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This is a small guide on how to obtain the Novictum ring which will grant you permission to access the final frontier of the Shadowlands, Pandemonium. Besides the Novictum ring, which is needed for access, it is highly recommended that you obtain the ring Hold Hell at Bay from the Hold Hell at Bay Ring Quest or buy it from someone. This ring will protect you from the harsh environment (a 6k DoT) of Pandemonium. However, before you're able to use the Hold Hell at Bay ring, you may need to check that you have acquired 30,000 guardian faction (by killing hecklers including inferno hecklers).


These are merely suggestions to where the ring can be obtained. These are easy to access from the garden if you are saved there. You can however obtain the ring from any static dungeon in Inferno, but the specific ones mentioned beneath are popular due to their proximity to the statues.

It is strongly recommended that you bring a team for making your way there and through the dungeon itself. The dungeon is a labyrinth which is packed with mobs.

This specific dungeon (Infernious Pain) is located slightly South West from Clan statue: Sorrow Outlook.

This specific dungeon (Twisted Illusions) is located slightly North West from Omni statue: Yutto Marshes.

The following section will act as kind of a spoiler for the Omni dungeon shown above, which will show you the direct route down to the boss for this static dungeon.

Path To The Boss

Green blob = Floor starting point
Red blob = Lift
White line = Route

At the end of this path you will find a (roughly) level 215 - 220 boss which has a high probability of dropping a profession specific ring. It is alright if the ring is not the one for your profession, it can be R-Clicked until it matches the profession ring you require.

Profession Rings

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