Upgrading Ofab Armor

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Upgrading Ofab Armour

The Lost Eden expansion has some great new armour for every profession. These armour sets are considered to be the armour to get between Tier 3 and Combined Alien Armour.

This armour however is available at all QLs, unlike Tier 3, so some parts would be beneficial as replacements for Tier 1 and 2 at different levels. Also, some QL 300 might be better than combined for certain professions, as some fully upgraded pieces add a huge boost to some stats.

The upgrades for each piece are found in Alien Missions, where they drop from the bosses. They also drop from Dreadloch bosses at the Clan and Omni camps. Here is the complete list:

Doctors, Engineers, Keepers, Meta-physicists

Adventurers, Enforcers, Martial Artists, Soldiers

Bureaucrats, Nano-technicians, Traders

Agents, Fixers, Shades

The tradeskill process itself is pretty straightforward. You just add the clump to the armour piece.

The clump must be 80% the QL of the armour piece.


To see what these armour sets looks like before making them yourself, have a look below. You can click the thumbnails for a larger version. For comparison, the first table shows the normal, unupgraded, Ofab armour. The second table shows the upgraded version.

Unupgraded Ofab



Upgraded Ofab



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