralGarden
Composite Ranged Special Expertise (8 hours)GeneralGarden
Corporate GuardianBureaucratGarden
Corrupting OozeDoctorGarden
Debasement of ResolveMeta-PhysicistGarden
Debasement of WillMeta-PhysicistGarden
Defilement of ResolveMeta-PhysicistGarden
Defilement of WillMeta-PhysicistGarden
Degeneration of HasteShadeGarden
Unknown ItemID: 224175
Desecration of ResolveMeta-PhysicistGarden
Desecration of WillMeta-PhysicistGarden
Desist MeSoldierGarden
Despoil NotumTraderGarden
Divine SanctifierKeeperGarden
Element of MaliceEnforcerGarden
Element of PoisonEnforcerGarden
Element of RadiationEnforcerGarden
Elude StepMartial ArtistGarden
Empowered Chaotic MindBureaucratGarden
Empowered ContemplationBureaucratGarden
Empowered Divided EgoBureaucratGarden
Enfraam's Perception DecieverNano-TechnicianGarden
Evangelical ReaperKeeperGarden
Eviscerate DefenseTraderGarden
Exhaust DefenseTraderGarden
Fade From MemoryAgentGarden
Unknown ItemID: 223165
Flesh EaterDoctorGarden
Gazump fight (Team)SoldierGarden
Gift of AssuranceEngineerGarden
Unknown ItemID: 223157
Grove GuardianAdventurerGarden
Grove WardenAdventurerGarden
Harm ShockAgentGarden
Ignore Past ActionsAgentGarden
Intense Agglutinative NanowebFixerGarden
Isochronal Sloughing Assault ShieldEngineerGarden
Izgimmer's CataclysmNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's Celestial ImplosionNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's ContagionNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's Corrosive TearNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's Defilement of BeingNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's Gelid CaressNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's InfernoNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's Malignant DeclarationNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's Quasar FlickerNano-TechnicianGarden
Izgimmer's UltimatumNano-TechnicianGarden
Malaise of FervorBureaucratGarden
Mar DefenseTraderGarden
Military-Grade Marauder M-45EngineerGarden
Mongo's LeviathanEnforcerGarden
Mongo's BehemothEnforcerGarden
Mutagenic ContagionDoctorGarden
Mutagenic PestilenceDoctorGarden
Offensive InsultSoldierGarden
Peaceful Midnight SkyMartial ArtistGarden
Unknown ItemID: 223163
Pious SanctifierKeeperGarden
Plagiarize NotumTraderGarden
Pre-Nullity SphereSoldierGarden
Puissant Total Muscular CommandBureaucratGarden
Puissant Void InertiaBureaucratGarden
Quintessence of StupeficationShadeGarden
Rancorous EnmityEnforcerGarden
Renewal of BeingDoctorGarden
Restore Outfit (Team)TraderGarden
Ripples on the Calm PondMartial ArtistGarden
Rouse Outfit (Team)TraderGarden
Sainted SanctifierKeeperGarden
Scale RegenerationAdventurerGarden
Unknown ItemID: 223149
Scythe Omega VirusDoctorGarden
Shake Off MeSoldierGarden
Slip of MindFixerGarden
Stutter StepMartial ArtistGarden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK IXFixerGarden
Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK XFixerGarden
Summon Zhok the AbominationMeta-PhysicistGarden
Unknown ItemID: 223159
Synchronized Capacitor OverloadEngineerGarden
Taint of ResolveMeta-PhysicistGarden
Taint of WillMeta-PhysicistGarden
Tone of BlissKeeperGarden
Touched With ShadowFixerGarden
Nano Crystal (Umbral Wrangler (Premium))TraderGarden
Undeniable VictimSoldierGarden
Undermine DefenseTraderGarden
Unmistakable VictimSoldierGarden
Unsettling ShockAgentGarden
Warden WardKeeperGarden
Waves of HarmAgentGarden
Waves of TraumaAgentGarden
Waves of UnsettlingAgentGarden
Weaken DefenseTraderGarden
Widowmaker Battle DroneEngineerGarden

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