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You want to stand out in a crowd?
You want to make a statement?
Look no further, Yalmaha Co. provides the solution!

Customizing your way of transportation has been one of mankind's favorite hobbies for ages. Half a galaxy away and in middle of war it's still the same. Of course resources are low, so there's little you can do. And it comes with price. All parts are available from Tower Shops.

You can upgrade your average Yalmaha XL - 29478 with 2 different coats of color. You can choose either Vivid Red or Gold Flash. The process will require x0.3 CL skill, so to paint a ql 200 Yalm, you'll need 60 CL.


While considering to be a "budget" paint job, Auto Paint still costs about twice as much as the cheapest Yalmaha. On the bright side, you get additional AddAllDef and +% resisting roots.

Not flashy enough?
Yalmaha Co. provides the answer to more demanding customers too!

It's called Yalmaha 29500 - The Adaga, which comes with a new higher price tag. Don't get confused, this is just the base vehicle, to which you can apply additional paint. At a price of course. And same 0.3x CL skill (60 CL for a ql 200 Adaga)


It's more expensive and it only adds +% resistance to root.

Should you be unhappy with new color of your Yalm, you can still apply "the other" one over. This will require same 0.3x CL skill (and a bit deeper pocket)

Note: You can only apply paint v. 301 and 303 to standard Yalmaha's and paint v. 309 and 310 to The Adaga. And if you wish to return Custom Adaga back to it's original state, you can do that by using Paint Remover. You'll need 200 skill in Chemistry for that (Paint Remover only works on CUstom Adagas, not on Yalms).

If you have the Alien Invasion Expansion Pack, you might want to consider upgrading your Yalmaha to the 29610 version. It's not cheap either, but it has an updated look.

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