Lox: Arid Rift - Lindsay Wriste

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Level: 201-220
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Following completing the main questline for Arid Rift, you can pick up an unconnected quest from Lindsay Wriste.

Lindsay Wriste

Location : Wandering around Arid Rift Start Area

Lindsay Wriste.

When you speak with Lindsay, she explains that she saw something. That yesterday, the canyon south east of where she is usually wandering was emitting strange lights. You have the option to help her, which is something we always enjoy doing... do we not!

Lindsay suggests that you talk to Unicorn Demolitionist Hock.

Mission : Talk to Unicorn Demolitionist Hock

Location: 710 x 952, Arid Rift
Speak to Hock and report to him about the pulsating lights emitting from the nearby canyon, and your suspicion about unknown alien technology.

Unicorn Demolitionist Hock.

Hock tells you to search for them where you saw the lights and to break apart their squadron by killing the leader.

Mission : Kill Cloaked Leader

Location: 768 x 526
Upload your mission waypoint to your map. When you get to the waypoint, you will need to "search" the area just south of it for the Cloaked Squadron Leader. It will not come out of concealment like the Cloaked Scouts do when you attack the other mobs in the area.

Cloaked Squadron Leader.

You do not appear to need much perception to be able to search for him. When he is out of concealment, he wanders around the area. When he is dead, your mission will update.

Mission : Return to Lindsay Wriste

Tell Lindsay that you managed to find the cloaked aliens and kill their leader. She was pleased to hear you completed your task.

Your reward for completing this mission is credits and SK.

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Written by Ukblizzard and Uragon.
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