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LE has some great new armor for all professions. These are considered to be the armor to get between Tier 3 and Combined Alien Armor.

This armor is however available at all qls, unlike Tier 3, so some parts would be beneficial as replacements for tier 1 and 2 at different levels. Also, some ql 300 might be better than combined for certain professions, as some fully upgraded pieces add a huge boost to some stats.

The process of upgrading them is the same as upgrading weapons. You will need bio-material, which drops from the new Alien mission bosses. Here is the full list of clumps.

Doctors, Engineers, Keepers, Meta-physicists

Adventurers, Enforcers, Martial artists, Soldiers

Bureaucrats, Nano-technicians, Traders

Agents, Fixers, Shades

Just like the weapons, the upgrading process is simple. Just like the weapons, the mesh changes with certain upgrades. There are no tradeskills involved. Simply add a clump, that must be at least 80% the ql of the Armour!

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