May Fly Throwing Grenade

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The May Fly Throwing Grenade is relatively easy to make, but a little harder to use. The two items are easy to find in the tradeskill section of any general store.

Items Needed:

Can be found in the Pharmacy and Chemistry Components booth.
Can be found in the Ranged Weapon Components booth.

Note that final grenade depends on the QL of the Throwing Grenade Basic Kit.

The Tradeskill:

To use the grenade you need to right-click the Secured May Fly Throwing Grenade and Electrical Engineering skill. After you right-click the grenade it creates this:

Once the May Fly Throwing Grenade is activated it becomes unstable and will disappear in 20 seconds. The grenade needs to used against the target before the 20 seconds are up. Also using it requires the Grenade skill. In a final note, the Secured May Fly Throwing Grenade is Unique so you can only have one at a time.

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Information originally provided by Nyton.
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