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In case you missed to pick your own Solar-Powered Pistol from the ICC Island - a.k.a. newbie island and want to create the improved versions, here you have a little guide how to get it.

When you are still low level, you basicly will want all the parts as low in quality level as possible! All crafting steps require tradeskills, amounts are mentioned in the tradeskill table.

All parts you need can be bought at the shops, trickiest proves to be the Irreparable River MV which is not very common and highest quality level is 20. Here is a list of the according booths:
  • Auto Targeting Computer -IIR 4 -Ultra-: Ranged Weapon Components
  • Basic Calculator: Bookstore
  • Irreparable River MV: Weapons (only irreparable version will work!)
  • Jandawit Cleanup Cluster: Ranged Weapon Components

Note concerning the Irreparable River MV: The maximum quality of the gun is level 20, so you most likely only will find it in Basic shops - not too often though, so prepare for some "shop browsing". Alternatively, Irreparable River MV can be obtained as a mission reward for level 1 through 20 missions.

  +     =  
This step requires 2,5x Nano Programming & 3,5x Electrical Engineering based on the quality of the Basic Calculator

  +     =  
This step requires 2,5x Nano Programming & 3,5x Electrical Engineering based on the quality of the Jandawit Cleanup Cluster
The Jandawit Cleanup Cluster has to be of the same or lower QL than the Solar-Powered Weapon Supervisor

  +     =  
This step requires 3,5x Electrical Engineering & 4,5x Weapon Smithing based on the quality of the Irreparable River MV

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Written by Niodemus.
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