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Level: 201-220
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Unicorn Commander Labbe

Location: 556 x 590, Central Gateway
You can pick up this supplimentary mission from Unicorn Commander Labbe as soon as you have completed the Mission :: Shiny Shards within the Arid Rift Questline (after Evolution quest).

Unicorn Commander Labbe

Unicorn Commander Labbe offered you a bounty for terminating some of the green menace. They're a danger to the researchers. You will find the aliens scattered all over the playfield which is why it is great to do it alongside the main Arid Rift Questline as you will no doubt be killing the aliens on your way through anyway!

Bounty: Specialists 1 / 5

Kill 5 Specialist - Rimah'Khaz.

Specialist - Rimah'Khaz.

Bounty: Specialists 2 / 5

Kill 5 Combat Medic - Xoch'Uri.

Combat Medic - Xoch'Uri.

Bounty: Specialists 3 / 5

Kill 5 Technician Grade III - Ankari'Ra.

Technician Grade III - Ankari'Ra.

Bounty: Specialists 4 / 5

Kill 5 Alien Scoutships.

Alien Scoutships.

Bounty: Specialists 5 / 5

Kill 5 Vicars.


When you have killed your alien quota as given with the missions, return to Labbe to claim your bounty which in this case is SK and credits.

This mission appears to be repeatable.

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