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Accessed via ICC, the Sunrise Station could have just the apartment you are looking for. With a price tag of 1560 Funcom points or 989m credits, they certainly are not cheap, but maybe after reading this you will think that it is a perfect investment for you!

The apartments have been built by Phasefront, and all new property owners will get a Phasefront Charon with their purchase. The apartments each have names, which will hopefully help you remember which apartment you have a key for! They are named Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia.

How do I get an Apartment?

To get your hands on one of the apartments, you can either buy a key from the in-game item store for 1560 Funcom points, or you can buy it from the Phasefront Salesbot H-91 in the
Phasefront building
Andromeda - 3289x900
in ICC HQ for 989m credits.

When you have your key, you need to head to the shuttle platform in ICC HQ and take the
shuttle to the Sunrise Station
Andromeda - 3139x866

The shuttle to Sunrise Station in ICC HQ.

Inside the Sunrise Station, you will find a large circular room with doors around its outer edge. When you have a key in your inventory, simply enter the apartment door of your choice.

Note: You must NOT be in a team when you do this.

Now, you should be the proud owner of a very expensive apartment!

What is in my apartment?

The question is potentially better phrased as regards to what isn't in the apartments! Let's take a look around.

Entering into the apartment you will be greeted by a large room with dining table. Beyond this is a kitchen area with lots of built in equipment. Whilst washing up you can look out into space and count the stars.

Dining and kitchen area.

To the left of the kitchen area is your very own personal grid terminal, Global Market Interface terminal, banking terminal and mail terminal.


Also in this entrance room is a lovely cozy fire with a book shelf stocked with The Longest Journey, Oriental Cooking, Prophet without honor, Dreamfall and Anarchy Online.

Heading up the stairs to the right hand side of the room (if you are faced with your back to the door) you will find a huge screen to sit and watch and also see the sky outside the windows to each side.

Heading up the stairs the other side is a lovely mezzanine floor level with a bed and a screen or a picture next to the bed. The image appears to be of a person wearing light coloured clothes in a room that seems to have bars on the windows. Who is this person?

Also in the main room is a teleport pad...

Teleport pad.

This leads you to your garage. You will need to use the pad to get back out again too.


Continuing through the apartment you will also find an incredibly luxurious bathroom

Whirlpool and view of the stars.

The bathroom also has 3 shells... and as apparently everyone should know what to do with the shells, we won't add anything else.*

In addition to all of this, you also get a garden with a bench you can sit on and watch the sky.

Garden with a view.

So what about additional furniture?

We counted 25 to 30 items that can be placed in the apartments.

Furniture can be bought from furniture terminals in Luxury shops. If you leave any furniture over this limit it will disappear.

You can add picture frames for the walls, plants, stereo systems, lights, lamps, statues and even a refrigerator!

If you have the Alien Invasion expansion you can also add larger furniture like chairs, tables and beds. To buy this furniture go to Uncle Bazzit's Workshop in the town Meetmedere in Newland Desert at the coordinates 1545, 2720. However, be aware that the furniture does not have any collision detection and cannot be used to sit on.

Can I have guests in my apartment?

Of course! you can invite friends over to your place. For them to enter they must be teamed with you. Be sure to be team leader. Enter your apartment first, then your guests may enter. You do not have to stay teamed with them for them to be able to stay in your apartment. They will only be moved from it when they log out.

What if I delete or lose my key?

That could be expensive... best to keep it safe until we know the possibilities surrounding this potential issue!

How do I get out?

You can get back to Rubi-Ka either by using the gridterminal in your apartment, or by using the door in the main building to take you back...

Back to Rubi-Ka.

Last updated on 01.11.2020 by Saavick
Written by Ukblizzard, Uragon and Scene
*Shells: nod to Demolition Man noted!
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