Lox: Arid Rift - Sheri Tater

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Level: 201-220
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Following completing the main questline for Arid Rift, you can pick up an unconnected quest from Sheri Tater.

Sheri Tater

Location: 622 x 462

Sheri Tater.

You are able to ask Sheri some questions when you meet back up with her, she will tell you about who she is, her team... and the entomologist on their team, Aime Jet.

Apparently, Aime hasn't been seen since she and Sheri had an argument. Aime went out into the field on her own, and now Sheri is worried. This makes you concerned too (you are concerned aren't you?), so you can offer to go look for her.

Mission : Extraction

Location: 641 x 750
As Aime Jet hasn't been seen for some time our mission is to find her and escort her back. If multiple people in your team have this quest and speak with Aime, you will get multiples of 2 Protectors spawn for each person who speaks with her. This makes things a little challenging.

Aime Jet.

At the end of her dialog with you, Protector - Jaax'Sinuh will spawn as well as Aime herself attacking you. On killing Aime you will receive the Last Entry of Aime's Journal.

Protector - Jaax'Sinuh.

Mission : Return to Sheri with the Journal

On your return to Sheri, have a chat with her. Sheri will ask why Aime didn't return with you. Explain about the aliens, and then tell her you have the journal. Trade it with her and Sheri will ask if you had read the journal, if you did, you will understand why she wants you to now leave her be.

Reward : Credits and SK.

However... even though Sheri said she wants to be alone, you can pick up a mission from her to find Steven Rogne.

Mission : Locate The Running Man

Location: Area looping around from 420 x 700.

Steven Rogne

You have to stop Steven from his running around to speak with him (Just open dialog with him to do this). Tell him that Sheri sent you to talk to him and to get a report. Steven will give you a dictation device which contains all his conclusions.

Item received : Dictation Device

Return to Sheri, speak with her and trade her the device.

Reward : Credits and SK.

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